Sometime back I had talked about some of the best free online storage websites which provided you with storage space from 1GB up to 25GB for free. I came across another such service called ADrive which beats all of the free online storage websites in disk space provided.

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Backing up data is a very critical part of your day to day computer life. To keep your files secure and safe from data crashes you should regulalry back up your data.

But how long can you sustain buying expensive backup devices and medias to keep your data safe. Backing up data is a costly affair if you have a lot of data to backup.

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Update: If you are unable to mount as a folder, please read the fix for mounting as a drive in Windows for the solution. Recently while I was doing some blog reading I came across an article on TwisterMc which talked about how to mount account on a Mac PC. While I [...]

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