Did Apple Get the iPad Name Right?

Let’s be honest, since Apple announced the earlier today, people have talked about it a lot, however, not much because of the features the device has, but because of it’s name. iPad has quickly become one of the biggest butt of Apple jokes across the Internet.

Take for example, just around the same time when the Apple Event was underway, iTampon started trending on after Steve Jobs officially announced the iPad. Not just that, every other person has been cracking up some joke about Apple’s “latest creation”, and have come up with names like iPill, iFail, iJokes and so on.

A lot of women are not happy with the name Apple chose for obvious reasons, which makes me wonder whether Apple did not have any women on the team that came up with the product name? Apple had certainly wanted to name the product iSlate initially, did the HP Slate name make them change their decision? Nevertheless, the product name Apple chose will definitely continue to be debated for a long time, just wish that had spend some more time into getting it right.

And if things could not get any rosier, Mad TV had predicted about the iPad being released by Apple quite sometime back, albeit the product was totally different. Watch the video below (mildly mature content).

What do you think? Is the iPad name something you like? Do you feel Apple could have done a better job at naming the product?

iPad Pricing Unveiled, It Is Cheap

Steve Jobs finally set everyone talking by unveiling the price for the iPad, as earlier anticipated this device will not sell for over $1000. Here is the pricing for iPad with WiFi and 3G support.


Image Credit: @Brajeshwar via Twitpic

iPad Pricing

  • 16 GB iPad will cost $499 with WiFi only and $629 with WiFi + 3G support
  • 32 GB iPad will cost $599 with WiFi only and $729 with WiFi + 3G support
  • 64 GB iPad will cost $699 with WiFi only and $829 with WiFi + 3G support

From the looks of the device, the pricing definitely looks cheap and affordable, we will keep you updated about all the latest news from the Apple Event. For live coverage visit the Live Apple Event Coverage at Techie Buzz.

Apple Tablet Leaked Screenshot and Videos

The Apple event is drawing closer and with it, the rumors surrounding the possible launch of the “iPad”. Apple is supposedly going to launch a touch screen based tablet device at the event, which is being held tomorrow in San Francisco. The touchscreen based tablet device was earlier known as the “iSlate”, but is now being referred to as the “iPad”.


Now fueling the rumors of the iPad, before the event are some leaked pictures of the iPad/iSlate/iWhatever. TechCrunch somehow have managed to get their hands on a couple of nice pictures of the upcoming device. Dustim Curtnis , the UI designer, uploaded these pictures on his posterous. He received these pictures from his friend who is working at Apple. From the picture, it seems that the iPad is more of an entertainment device. The size of the device gives me a feeling that the primary use of the device shall be browsing the web and watching movies. The device is also believed to be running the iPhone OS 4.0, and not Snow Leopard. We had earlier posted some leaked screenshots of the iPhone OS 4.0 as well.

A 36 second commercial of the iPad has also been leaked on Youtube. The video can be a fake one though. The commercial states that the iPad has supposedly been under development since the last 10 years. It also states the iPad will bring a “Revolution in personal computing”.

Here is the video of the commercial –

Apple Tablet Heading to Verizon Wireless

Looks like Verizon is finally getting their share of the Apple pie. The Street is reporting that the highly anticipated Apple Tablet aka iTablet, which will be unveiled at the Apple Event this month will be sold subsidized on the Verizon Wireless network and not on the AT&T network.

Apple Tablet Illustration

Like with the , users will be able to get the Apple Tablet at a subsidized rate of $200 along with a two-year data plan worth $60 per month from Verizon. This is not a bad deal for end users considering that the unlocked device will retail for anything in between $800-$1000 per unit.

Another interesting thing about the Apple Tablet is that it will come with docking station so that users can connect an external mouse or keyboard to the device. This just builds up the excitement about the unknown device from Apple.

The Apple Tablet or iTablet will go out on sale in March or April this year, however there is no confirmed news right now on the actual sale dates.

Apple Tablet Illustration courtesy The Street

All You Want to Know About The Apple Event

The Apple Event is scheduled to be held in the next few days. We have been following the event for quite sometime now. There have been several rumors and confirmed news. We take a look at all the happenings and all the possibilities which can come out of the most anticipated event of the year.

When: January 27th, 2010.

Where: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco.

Can I go? No, it is Invitation only.

Major Announcements at the Apple Event

Though there are several rumors doing the rounds of the Internet, there is also some confirmed news as to what can be expected at the Apple Event, these include:

iPhone OS 4.0


There is confirmed news that the OS 4.0 is going to be unveiled at this event. New features include the addition of multi-tasking and better touch support. However, don’t expect Apple to announce a new version of the iPhone at this event, it could come out at MacWorld expo later.

Apple Tablet aka iTablet


There has been tons of rumors around the Apple Tablet. The tablet was earlier rumored to be named as the iSlate, but is now almost confirmed as the iTablet. The iTablet will use the iPhone OS as the base, however, there is not much detail available about the device yet, not even with Valleywag who had announced a $100,000 contest to get more information about the device.

