iOS 5 Beta 2 Now Available for Developers

On Friday, Apple released iOS 5 Beta 2, the next version of its mobile operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. You will need a paid ($99/year) developer account to download this beta, and you can sign in with your developer credentials to gain access. The latest beta release brings WiFi sync to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iOS 5 Beta 2 release screenshot

WiFi Sync was one of the features touted at Apple’s WWDC event, and allows iOS 5 users to sync their devices to their iTunes libraries without a computer. As of now, you can use WiFi Sync only with iTunes for Mac.

Other important updates, as reported by 9to5 and BGR are:

  • iCloud logo becomes silver in settings

iCloud Silver Logo

  • Lockscreen notifications got an update from the UI department

iOS 5 homescreen

  • Notifications on the lockscreen are redone — they’re much, much bigger for a single alert, then shows in list view for multiple alerts.
  • iMessage only works with iOS beta 2 both ways, but it’s super fast now. We’re guessing Apple changed the servers they used for this.
  • When creating an iCloud account you can use any Apple ID provided it is a full email address and not a MobileMe account. If you have a MobileMe account, you can copy data from that account to an iCloud account to use during testing. You can find more information on iCloud at:
  • When signing in with a Classic MobileMe account via iOS 5.0 Setup Assistant, it offers iCloud Backup.

Apple will be releasing iOS 5 this fall, and we are expecting more beta releases before final release is ready.

You can checkout full change log here.

Apple Maybe Making More Profit Selling One Mac Than HP Does From 7 PCs

Apple Logo

A new blog post by  high school student Matt Richman titled  “A Consequence of Losing the PC Wars” compares  Apple’s profit margin from the sale of Macs to HP’s sales of PCs. The numbers which are revealed are mind blowing.

According to the report,  Richman reports that  Apple accumulated  $4.976 billion in revenue from the sale of 3.76 million Macs during their previous quarter, giving a Mac an average selling price of $1,323.40. Richman then multiplied that number by a 28% gross margin for Mac sales from Jefferies & Co  to arrive at a profit of $370.55 per Mac sold.

A June 1st research note from Peter Misek of Jefferies & Company pegged Mac gross margins at 28%. Multiply $1,323.40 by .28 and Apple makes $370.55 for every Mac sold.

In comparison, HP’s PCs  brought in  $9.415 billion in revenue and returned a profit of $533 million last quarter. Hewlett Packard’s  operating margin, which doesn’t include  overhead costs, came in at 5.66%.

HP’s Personal Systems Group, the division at HP that sells PCs,  brought in$9.415 billion in revenue and turned a profit of $533 million last quarter. Their operating margin, which doesn’t factor in overhead costs, was 5.66%. If we assume they spent 1% of their $9.415 billion in revenue — $94.15 million — on operations, then their profit margin was 6.66%. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and make it 8%.

Richman says that  “If we assume they spent 1% of their $9.415 billion in revenue — $94.15 million — on operations, then their profit margin was 6.66%…But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and make it 8%.”.

With an average selling price of $650 and a profit margin of 8 percent, HP would be making approximately $52 on the sale of each PC, translating to “Apple makes more money from the sale of one Mac than HP does from selling seven PCs.”

Apple Offers Mobile Me to iCloud Transition FAQ

Since the announcement of iCloud, Apple’s upcoming cloud based service package, at WWDC earlier this month, there have been a number of questions from users. Some have asked what would happen to iWeb published websites. Others have questioned what portions of the current system, MobileMe, will make the transition.

It seems that Apple is ready to answer those questions and more. A new webpage has been released that details which parts of MobileMe will make it to iCloud, and which will not. You will see an excerpt from that page below, and it shows a quick reference chart of services and whether or not they will be part of iCloud.

Apple iCloud MobileMe Transition

The features listed in the chart will be introduced by the services mentioned at WWDC. They include:

  • iTunes in the Cloud
  • Photo Stream
  • Documents in the Cloud
  • Automatic downloads and purchase history for apps and books
  • Backup and restore

Of these, I see myself making the most use of the cloud storage of documents and photos. It is common knowledge that these features will be built into OS X Lion, once both it and iCloud become available.

If you want to look at the iCloud Transition FAQ for yourself, you can do so here. There are a number of questions and sneers available there. The cover pretty much every topic related to the switch.

Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB Now Available In India For Rs.19,990

Yes, you heard it right! Apple have recently released the 8 GB iPhone 3GS in India. The 8GB version of this handset was originally launched in India during April 2010, along with the 16 GB and 32 GB version. The iPhone 3GS were available exclusively for the Airtel and Vodafone customers in India. But, the new 8 GB version of the iPhone 3GS is unlocked and it can be used with SIM card of any GSM operator.

Apple iPhone 3GS features a 3.5 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display with 320 x 480 pixels resolution, 600MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 3.15 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, VGA front-facing camera for video calls, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, 3G Connectivity, Standard Li-Ion battery and much more.

iphone 3gs india

The iPhone 3GS was originally launched for Rs.29,500 (Rs.33,500 in some states), but the phone is currently available in India for just Rs.19,990. If you are one of those, who does not like the Android Operating System and looking for an amazing smartphone below 20k, then you should definitely go ahead and get the iPhone 3GS.

The Google Nexus S was recently made available for just Rs.19,999 in India. This device will compete with the Nexus S, Nokia N8 and the Xperia X10 In India. Will you buy the old iPhone 3GS with outdated specs or you will go for the Google Nexus S with latest Android OS? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

Until then, check out the 20 Abstract Wallpapers For iPhone 3GS and our detailed comparison of Nexus One vs Motorola Droid vs iPhone 3GS.

Wootish is the StumbleUpon of Apple’s App Stores

As any iOS or Mac OS X user knows, one of the worst things about the App Stores available to us is that it is often hard to discover new and interesting apps. You could search on the Internet, or try to dig through the lists that Apple puts together, but it’s not always the most interesting thing to do. That’s where Wootish comes in.

If you are familiar with the popular web discovery application StumbleUpon, then you will understand the idea behind Wootish. What Wootish is designed to do is to collect information about what apps you are interested in for what platforms, and then it offers suggestions for you to look at.

Using Wootish to Discover Apps

Wootish Starting Screen

Using Wootish is actually very simple. When you first load the website, you will see a screen like the one above. Follow the instructions, and select your devices, desired app categories, and price range from the drop down menus towards the top of the page. Once you do that, you can hit ‘Discover’.

You will be offered one app at a time to look at. You can look at the screenshots, the description, and even see the rating of the app. The one feature that I can say I wish Wootish had was the ability to read reviews from within the web page.

If you decide that you are interested in an app that Wootish shows you, there is a ‘Download’ link on the left side of the page. Clicking that link will send you to the iTunes page for the app, and even open iTunes to download it. If you are browsing on your iOS device, then you will be given the App Store page for the app instead.

Wootish: Where it Falls Short

As I said above, I really wish that Wootish had the comments within its web interface. While they are easy to access via the iTunes/App Store link, it’s inconvenient to leave the page. I also noticed that whenever I selected ‘Free’ in the ‘Price’ menu, I got an error like the one below. I hope they get that fixed soon.

Wootish SQL Error

Another feature that I wish Wootish had is language filtering. While using it, I got multiple hits in  languages  that I do not speak or read. If there was a simple tick box to select a language, it would  improve  the  experience  significantly.

Overall, I think Wootish is a great way to discover new apps. I recommend that you check it out if you are an iOS or Mac OS X user.

More Than One Million Unlocked iPhones Running on T-Mobile USA

iPhone running T-MobileT-Mobile USA has claimed that more than one million iPhones run on its network. Apple’s smartphone does not officially support T-Mobile, the #4 carrier in the U.S.A. T-Mobile offers non-compatible AWS bands for iPhones, which means that iPhones need to be unlocked. Customers who want to run iPhone on T-Mobile network had to lose the Apple contract, modify their SIM to support micro-SIM format of iPhone 4 and lose 3G speeds as T-Mobile runs only 2G EDGE on iPhone. More than 1 million customers have chosen  to do that to stay with T-Mobile.

Talking to Seth Weintraub of 9 to 5 Mac, a T-Mobile spokesperson offered a tidbid of information which suggests that T-Mobile is home to more than one million iPhones.

In a meeting with T-Mobile spokespeople today ahead of the NYC Pepcom event, I  received  word that there are actively over a million Apple iPhones currently on T-Mobile’s network.  When asked for a breakdown, the spokesman said the majority were pre-iPhone 4 but that a significant amount of people had taken the scissorsto their T-Mobile SIM cards.  T-Mobile doesn’t currently offer a Micro-SIM solution for Apple’s iPhone 4 so people who want to use the iPhone 4 must modify their SIMs into MicroSIMs.  Those using iPhone 4s also won’t receive T-Mobile’s 3G or 4G data speeds because of the radio differences between the networks.

