How To Install Third-Party Keyboard On iOS 8 Devices

We already love using third-party keyboards such as SwiftKey and Swype on Android devices. But, Apple never had the option of installing third-party keyboards on iOS devices. The recently launched iOS 8 comes with a number of interesting features, however the one that caught our attention is the ability to install and use third-party keyboards.

Third-party keyboards such as SwiftKey, Swype and Fleksy are already available on the App Store. You will just need to download these apps and follow the instructions given below to use it systemwide. These apps will create an icon on your homescreen just like the regular apps. After installing the app, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the “Settings” application.
  2. Then select General.
  3. Scroll down to keyboards.
  4. Select Keyboards.
  5. Select Add new keyboard
  6. Then choose your favorite keyboard from the list

You can easily switch between keyboards just by tapping the globe icon on the keyboard. To disable the default keyboard, just swipe to left on the current keyboard. To protect your privacy, Apple won’t allow you to use third-party keyboards while entering passwords.

iOS 8 comes pre-loaded on the recently launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You can even install these keyboards on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 and the iPod Touch 5G after updating to iOS 8. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

The New MSN is Here. Bing Content Apps Re-branded.


That’s right, folks. You have not woken up in the 90’s all of a sudden. In a post on September 7 on the Official Microsoft Blog, officials at the company announced a new preview of their MSN portal. In addition, a big re-branding is planned, where all the Bing apps on Windows and Windows Phone will be renamed to corresponding MSN versions. Finally, these MSN apps will also expand to iOS and Android, reflecting the new philosophy at Microsoft where their own platform is just another platform.

The new MSN

The new site at is a cleaner, fresher and adjusts according to the screen size (“responsive design”). The busy front page is gone and is now replaced with a main “top stories” panel with large pictures along with a few smaller units for other top news.  Of course, there is a big ad space to the right.

New msn main page
New msn main page


As you scroll down, you see the normal sections for content: News, Entertainment, Sports, Money, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Travel, Autos, and lastly, a section for Video. These sections can be moved up or down, or removed completely. Other sections can be added, from the following: Movies, TV, Music, World, US, Tech & Science and Politics.

New msn: Other sections
New msn: Other sections


New msn: Remove or move section
New msn: Remove or move section


Services strip and sections

Along the top, there is a strip of information, with quick access to various Microsoft and non-Microsoft services. This includes email, Office Online documents, OneNote notebooks, OneDrive storage, Maps, Xbox Music, Skype and optionally, Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook and Twitter, you have to not just sign in to Microsoft account, but also link your Facebook and Twitter accounts. I am not sure why this information is not derived from the existing Microsoft account, where at least in my case, I already have a link established to Facebook, Twitter and others. Below the services strip is a simple navigation link to access sections in your page directly and quickly.

New msn: Services access
New msn: Services access


When you mouse over the various services, you get a quick preview of what’s appropriate for the service, like the top 3 emails from your inbox, or recently used Office Online files, OneNote notebooks, and as you will see below, a map of the current location, files and folders from OneDrive, or latest tweets from Twitter.


New msn: Maps dropdown
New msn: Maps dropdown
New msn: OneDrive dropdown
New msn: OneDrive dropdown
New msn: Twitter dropdown
New msn: Twitter dropdown


Bing Favorites

As mentioned above, the Bing content apps that exist today on Windows and Windows Phone are going to be re-branded to MSN. As a first step in that process, the new msn has Favorites from Bing imported automatically, based on the Microsoft account used. So for example, my favorite sports teams showed up as Favorites in the Sports section, my watch list showed up under Finance, etc.

Don’t judge me, I liked the 49ers until they hired Harbaugh. That’s perhaps because I like USC and he has a history when he was at Stanford with the then USC coach whom I liked. And that’s going to explain why I like the Seahawks :-)


New msn: Favorites imported from Bing
New msn: Favorites imported from Bing


Actionable items

In addition to serving content from a variety of sources, the new msn also includes sections where you can gain some actionable insights. For example, there is a symptom checker in Health & Fitness, as well as a 3D Human Body in the same section.


