iPad Pricing Unveiled, It Is Cheap

Steve Jobs finally set everyone talking by unveiling the price for the iPad, as earlier anticipated this device will not sell for over $1000. Here is the pricing for iPad with WiFi and 3G support.


Image Credit: @Brajeshwar via Twitpic

iPad Pricing

  • 16 GB iPad will cost $499 with WiFi only and $629 with WiFi + 3G support
  • 32 GB iPad will cost $599 with WiFi only and $729 with WiFi + 3G support
  • 64 GB iPad will cost $699 with WiFi only and $829 with WiFi + 3G support

From the looks of the device, the pricing definitely looks cheap and affordable, we will keep you updated about all the latest news from the Apple Event. For live coverage visit the Live Apple Event Coverage at Techie Buzz.

Live Coverage of Apple Event

Its here! Its finally here! The Apple event is finally going to begin in less than half an hour now. All the gadget freaks must be eagerly awaiting the launch of a new revolutionaryproduct from Apple. In the past, all the products from Apple have changed the whole technology industry. Even after 3 years of the launch of iPhone, all the major phone companies have been unable to come up with an iPhone killer. The rumors suggest Apple launching a tablet based touch screen device. The Apple iTablet device has been hogging all the limelight in all the popular tech blogs for nearly the whole of the month of January. Looking at the leaked screenshots of the iPad/iTablet, iPhone OS 4.0, everyone can be sure that Apple won’t be letting us down today.


Readers can read our article on the round-up of all the rumors around the Apple iTablet/iPad. It will be interesting to see whether all these rumors turn out to be true or not. Earlier today, we posted pictures of the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, where the Apple event will be held. Things looked calm in the morning, but by now there must be a huge hurdle of news reporters outside the Center. The effect of the event can already be seen on Twitter. 4 out of the top 10 trends in Twitter this morning were regarding the Apple event only. Twitter is also working slow right now, so the impact of the event can be clearly felt now.

Techie-Buzz will be covering the event live, so readers can check back this post for live updates about the event.

Live Updates -:

9:58 AM: The event will start is just a couple of minutes now.10:00 AM: The event has started!

10:01 AM: Steve Jobs enters *applauds*

10:10 AM: Steve Jobs wishes everyone a good morning and gives a small introduction about Apple and its background.

10:11 AM: Ladies and gentlemen! The rumors have turned out to be true! It is the iPad! A touchscreen tablet based device for browsing the web on the go.


10:12 AM: Steve Jobs now explaining all the features of the iPad one by one.

10:20 AM: The homescreen of the iPad can be extensively customized. Steve says that typing emails thanks to the large on-screen keyboard is an awesome experience. It’s a dream to type on.Steve Jobs.

10:30 AM: The UI of the iPad is quite different from that of the iPhone and OS X. It features a 9.7inch IPS display. There is a Two-pane view for Email, along with Photo Scrubber bar with Fast, Smooth Transitions

10:35AM: The iPad runs on a custom Apple 1Ghz A4 Chip. It features all the usual Compass, Accelerometer sensors. Also onboard is 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset. The device has got a staggering battery life of 10 hours and a standby battery life of 30 days!

10:40 AM: Steve demoed few games on the iPad. They looked beautiful, but were a bit sluggish. The developers only got 2 weeks of time to create something for the iPad so I guess the game is still not polished. Also there is a native newspaper reading app which captures the essence of a newspaper, but it’s so much more.There is also inline video clips for Newspaper applications.

10:45 AM: Steve now demonstrating an art browser and painting application for the iPad named Brushes.

10:47 AM: Now Steve is demonstrating Need For Shift for the iPad by Electronic Arts.


10:48 AM: The game is both touch and motion controlled. Users need to tap the mirror on the screen to look behind.

10:50 AM: The Amazon Kindle has some competition here. Steve introduces a new application for the iPad called iBooks. There is also an online book store to go along with it. Users can directly purchase ebooks from the iBook store, and start reading them on your iPad.