However, the iTablet is definitely rumored to be priced around $1000 and may be go on sale in March-April 2010. Please note, the above image is not a representation of the actual iTablet.

iLife 2010


Among other things, Fox News has also reported the introduction of iLife 2010. iLife is a software suite for Mac users consisting of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Garageband and iWeb. There is confirmed news that iLife 2010 will make a debut at the Apple Event.

What’s More

iPod fans got a bunch of updates at the last event, including an iPod with a camera. However, it is disappointing that the iPod touch with the camera is not being talked about. Hopefully, we should see a iPod Touch with a camera as the surprise announcement at the event.

We will keep you updated about the latest events and will be covering the event as live as we can. Stay tuned in the next few days to get more news and updates on the Apple Event.

Apple Not To Use Intel Atom Processors In “iSlate”?

It seems that Apple has ditched the popular Intel Atom processor for their upcoming but still unannounced iSlatetouchscreen tablet device. The folks over at pocket-lint.com had a conversation with the Apple’s design manufactureapple-logo partners, and they have indicated that Apple won’t be using an Intel Atom processor to power the iSlate.

Apple instead seems to have used a processor made by a firm which they had acquired 2 years ago, named P A Semi. The report from pocket-lint.com says that Apple will not be using the Intel Atom processors, which contradicts the leaked specs of the iSlate , we had reported to our readers a few days ago. The leaked specifications of the iSlatestated that the device will be using an Intel Core 2 Duo low voltage processor. The leaked specification do look over the top to me as fitting all the above said stuff in such a small form factor seems impossible right now, with the available technology. The iSlatewill hopefully be announced on 26th January at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts as we had reported earlier. Even though Apple has not mentioned anything about a touchscreen tablet device, the whole of the internet is currently abuzz with Apple’s iSlatedevice. Whether these are just plain rumors or whether these rumors are true to a certain extent, can only be found out at the upcoming BigApple event. These rumors have definitely helped Apple though, as the value of there shares are soaring right now.

Apple Tablet (iSlate) To Be Unveiled on January 27th?

Apple-Tablet-Launch-DateGet ready Apple fans and Tablet aficionados. The much talked about Apple Tablet is coming. AllThingsD is reporting that Apple is planning a major media event later this month. The event will be held on 27th January, 2007 in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Last month, Financial Times had reported that Apple had rented the stage at Yerba Buena Center for several days towards the end of January. Of course, like most of the information available about Apple Tablet at this moment, this is also a speculation. However, Apple has utilized the Buena Center on several occasions in the past.

HTC To Announce A Touchscreen Tablet Device At CES?

Apple has not yet even officially announced or confirmed the existence of the iSlate, and its competitors banking on the rumors have started making tablet touchscreen devices. Many Mobiles manufacturer’s and Computer manufacturerhtc-logo must be waiting to see the response of the public when Apple officially announces the iSlate.

Previously many manufacturer’s tried launching a tablet touchscreen device but failed miserably to capture a sizeable market share. Few days ago we told you about Notion’s Ink Adam Tablet, and now if rumors are to be believed, HTC is all set to announce a Touchscreen tablet device at the upcoming CES. The tablet touchscreen device is believed to be using a Qualacomm based processor and will be running the Android OS. There is no word whether the tablet touchscreen device supports Multi-touch or not. HTC has been known for making WinMo and Android based phones until now.

It will be interesting to see whether this rumor of a tablet touchscreen device from HTC turns out to be true or not.

“Big” Apple Event Scheduled On 26th Jan

Fox News just confirmed that Apple has scheduled an event on 26th Jan in San Franciscoapple_tablet at Yerba Buena. The spokesperson from Apple told that the scheduled event is going to be a bigone. Nothing at this point is official, but my guess is Apple will be announcing about the Apple iSlate/Tablet in this event, about which we have been hearing a lot since the past few weeks.

The spokesperson from Apple also said that the event will focus on the mobility space which indicates something related to Apple’s iPod/iPod Touch line up. The upcoming bigApple event will be held at Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, where previously Apple has held its iPod centered events every year. Rumors of Apple Tablet where enough to push the stock of Apple at an all time high. While there is a strong probability of Apple announcing a Tablet PC, the fact that Apple is also known to scrap products just before its scheduled announcement must be kept in mind as well.

This will be the first time in recent memory that Apple will not be announcing a product launch at the Mac World.

Rumor: Apple Tablet Will Use 10-inch Touch Panels Supplied by Innolux

Apple-Tablet-10-inch-screen Yet another day, yet another Apple related rumor. Digitimes is reporting that, Apple Tablet will utilize 10 inch touch panels supplied by Innolux – the panel making subsidiary of the Foxconn Group.

This new information contradicts previous reports that Apple Tablet will be available in a 7 inch form factor. It is unlikely that Apple will manufacture two different models, since they have traditionally preferred to introduce new devices with a single model. Additional models are introduced only after the device becomes popular.

According to reports, Apple was forced to delay the launch of Apple Tablet as it wanted to strengthen the glass of the 10-inch panel for the device. Foxconn’s optical glass processing subsidiary G-Tech Optoelectronics will be helping by providing a glass-strengthening solution.

Digitimes expects the Apple Tablet to be announced in January. However, it won’t go on sale till March or April.