New msn: 3D Human Body
New msn: 3D Human Body
New msn: Symptom checker
New msn: Symptom checker


Top-tier sources and iOS/Android

Per the announcement, the content on the new msn comes from a variety of top-tier sources.

We’ve partnered with the world’s best to deliver on this goal:

  • In the US, some of our premier partners include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CNN, AOL (including TechCrunch and Huffington Post) and Condé Nast (including Vanity Fair, Epicurious, Bon Appétit).

  • Worldwide, we’re excited to include The Yomiuri Shimbun and The Asahi Shimbun in Japan; Sky News, The Guardian and the Telegraph in the UK, NDTV and Hindustan Times in India, Le Figaro and Le Monde in France, and many more.

Along with the new preview, Microsoft is also preparing to launch iOS and Android apps like the ones that exist on Windows and Windows Phone. These iOS and Android apps will roam Favorites and keep content in sync much like the connectedness of Windows and Windows Phone apps. This way, Microsoft is ensuring that no matter which device you use at any time of the day, you have the premier experience with consuming and using the msn content.

I like the new msn, except for the brand name itself. I am not sure the negativity around “msn” is as much as it is around “Internet Explorer” and we know how badly Microsoft and IE teams are trying to paint a brighter image of the latter. It is unclear why the “msn” brand is the one that Microsoft chose to continue with rather than coming up with a new brand or reusing the Bing brand. In any case, time will tell if the branding is right or not.

Have you set as your home page?

Windows Phone Podcasts App: So Close Yet So Far

When Windows Phone 8.1 was announced, we learned of a separate Podcasts app which was going to be made available as a pre-installed app, and instead of relying on the Zune back-end, it was going to be powered by Bing.

Having installed the Developer Preview of the Windows Phone 8.1 on my Lunia 920, I wanted to check out the podcasts app. After all, in order to become my daily driver, a phone has to be able to provide me a superb podcast experience. There is much to like in the app, but much more to dislike.

First off, some of the things I like:

International support I haven’t tried this myself but it is well-known that this new app is now made available everywhere Windows Phone is available, which is a boon to all international customers. Given that the back-end is not Zune’s, I suspect that the US-only nature of the earlier podcast functionality may have something to do with the database. Still beats me, but regardless that is a thing of the past now. All Windows Phone customers are now welcome to use podcasts “natively”.

Database maintenance Since the discovery and addition of podcasts is powered by Bing, there is usually no issue with addition of a new podcast feed. I did find it odd that a popular Windows-related podcast, Windows Developer Show was found but had no content. I know in this specific case that the podcasters changed their feed a few weeks ago but it is a bad sign that the feed was not updated even after so long. Regardless, at least it is not a person or a team that has to manage the database, which is a good thing.

Missing content in Windows Phone Podcasts app
Missing content in Windows Phone Podcasts app

Playback speed Yay, yay, yay. Finally, we can speed through podcasts with a 1.5x and a 2x setting.

Windows Phone Podcasts app: 1.5x playback
Windows Phone Podcasts app: 1.5x playback
Windows Phone Podcasts app: Normal speed playback
Windows Phone Podcasts app: Normal speed playback

Manual refresh Repeat after me: yay, yay, yay. Prior to this app, there was really no way to detect when the phone checked for new episodes and more importantly, there was no way to trigger a check. As a result we were forced to resort to hacks like unsubscribing and re-subscribing, connecting to power and WiFi and waiting, etc. Not an issue anymore, since each podcast now has a setting to refresh which checks for new episodes.

However, there are a bunch of major annoyances which I am hoping get fixed before Windows Phone 8.1 (after all, it is still in a developer preview state!) becomes final.

Episodes to keep In default series settings as well as for a specific series settings, for how many episodes to keep, I see none for streaming-only as well as discrete numbers from 1-5, 10, and “all”. However, my usual setting is to keep x number of unplayed episodes, including “all unplayed”. There is no way to have a series keep the latest unplayed episode (daily news podcast, for example, where archive is not important) or keep all unplayed episodes in case of podcasts that are not too frequent but are generally not-to-be-missed. I would love to see that selection change from how many episodes to keep, to what type of episodes to keep based on unplayed status.


