ASF Resigns From JCP Executive Board

Apache Software Foundation has dealt a use blow to the Java Executive Committee by tendering their resignation. Apache has been on the JCP Executive Committee for past 10 years, and had won the JCP "Member of the Year" award 4 times.

In the phrase "fail to uphold their responsibilities under the JSPA", we are referring to Oracle’s refusal to provide the ASF’s Harmony project with a TCK license for Java SE that complies with Oracle’s obligations under the JSPA as well as public promises made to the Java community by officers of Sun Microsystems (recently acquired by Oracle.)  This breach of the JSPA was begun by Sun Microsystems in August of 2006 and is a policy that Oracle explicitly continues today.  For more information on this dispute, see our open letter to Sun Microsystems

Apache has decided to leave the JCP EC, due to problems with Oracle over the Harmony project. Oracle has reportedly rejected a TCK license for ASF’s Harmony for Java SE. Apache has been mulling on Oracle’s Abuse of Java for a long time now and this decision does not come as a huge surprise.

Oracle became the owner of Java after they acquired Sun Microsystems this year and have continued to get into trouble with the open source community over several of its projects. ASF resigning from JCP deals a telling blow to Oracle on their policies, only time will tell as to where this is headed.

You can read the entire explanation of the ASF decision at the official Apache blog here.

Apache Software Foundation Adopts Google Wave

Google Wave

Remember ? The futuristic communication tool from Google which never took off? Well, it looks like it is going to get a second chance thanks to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

According to a new submission to the ASF by Novell and few other contributors the new project will be called Wave In a Box (WIAB). The project is in an incubator phase right now and is open to evaluation by the Apache Board.

The initial goals of the WIAB project state that the contributors want to first move the code over from it’s Google hosting repository at to Apache’s build systems and then continue development of it.

Apache Wave is the project where wave technology is developed at Apache. Wave in a Box (WIAB) is the name of the main product at the moment, which is a server that hosts and federates waves, supports extensive APIs, and provides a rich web client. This project also includes an implementation of the Wave Federation protocol, to enable federated collaboration systems (such as multiple interoperable Wave In a Box instances).

If you are not sure what Google Wave is, you can read up a hands-on review of Google Wave. The Google Wave project was closed down for good in early August due to lack of user interest. Prior to it, Google Wave received rave reviews from early adopters and geeks alike, however, for a common user it was way ahead of time which is why their user-base quickly diminished.

If everything goes well Google Wave will be rechristened as Apache Wave and will be a hosted, live, concurrent data structure for rich communication which can be used like email, chat or a document.

You can read the entire proposal for Apache Wave here. Source: The Register.

Oracle’s Abuse of Java Upsets Apache Software Foundation

Apache Software Foundation has finally woken up against Oracle’s outlook and abuse of Java. Oracle has done enough to upset everyone related to Java. With the killing of to the recent lawsuit against Google’s use of Java in the Dalvik VM, Oracle has done enough to raise an outcry and the ASF rising against Oracle is going to turn ugly for Oracle.


The ASF is the largest maintainer of Open Source projects. It has declared if Oracle continues with this attitude; the ASF will openly boycott the next version of Java coming from Oracle.

Apache Software Foundation co-founder and President Jim Jagielski  said,

Why would we want to be in an organization where the rules of law don’t matter? Our being on the [JCP Executive Committee] would be a sham. It would show that the community doesn’t matter, that we’d basically cave into Oracle pushing stuff through, whether or not it would be in the best interest of the community.

ASF’s stronghold in the JCP Executive Committee and the threats to leave the position makes the matter even more serious for Oracle. What will come of this feud is unknown as Oracle is known to be stubborn but this is a matter of utmost importance and the decision will affect all businesses based around Java.

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Facebook Joins Sponsor List for Apache Software Foundation

Apache Software Foundation is one of the most prestigious bodies in the Open Source world. Most Open Source projects survived through the roughs of IT booms and crashes with active help from their sponsors. The ASF is supported and backed by many top notch IT giants like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Hewlett-Packard, and now we have one more addition to the list.

Facebook is the newest to join the list of Apache Software Foundation sponsors. These sponsors offer extensive help in organising events, expanding to a wider reach and facilitating daily running of the foundation.

On this recent development, the ASF Chairman Jim Jagielski says,

sponsoring the ASF helps us grow existing projects, incubate new initiatives, promote community development, host user events, expand our outreach, and provide the infrastructure that keeps the Foundation running on a day-to-day basis.

While Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft enjoy the position of Platinum Sponsors, Facebook has decided to join as a Gold Sponsor with the likes of HP. Facebook has already contributed to many open source projects licensed under the ASF, namely Hive, Cassandra and Thrift. These projects are under active development from Facebook. Not only this, Facebook claims to have around twenty Open Source projects under its name.

This sponsorship by Facebook will help the ASF grow. With the ever growing and one of the largest communities by its side, ASF has ensured a safe place for itself for years to come.