Rumor: Apple May Use AMD Processors In Its Line-up

After Apple made the move to x86 processors in 2006, Intel has been their lone CPU supplier. The shift to Intel processors was appreciated by many as it brought faster performance across the whole line-up. Thanks to the shift to the Intel processors, Apple now refreshes its various product line-up every year with better CPUs. But now it seems like Apple is interested in using AMD processors in its products as well. AppleInsider reports that Apple is in serious discussions with various representatives from AMD about adopting their CPUs. reports that many of the representatives from AMD, have had some serious discussions with some high officials from Apple. Until now, the only possible way to run Mac OS on an AMD processor is Hackintosh. Even though illegal, Hackintosh is quite popular among the modding community. It is believed that Apple is interested in AMD because of their Fusion technology. AMD Fusion technology combines the processor with up to 4 cores and a Dx11 based IGP in a single package. AMD has said that the first AMD Fusion based processors will be launched in 2011.
The site reports that Apple has even started using AMD processors in its lab. If the talks between AMD and Apple are successful, then we can see Apple using AMD processors in the lower range of its product line-up. The use of Intel processors in Apple’s line-up will be restricted to its higher end product only.

Asus Announces The Asus ROG MATRIX 5870 Graphics Card

Asus Republic Of Gamers line-up of graphics card are quite popular for their highly modified PCB’s, and cooling solutions. They are also popular for their comparatively high clock speeds than prescribed by the Graphics card maker. The latest card in Asus ROG (Republic Of Gamers) line-up is the ATi HD 5870. The card features a custom cooler which according to Asus is made of special materials thus achieving a 13% improvement in cooling than the reference cooler.


The core of the graphics card is clocked at 894Mhz. The card features 2Gb of GDDR5 memory clocked at 4.8Ghz on a 256 bit memory bandwith.   Asus has also incorporated their Super Hybrid Engine and iTracker 2 engine in the graphics card. The Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) automatically reduces the clock speed of the graphics card to low levels during normal operations, thus reducing power consumption. While under heavy load, it increases the speed of the card so as to deliver high performance. The iTracker 2 engine allows overclocker to safely adjust the memory timings of the graphics card.

Asus did not mention anything about the price of the card, but we expect it to cost at least 60 USD$ more than a normal ATi HD 5870.

ATI Mobility Radeon HD5xxx Series Announced

ATI launched Dx11 based cards for Desktop users, last year in September-October itself. The HD5xxx series of card from ATI were not only technologically advanced than their predecessor, they even offered better performance at a lower power consumption. There has always been a very high degree of competition among ATI and Nvidia in the desktop graphics card market but the situation is completely opposite in the Mobile Graphic segment. 13314_large_ATI Mobility 5000-1

ATI today finally launched the Mobileedition of their popular HD5xxx series of graphics card for laptops/notebooks. The Mobility Radeon will include different series like HD 5400, HD 5600, HD 5700 and HD 5800. As the numbering suggests, HD 580xx series will be the bestof the lot. ATI claims that the HD5xxx series provide up to 4 times more performance compared to its predecessor, Mobility Radeon 4xxx series. The Mobility Radeon 5xxx series of graphics card are based on 40nm fabrication process, and they support GDDR5 memory, provided the OEM decides to implement it on the card. Also supported are HDMI 1.3, ATI’s EyeInfinity technology which allows a user to use more than 2 monitor at once and Display Port. The ATI Mobility Radeon series will be like their desktop counterparts, first graphics card in the mobile segment to support Dx11.

P.C. Wang, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Notebook Business Unit of ASUS said “ASUS has worked closely with AMD for years to ensure that we’re collaborating to bring the newest and most compelling notebook technologies to our customers first, and with the DirectX 11-capable family of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 500 series graphics and the ASUS G73 and the new N series of notebooks, we’re continuing that leadership.

Asus will be the first laptop manufacture to release laptops using ATI Mobility Radeon 5xxx series of graphics card.

New Firmware Update For 27” Apple iMac Available

Apple products have been having a plethora of issues in the past one year. First poor HDD performance in their new Macbook Pros, then the iPhone 3GS overheating etc. Apple had recently launched new 21.5and 27iMacs during thenew-apple-imac month of October. The new iMacs featured Intel Core i5 and i7 based processors, DDR3 Memory, and a bigger screen size. The new iMacs were plagued with many problems like cracked screens apparently due to poor packaging issue and flickering on the screen.

Apple today released a new Firmware update meant only for the 27iMacs with either ATi HD4670 or HD4850. This firmware update reportedly fixes the flickering issue present in the 27iMacs. Users who had spent a fortune and ordered an iMac as a X-Mas gift for themselves were pretty disappointed when Apple postponed their delivery dates to after the holiday season. When a spokesperson from Apple was asked about the delay in the deliveries, he told The new iMac has been a huge hit and we are working hard to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.   We apologize for any inconvenience or delay in delivery this may cause our customers,” instead of accepting the fact that Apple has been delaying the shipments of the new iMacs due to graphical glitches.

The update page states that Do not disturb or shut off the power on your iMac during this update. Loss of power could result in your iMac failing to start up.The firmware update weighs in at 683KB and is only for iMacs running OS X 10.6.2 or higher.The firmware update can be directly downloaded from Apple’s server from here.

Dell Introduces Inspiron One 19 and Studio 17: Touchscreen Desktop and Laptop

Dell, the 3rd largest PC manufacturer of the world, has launched a new notebook and computer each, with touch-screen functionality. dell-logo-online-newThe Inspiron One 19 computer has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4GB DDR2 RAM, and a maximum storage capacity of 750GB. The screen size of the LCD is 19″, having a resolution of 1440*900. The screen is, according to Dell, multi-touch enabled.