Windows Phone Podcasts app: Episodes to keep
Windows Phone Podcasts app: Episodes to keep

Playback speed setting I will chalk this up as a bug, where the speed setting is not remembered between app launches. In other words, after I exit the app and resume, it gets switched back to 1x, or the normal speed. This one is highly annoying, and hopefully gets squashed before general release.

View only new episodes Under collection, there are two sections, one for audio and one for video. Unfortunately, once you tap into one of those sections, there is no way for you to see only the new (or “unplayed”) episodes. In fact, even on the main screen where the app shows favorites, there is no indication which series has new episodes. So I am forced to browse all the podcasts and view under the icon if it says there are new episodes. This is very annoying and I don’t think it is a bug. It seems like it is functionality that was left out, perhaps due to time constraints. Hope a setting is included under “audio”, to see only new episodes across all podcasts. Also, hoping some indicator is made available in the favorites section, to show which podcasts have new/unplayed episodes waiting to be consumed.

Windows Phone Podcasts app: Collection view
Windows Phone Podcasts app: Collection view

Played episodes not removed After I set up several favorite podcasts, I had to naturally and understandably go through each podcast and mark everything except the recent few episodes as played. That went fine, but unfortunately, the played episodes were not removed from the view. As a result, after tapping into a podcast and swiping over to the list of episodes, I have to scroll through all the played episodes in order to get to the unplayed episodes.I could use the filter and choose just “downloaded” episodes, which is what I essentially need, but that filter does not retain its setting :-(

(Side note: if I am going into the podcast from the favorites area, why show me the podcast information screen and make me swipe left in order to see the episodes? Why not just land me directly to the list of episodes? I would understand if the landing spot is the information screen if it is launched from a search but if it is from favorites or collection, I don’t need to see the information, right?)

Windows Phone Podcasts app: Scroll to find new episodes
Windows Phone Podcasts app: Scroll to find new episodes
Windows Phone Podcasts app: View options
Windows Phone Podcasts app: View options
Windows Phone Podcasts app: View only downloaded episodes
Windows Phone Podcasts app: View only downloaded episodes


Universal, please Finally, now that we know of Universal Apps and shared settings and configurations, I cannot see why this app cannot exist on Windows 8.x as well. I would love to continue listening to my podcasts on my PC/tablet and get the play position and subscription settings sync-ed across my devices via my Microsoft account. Hope that also happens around the time the app becomes final.

As you can see there is much to love in the app, but some key functionality is missing and needs to be present in order for this power user to truly embrace it.

Are you happy with the app? Any pluses or minuses I may have missed? Let me know!


Good News: Xbox LIVE Gold Can Be Refunded after June If You Don’t Need It

As announced recently, the entertainment and communication apps on Xbox will not need the Xbox LIVE Gold subscription after an update rolls out in June 2014. That’s good news because more customers will be able to enjoy those apps without having to fork out an extra $60 a year.

But what happens if you already paid the Xbox LIVE Gold subscription fees, which are usually paid on an annual basis? Well, per a recent FAQ on Xbox support site, good news awaits. After the June update rolls out, you can contact Xbox support and request a refund.

Will I be able to cancel my Gold membership?

Yes. Once the Xbox One and Xbox 360 system updates become available in June, Xbox Live Gold members who purchased a paid membership before that day can cancel and receive a pro-rata refund of any unused remaining days between the date of cancellation and the date their paid Gold membership ends. Cancellation and pro-rata refund requests must be made by August 31, 2014 and require six to eight weeks for processing. Free or trial Gold memberships are not eligible for a refund. To request your pro-rata refund, please click after the system updates become available in June.

So, it is good news for consumers not just that Microsoft is lifting the requirement of Xbox LIVE Gold but also that they taking care of those who bought the subscription prior to this change.

