[Sponsored] A Geek’s How-to Guide to Pimp up your Car

Automobile technology is progressing at a phenomenal rate, and in the not too distant future, many of the vehicles on our roads may be driverless, revolutionising our journeys and experiences along the way.

Of course, till that happens, there are a lot of ways and gadgetry which you can use to revamp your car to improve the connected and digital experience on a trip.


In-vehicle WiFi

If you like to be connected to the Web at all times, it’s worth checking out the in-vehicle WiFi solutions now available. These systems can be easy to use and many even fit into cigarette lighter sockets.

Having fast and reliable access to the internet is especially useful for passengers, who can make better use of their journey times. Whether they want to catch up with work emails, browse information and recommendations about the destination, or anything else, they can do so with ease.

Airangel offers 3G and 4G wireless technology that is perfect for use in vehicles and all its solutions work from standard 12v or 24v systems, are self-contained and are simple to install.

Dash Cams

Even if you’re a defensive driver on the roads, it’s impossible to rule out the possibility that you’ll be involved in an accident, or be accused by your fellow motorists of misdemeanours on the highways. Having a dash cam in place can therefore boost your peace of mind and help you avoid a host of legal and financial problems.

However, for a lot of road-trip enthusiasts like me, a dash cam is a great way to record trips for sharing travel stories and adventure trails. Most dash cams feature a wide angle lens that provides an impressive field of vision and built-in microphone can be set up to record in-cabin conversations.

Enhanced in-car Entertainment

Without a quality entertainment system, long journeys can be dull. If you’re not happy with your vehicle’s current setup, it might be worth investing in a new version.

Several latest entertainment systems feature include a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity (allowing you to stream music from your smartphone) apart from the usual CD player and AM/FM radio. Also, some of the modern cars offers great integration with your smartphones allowing you to make/accept/reject calls and perform certain tasks using your voice with the entertainment system.

Sat Navs/GPS Devices

A premium sat nav is a must if you do lots of driving, especially if you often find yourself in busy and potentially confusing city centres. Of course, there are plenty of these products and most modern smartphones offer some form of navigation, but a top-of-the-line sat nav system offers comprehensive navigation features, identifies point-of-interests, and also doubles up as a multimedia device. These devices also include live traffic information allowing you to avoid heavy traffic and holdups.

Engine Data Readers

If you’re keen on engine tuning and modifying, you might want to invest in a special data reader. For example, the iODB2 Engine Data Reader plugs into your engine’s data port and, once you’ve downloaded the free app and connected via Bluetooth, you can access all sorts of information concerning your car’s performance.

Its dashboard menu also allows you to change the live data feed to your preferred readers to show values such as fuel consumption, acceleration and air intake temperature.


Of course, no one would advocate getting behind the wheel while drunk, but sometimes you may not know whether or not you’re over the limit. For example, climbing into the driver’s seat early in the morning after having some drinks the night before can be risky. If you want to make sure you’re fit to drive, you can get hold of electronic breathalysers to keep in your car.