The Inspiron One 19, and Studio 17 laptop, feature Wifi, 1.3Mp webcam, a dual 2-watt speakersalong with 6 USB ports. The Studio 17 laptop is the first ever notebook from Dell to offer touchscreen functionality. It features a Core i7 processor, and supports a maximum of 8GB RAM. The laptop has a 17.3screen, with a resolution of 1600*900. It also comes with JBL branded speakers, and the storage size of the hard-disk is expandable to a maximum of 1TB. A Blu-Ray Drive is optional with the laptop. The graphics department of Studio 17 laptop is handled by the relatively low-end ATi Radeon HD4650. Both the computer and the laptop, come pre-loaded with Windows 7. Dell did not announce the price of the Studio 17 laptop, but the Inspiron One 19 computer will be available in India with a MRP of Rs 29,900.

ATi HD5970 – The Fastest Single Graphics Card On The Planet

ATi managed to launch their HD5xxx series of graphics card during the end of September, this year. The cards provided stellar performance, consumed only around 28W of power when in Idle and carried a true value for money price tag. The cards also had many new state of the art technologies like Dx11, ATi eyeInfinity and were successful in luring buyers towards them. What these cards failed to do was to get the performance crown back to ATi. In a move to get the performance crown back, ATi today has launched the HD5970. ATi HD5970 is made up of two Cypress cores, and uses a newer PLX chip to make sure the performance of both the Cypress cores are optimally used.  5970_slide0

The card has two 40nm based Cypress cores and has double the Stream processors and ROPs of ATi HD5870. The GDDR5 memory chips however run at frequencies similar to that of ATi HD5850, in order to keep power consumption in control. The maximum power consumption of the card is around 295W, and only 42W at idle. The card also features the latest technologies featured in ATi HD5850 and HD5870, like eyeInfinity, Dx11 and many new ones like real time power monitoring, pure ceramic super capacitors etc.

Interested buyers can find the HD5970 immediately at sale with retailers for an MSRP of 599$. With Nvidia, unable to launch their Dx 11 based Fermi cards before Q1, 2010, ATi has been able to get the performance crown back from Nvidia for at least the next 6-7 months.

Nvidia GT300 Specifications and Launch Date

Nvidia today provided information about their upcoming next-gen graphics card along with some pictures of it. The upcoming Nvidia GT300, supporting Dx11, graphics card will be based on the ‘Fermi’ architecture. Cards based on these architecture will be competing directly with ATi’s recently released HD5xxx series graphics card.

The GT300video card tesla GT3005 chip has more than 3 billion transistors along with 512 shaders. It also features a 384 bit memory bus bandwith and will use GDDR5 memory chips. Nvidia GT300 will also be the first graphics core until now to support ECC memory. The card will receive the required power from either a 6 pin connector or a 8 pin one. Nvidia also said that the maximum power consumption of cards based on GT300 core will not be more than their previous generation cards. These cards will also be Tri-Sli capable so you can add 3 of these monsters for an awesome gaming experience.

Nvidia also said that the ‘Fermi’ architecture is highly flexible and it will be used to power Nvidia’s Quadro, Tesla and Geforce based Graphics Card variants even though their consumer base is very different from each other. It is expected that cards based on GT300 will not be launched before Q1 of 2010.

AMD Launches HD5870

AMD has finally launched the HD 5xxx series of graphics card in the market and with it, AMD has become the first graphics card manufacturer to release Dx 11 based graphics card in the market. The AMD HD5870 Core known as the “Cypress” is more complex than Nvidia’s G200 graphics core, featuring more than 2 billion transistors, and even then it’s about 1.4 times smaller than the 55nm version of the G200 core!

The HD5870 offers many new technological advancement and new technologies like ATi eyeInfinity – which allows the HD5870 to simultaneously provide output to 3 monitor’s or the 40nm fabrication process which helps provide HD5870 a killer performance but at extremely low power consumption level    of *only* 27W when idle and a peak power consumption of 188W. Currently the HD5870 has to be the best graphics card retailing in the market, with such a low power consumption and a killer performance added to the sweet price of 399$.

You can read review of HD5870 here.

Leaked Pictures of HD5870 Surface Again

This is getting monotonous now but today again few high-quality pictures of ATi’s upcoming HD5870 were leaked to the Internet.

radeon HD 5870 hq 00012

The back of the card looks the most interesting to me. Its unlike any other graphics card I have seen till date.

radeon HD 5870 hq 0001

The reference cooler on the card is definitely huge and it seems that this card will have some heavy power requirements and will run hot.

radeon HD 5870 hq 00011

The above 6 slots can be used simultaneously to provide output to 6 different monitors. Also from the above pictures its quite clear that the card is definitely going to be a monster in terms of size/length and power consumption.

Leaked Pics of HD5870 And Details Of HD5750, HD5770 Surface

radeon HD 5870 nak 1.jpg radeon HD 5870 nak 2.jpg

The above 2 pics are of the upcoming ATi HD5870. The card is based on 40nm fabrication process and supports Dx11. The above pics are of low quality but most of the details are clearly distinguishable. The core of the graphics card is placed at an angle of 45 degrees and it is surrounded by 8 Memory Chips.

Information about HD5770 and HD5750 was also leaked. Both HD5770 and HD5750 are equipped with 1Gb of GDDR5 memory and will have a memory bandwith of 128-bit. Both these cards will also feature UVD 2.0 and will also be able to simultaneously provide output to 3 monitor’s.