As a reminder, here’s what the new structure will look like:

Xbox features with and without Gold membership
Xbox features with and without Gold membership

Are you a casual gamer or a non-gamer like me? Are you planning to cancel your Gold subscription once this feature rolls out? I have a concern that my refund won’t go through because I bought Gold via a prepaid card I bought from Fingers crossed, though. :-)

Review: Badly Drawn Faces

The other day I ran out of coins playing my favorite game, Scramble with Friends, so I decided to run to the App store and take a look at all the new apps out there. I ran across one that immediately caught my eye. The app is called Badly Drawn Faces and is developed by Sporcle. When I read the description, “Sharpy is a narwhal. Narwhals can’t draw. No one ever let Sharpy know that.”, I knew this game was the kind of silly I was looking for. Below, you can see a screenshot of Sharpy and his relatively bad rendition of Frankenstein.

Sharpy the Narwhal
Screenshot of Badly Drawn Faces

The game is extremely simple to get started with and to learn. There are many levels that they refer to as “Pads”. Below, you can see a screenshot of one of the pads. A lot of the pads are locked until you guess a certain number of faces, and then they will begin to unlock as you go.


The premise of the game is very simple. You are presented with a graph paper sheet upon which Sharpy will commence to draw a famous face. If you figure out who the famous face is before he is finished drawing, you can hit the guess button and type in the answer for extra points. Below, you can see the face with the guess button beneath it.


You will quickly find out that the most important thing in this game is collecting fish. You get one fish for every face you get correct. However, if you get stuck on a face, it will cost you 3 fish to get a hint from Sharpy. You also have the option of posting the picture to Facebook and Twitter so your friends can help you guess the picture.

I am giving this app 4 stars because it really is a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a simple game to pass the time, then this is the app for you. It runs like a charm on my iPad 2. I have played it pretty much non-stop for a couple of days and I am not even close to running out of levels. I believe this is one of those games you need to put in your arsenal for those days when you need mindless entertainment. Although, I have to admit I have learned a few things about people I didn’t know by playing it. Oh, did I mention it is free!

You can download Badly Drawn Faces at the following link

Tutorial: Navigating Windows 8

Windows 8 has been released to TechNet and MSDN subscribers. Microsoft has a lot riding on this newest operating system and it is certainly not the Windows you are used to. Today, I would like to show you around the new Windows 8, and point out some of the differences you should expect when this becomes the standard starting this fall.

start screen

Pictured above, is the “Start” screen in Windows 8. As you can tell it is a radical departure from the typical Windows you are accustomed to. Windows 8 is designed with the tablet in mind. That is why you see the brightly colored tiles on the main screen. The screen is designed to be easily usable on a tablet or touch screen computer. On the “Start” screen, Microsoft made some assumptions about the type of apps people commonly use.  Your not stuck with these “Tiles” as the start screen is fully customizable. In the upper right corner there is an icon where you can customize it to show your picture. Each corner of the screen has a purpose to help you navigate around. If you put your mouse in any corner it will show you a different menu. You may be accustomed to Windows having a little “Start” button in the lower left corner of the screen. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can kiss that little guy goodbye. Instead of a “Start’ button, you get a start screen. That is the first and fundamental thing you need to grasp when dealing with Window 8.

Below, you can see where I zoomed in a little on the “Start” screen. One of the “Tiles” is labeled “Desktop”. If you click this tile it will put the computer in desktop mode. This is good news for those of you who are used to Windows XP.

Desktop Mode

In the image below, you can see what it looks like when you go into desktop mode. Notice what I I have highlighted. You’ll probably notice more what is missing. The old start menu button is gone!

No Start Menu

So how do you get around? Well, there are lots of ways to get around. I will try to show you a few of them. Microsoft introduced a new menu bar called the “Charm Bar” with Windows 8. You can see this pictured below. To get the “Charm Bar”, you position your mouse in the upper right corner of the screen and the bar will appear. There are several options on the “Charm Bar”. To answer a really big question I know you’re gonna have, if you want to see all your programs, click the “Search” charm on the “Charm Bar”. From the “Search” charm you will see a list of all your “apps” (programs are so 90’s). The “Share” charm can only be used in the “Start” screen mode. For instance, if you’re viewing a web page from the start screen, you can share it using the “Share” charm. The “Start” charm will take you to the “Start Screen” when you click it. The “Devices” charm is also not to be used in “Desktop” mode. It is supposed to be an easy way to send files to a printer or other device. The “Settings” charm is basically the control panel for the computer.