When asked about micro-SIMs, the spokesman told Seth Weintraub that they are in the works, but there was no time frame for release.

AT&T is trying to buy T-Mobile, and there have been rumours that iPhone 5 will support T-Mobile’s AWS HSPA and HSPA+ bands. If true, this news will bring smiles to the faces of iPhone owners who run it on T-Mobile network

Image Credit: Geeky Gadgets

Rumor: iPhone 5 to sport Dual LED Flash

As the expected launch date of the iPhone 5 draws near, the rumor mills seem to have gone into overdrive. Digitimes, which has been credited with many leaks, has reported that the iPhone 5 will sport a dual LED flash.

It also states that the dual LED flashes will be supplied by Taiwanese firms like Everlight Electronics, Edison Opto and Lite-On Technology. Apple will be switching to these firms for its LED flash requirements, from Philips, which made the LED flashes for the iPhone 4.

Many rumors about the iPhone 5 have been floating around in the past few months. According to most rumors, the iPhone 5 will come with an 8 MP camera, a dual core A5 processor and possibly a larger 4 inch display.

It has also been reported that the iPhone 5 will come with a radical new design and form factor. Most sources expect the iPhone 5 to launch in September 2011.

iPhone 5

WWDC 2011 Session Videos Released to Developers

Apple on thursday updated the developer portal, uploading about 110 session videos, which were taken during its annual developer conference, WWDC 2011. Apple unveiled Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 during the event which are set to be released in this July and Fall respectively. Apple also introduced iCloud, its cloud based online data synchronization service along with other stuff during the event.

WWDC 2011 Videos

Apple has broken down sessions into these six categories:

  • Apple Platforms Kickoff
  • App Frameworks
  • Core OS
  • Developer Tools
  • Graphics, Media, and Games
  • Internet and Web

The videos are available in both HD and SD formats for the Mac, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or Apple TV. They can be downloaded from here. You will need a registered developer account and you will be able to download it(for free) in iTunes after logging in with your developer account. These videos would be really helpful to those developers who were not able to make it to the conference or those who missed some important sessions due to scheduling conflicts. Given the conference was sold out in 10 hours, there would be many developers who were waiting for this.

Apple reminds developers that all the material in the sessions remains under Apple’s confidential information NDA.

Reminder: The content presented within the session videos and slides is Apple Confidential Information and is subject to the Registered Apple Developer Agreement.

Apple WWDC 2011 Session Videos



iPad Accounts for 89% of Worldwide Web Traffic, 97% of US

Non-computer Share May '11A new report by comScore, details a  new metric for tracking web traffic by device and connection type. According to the report, iPad was responsible for 89% of worldwide tablet traffic in May, continuing to dominate the market it defined last year.

The iPad is currently the dominant tablet device across all geographies, contributing more than 89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets. The iPad’s contribution to total non-computer device traffic is highest in Canada (33.5 percent). Brazil has the second highest non-computer device share of traffic coming from the iPad at 31.8 percent, although non-computer devices account for less than 1 percent of total traffic in the country. In Singapore, where non-computer devices comprise nearly 6 percent of total traffic, the iPad accounts for 26.2 percent of this traffic.

The calculations show that the iPad accounted nearly 97% of non-computer traffic share  in the United States, and Android taking nearly all of the rest of the market.

In addition, comScore reports that  53% of non-computer device traffic comes from Apple devices: 23.5% from iPhone, 21.8% from iPad, and 7.8% from iPod touch. Android comes in second place with  over 36% of the market. Lately, a lot of Android tablets have begun to flood the tablet market but none have been able to break Apple’s dominance on the market.

Hacker Pleads Guilty In AT&T iPad Breach


WSJ reports that Daniel Spliter has pleaded guilty  to two felony charges related to the publishing of 120,000 AT&T customers’ email addresses on In addition, one other member from the hacking group “Goatse Security”, Andrew Auernheimer, was charged as well.

A computer hacker admitted Thursday to writing code that was used to breach AT&T Inc.’s servers last year and gather email addresses and other personal information of about 120,000 users of Apple Inc.’s iPad.

Daniel Spitler, 26 years old, a computer hacker from San Francisco, pleaded guilty to identity theft and conspiracy to gain unauthorized access to computers.

The breach occurred last June. The hackers discovered a  security hole on AT&T’s website that allowed users to plug in a SIM card identifier called an ICC-ID, and were able to receive back the email address associated with that SIM card. More than 114,000 email were disclosed.