Charm Bar

If you position your mouse in the bottom left corner of the screen, you will get the “Start Screen” button, pictured below. This lets you toggle back and forth between the desktop and the “Start Screen”.

Start Button

Remember the old key combination of Alt + Tab? Well, that works for Windows 8 too, see picture below. It is actually a pretty easy way to go between things you have open.

Alt + Tab

Trying not to overload you here, I will let this be my last explanation for this tutorial. If you position your mouse in the upper left corner of the screen, you will see a small window representing an app window that you have open. If you leave your mouse hugging the left side of the screen and begin to move down, you will see a black bar with all the active apps listed. You can click the active app to go to it. You can right-click the active app and you can close it from there. A picture of what I describe can be seen below.

active app

This is just one of many tutorials to come. I hope you have enjoyed it and please feel free to ask any questions you have. As you can see, Windows 8 is radically different. I feel for all the IT organizations who are facing any kind of large scale deployment of Windows 8 because it is so different. Keep checking back with us as we continue to inform you of all the latest tips and tricks.

Jelly Bean App Encryption Feature Breaks Account Sync For Paid Apps

While Jelly Bean brought about a small jump in the Android version number (Android 4.0>4.1), it does contain a lot of under-the-hood changes. One seemingly small feature introduced by Google in Jelly Bean is that all app data of all paid apps are encrypted for better security. However, this seemingly small change for the good has put developers of certain apps in a fix.

The problem

In Jelly Bean, Google changed the default app install location for paid apps from /data to /mnt/asec. This small change leads to some issues with paid apps that use the ‘Accounts’ intent. Apps like Endomondo Pro that can sync contacts to the People’s app, disappear from the ‘Accounts’ sub-menu after a reboot.

Here is the whole issue explained by Mathias Roth, the developer of HaxSync -:

Google Play on Jelly Bean installs paid Apps to /mnt/asec instead of /data (I am guessing this has to do with the new App Encryption). Unfortunately, this leads to some issues as it seems like Google didn’t quite think this through…

Various caches etc are generated during boot process before /mnt/asec gets mounted. I don’t know for sure how that affects widgets, as I don’t have any experience in that area of Android.

The effect this has on applications that use Accounts is the following: The accounts cache gets generated before /mnt/asec is mounted, so Android thinks their accounts are not used by any apps and can be safely removed.

This is all the Jelly Bean workaround on Google Play does, btw: It’s a free app that pretends to use the HaxSync account. That app gets found during the boot, so your HaxSync account doesn’t get deleted. Unfortunately, this workaround causes a few other issues as Android doesn’t seem to like two apps sharing one account type. Marten Gajda, a fellow Android dev, has published an advanced workaround that might fix those issues, I didn’t have the time to take a look at that yet, though.

In simpler words, due to the change in location, some apps that use the ‘Accounts’ intent are not found during the boot process, and thus vanish from under ‘Accounts’ after a reboot. The workaround to this problem includes releasing a free app in the Play Store which makes use of the ‘Account’ intent of the app in question.

The worst part is that all the affected apps are getting 1 star reviews from its customers due to this change from Google. HaxSync is not the only app that is facing this issue. Other popular apps like Endomondo Pro, CalDav Sync, some live wallpapers and many other popular paid apps are also facing the same issue.

The Only Solution

The issue has already been reported in AOSP, but currently has a medium priority. If even a small portion of Android users vote for this issue, so that it gets an urgent priority, Google should hopefully look into the matter and release a fix soon.

Time to show what we can do, Android lovers!

Score Prizes During the Olympics 2012 with Viggle

The London Olympics 2012 go into full swing tonight. People from nations all around the globe will tune in to cheer their favorite athletes. With that in mind, what better time could their be to introduce you to an app that pays you to watch your favorite shows. Today, I want to introduce you to Viggle, a “loyalty program for television that gives people real rewards for checking into the television shows they are watching”.

Points for Watching Olympics 2012

Review in Detail

Viggle is available in both IOS and Android flavors. This FREE app allows you to “check in” while you are watching TV. Pictured above, you can see a screenshot of how the app looks on an iPad. When you are watching TV, simply tap the “Check In” button and it will listen in on what you are watching. After a few seconds it will match the sounds it picks up to its database and will show you on the screen what it thinks you are watching. Once you confirm that is what you are watching, it will give you all kinds of links about the show, as well as information on other ways you can accumulate points.

On the “What’s On” tab of the app, it will tell you special points promotions where you can earn significantly more points for watching. As an example, I checked into a Travel Channel show that I just happened to be watching today and after a bit of time, Viggle awarded me 29 points for watching that show. If you look at the picture above, you will notice that you earn significantly more points for watching the “Featured Shows”.

Starting tonight, you can earn the chance to get 100,000 points when you “invite friends, check in and play along with Viggle LIVE during prime time Olympic coverage”. Viggle has a social aspect to it. It allows you to share what you are watching on Facebook and Twitter. You can also invite friends and earn points when they sign up using your invite link. They also have to actually check into a show for you to get credit. If you do that during this Olympic coverage, you’ll get 1,000 points per person plus other great opportunities.

Review Summary

The Good: If you are an avid TV watcher, you can earn rewards for checking in with this app. You can earn everything from a $10 off an order coupon to a Royal Caribbean cruise! The app is extremely simple to install and integrates with Facebook for authentication.

The Bad: If you’re phone or tablet isn’t on the cutting edge, the app is pretty flaky. On my pitiful little LG Optimus T, it even gave me a warning that the app would run slow. Frankly, it didn’t work at all. However, on my iPad 2, it worked like a charm. Also, the rewards are far from reach and seem a little expensive to earn. For instance, a $25 Starbucks gift card is 9000 points. Considering I only got 29 points for my check in today it will be quite a while before I reach even the smaller of the prizes. However, if you’re a big TV watcher and are willing to tap into the “Featured Shows”, you can earn points a lot quicker.

Because the app requires so much horsepower and the fact that it is hard to earn big rewards, I am going to give this app 3 stars. I think there is a lot of potential in this app and it is kind of fun. If you would like to learn more, see their website at

Windows 8 Release Preview App Overview: Cocktail Flow

On May 31, Microsoft made available the next milestone in their development of Windows 8 — the Windows 8 Release Preview. I have it installed and running on two laptops and while my colleague Abhishek Baxi has covered some topics about the operating system itself, I look at one of the most beautiful apps in the Windows Store at the moment, Cocktail Flow.

Windows Phone users will recognize the name, since it was one of the first apps available on the platform and it is one which truly utilizes the Metro design philosophies. Since the launch of this app on Windows Phone, the creators of this app, Team Distinction have released versions for iPhone, Android and Android tablets.

In case you are not familiar with the app, it is designed to help you make cocktails. It provides the capability to search by base or mixer drink, by type (cocktail, shooter, etc.) and also by a combination of what you have “in your cabinet”. While the concept of a bartender-style app is not new, the way it has been designed makes the app simply beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use. What follows is a screenshot tour of the various features of their latest version, that for Windows 8.

Once you open the app, you are brought to a beautiful panorama of selections you can make to look for information about cocktails. You can see drinks by kind of drinks, by color, by type of drinks, etc.


Cocktail Flow Main Screen

Main screen


Cocktail Flow Main Screen More Selections

Main screen with more selections


Once you click through one of those selections, you are brought to a list of drinks. You can swipe across to see more drinks.


Cocktail Flow Whiskey-based Drinks

Whiskey-based drinks

Cocktail Flow Vodka-based Drinks

Vodka-based drinks

Cocktail Flow Green-colored Drinks

Green-colored drinks

Cocktail Flow Shooters


If you want to see what kind of cocktails you can make with what you have, you can use the “cabinet” view which lets you mark the spirits, mixers, and liqueurs you have and it adds drinks which you can make from those selections, in the “My Bar” section.

Cocktail Flow My Bar Spirits

My Bar: Choose your spirits

Cocktail Flow My Bar Mixers

My Bar: Choose your mixers

Cocktail Flow My Bar More Mixers

My Bar: More mixers

Cocktail Flow My Bar Liqueurs

My Bar: Liqueurs

Cocktail Flow My Bar Cocktails

My Bar: Cocktails which you can make


See the next page for cocktail details screen, adding as a favorite, pinning to Start Screen, etc.

Nokia Provides More Evidence of Being the “real” Windows Phone Maker

Nokia Lumia 900

On May 8, at the CTIA Wireless 2012 show in New Orleans, Nokia announced that they are partnering with a bunch of top-tier brands to bring their various apps and games to Windows Phone, with a lot of those apps and games being exclusive to Nokia’s Lumia line of Windows Phones.

Some of the highlights from their press release:

PGA Tour (exclusive to Lumia for 12 months)

In addition to live tournament scoring, highlights and player information, the app provides interactive, augmented coverage of select events and holes, showing each player’s exact position and scoring information. This allows fans to “get inside the ropes” and follow all players competing on the PGA TOUR.

ESPN (exclusive to Lumia until May 2013)

This app already exists on the Lumia devices, and is in addition to the ESPN ScoreCenter app that is available to all Windows Phones. The Lumia app will see some functionality updates and in addition, the ESPN Fantasy Football app (another Lumia exclusive) will be made available later in the Fall to align with the NFL season.


After a back-and-forth on whether they are going to build Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone or not, Rovio is now building a dedicated design and development team to create games for Lumia and other Windows Phone devices. That’s quite a scoop for Nokia from the rather negative start that the game maker had with Microsoft and Windows Phone.

Nokia and Rovio will partner to develop innovative new consumer products and content exclusively for Nokia Lumia smartphones, alongside cross platform multi-channel integrated marketing initiatives.


EA will be bringing some of their most popular titles to Lumia and other Windows Phones, including FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Jam, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR®, Mirror’s Edge and Yahtzee to add to the several titles they already have in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Groupon (exclusive to Lumia for 6 months)

There is already an official Groupon app which is going to get some major updates, including a cool and innovative augmented reality feature to find deals near you.

Tripdots (exclusive to Lumia for 3 months)

Tripdots helps vehicle owners optimize their driving behaviors while connecting with other vehicle owners and sharing driving efficiency achievements via social networks. The app lets users monitor the operation of their vehicles to enable cost savings through better understanding fuel economy.


Yet another “key” app missing in the Windows Phone ecosystem is for the popular PayPal service. PayPal is going to work with Nokia to not only bring their app to Windows Phone, but also use functionality like Live Tiles to enhance the user experience.

AOL Entertainment Hub (exclusive to Lumia for 3 months)

Whether you want to listen to one of 55,000 radio stations via SHOUTcast, stream free music albums with AOL’s Listening Party or view Trailers and Movie listings, the AOL Entertainment Hub delivers everything you need.

Yet another app where Live Tiles are going to be used to enhance the user experience:

“The live tiles on Nokia Lumia helped us create an awesome app that makes it easy to stay in the know on what’s happening in Film, TV, Radio, Concerts and Music right from your home screen,” said Sol Lipman, Director of Mobile First products at AOL.

TIME magazine

Utilizing the stunning Windows Phone UI, the app will enable users to view content, receive breaking news alerts, watch rich media content including video and share stories via the Windows Phone People Hub, while delivering the latest news and stories to users first via Live Tiles.

Newsweek – The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast app delivers the latest content through Live Tiles and combines the unique style of The Daily Beast with the Windows Phone UI to deliver a stunning experience. For users who only have minutes to digest the latest news, the app also delivers The Cheat Sheet – your one stop must have reads from across the world – uniquely designed for Windows Phone.

Box app for Windows Phone

Box, another oft-requested app, will finally come to Windows Phone with support for nine languages.