10:56 AM: Steve demos the iBook store along with the iBook application. Tap left or right to change pages or just drag the page. Neat! There is also an iWorkfor the iPad. Good Job Steve!

10:59 AM: The whole of the UI of iWork has been reworked for the iPad. Steve is now demoing iWork for the iPad. First up is Keynote.

11:01 AM: Phill shows off a demo of how Keynote works on the iPad version of the iWork.

11:03 AM: Oops! Apple stock value is down by nearly 2%.

11:04 AM: Phill is now showing Numbers on the iWork by doing some typical speard sheet tasks.

11:06 AM: So what are we going to charge for applications like this? We’re gong to charge just $9.99 each.9.99$ for keynotes, Numbers etcetera.

11:08 AM: Steve’s back! The iPad syncs over USB just like an iPod Touch/iPhone via iTunes. Here sync includes everything from your Music, Movies, Photos to Calendar and Applications.

11:10 AM: There will be few models of the iPad with 3G modems built-in.


11:15AM: 14.99$ per month with a data limit of up to 250MB is great for casual use. There is also an unlimited plan for 29.99$. AT&T is again the network provider here. AT&T is also providing access to free Wi-Fi hotspots. Good move here considering the poor 3G network of AT&T.

11:17 AM: Steve then gives a small review of the iPad and gives a quick rundown of all its features. Then he announces the pricing of the iPad. The prices of the iPad starts from only 499$ for the base model with 16GB on board storage. The 32Gb will set you back by another 100$. The 3G models cost an additional 130$.

11:20 AM: There are some accessories for the iPad as well. First up is a Keyboard Dockaccessory. The size of the keyboard is roughly the same as that of a Laptop.

11:25 AM: A video being shown of the iPad. Pretty impressive I must say!

11:27 AM: There is only a 30 pin connector on the iPad. No USB port, no SD card slot, no Camera. Disappointing!

11:31 AM: Time for a another video We think we’ve got the goods. We think we’ve done it. Another thing we’re excited about is that there’s already 75m people who know how to use this because of how many iPhones and iPod touches we’ve shipped.

11:33 AM: This is a magical device, at a breakthrough price. We’ve always tried to be at the intersection of technology and liberal arts — we want to make the best tech, but have them be intuitive. It’s the combination of these two things that have let us make the iPad.

11:34 AM: Apple’s the one place we can do this: we built battery tech, chip tech, software — we bring all those things together in a way no one else can do.As the video ends, Steve comes back on stage.

11:36 AM: The official site for iPad is now up! There are also some videos of the iPad on the site. Check it out!

That’s it folks! The event has ended.

Yerba Buena Center Before The Apple Event [Pictures]

Everyone is gearing up for the big Apple Event tomorrow before Steve Jobs officially pulls out a device and says "Ladies and Gentleman, this is the Apple device that you will be talking about for the rest of the year". Like everyone else we are excited and will be covering the event live. However, what does the center where the event will be held look like?

Here are some pictures of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco, before the big Apple Event on January 27th.

Yerba Buena Preparation

Image Credit: Mac Rumors

Apple Event Yerba Buena Tablet Preparation

Apple Tablet Event Preparations

Image Credit: Cult of Mac

Yerba Buena Center Courtesy Wired

Image Courtesy: Jon Snyder/Wired.com

From the looks of it, it all looks pretty calm right now, but don’t expect the same situation tomorrow. Believe me, it is going to be very very chaotic tomorrow :-).

Apple iPad/iTablet Rumors Roundup

The Apple Come See Our Latest Creationevent is drawing close. Less than 24 hours are left for the event to start. The rumors of Apple launching a major device, has already been confirmed by Steve Jobs himself. If rumors are to be believed the major device is the iSlate or the iPad or whatever Apple decides to call it in the end. The whole month of January was buzzing with rumors of the iSlate/iPad/iTablet from Apple. Even with so many rumors and leaks, the name of the device has still not been confirmed. Kudos to Apple, who have successfully managed to keep the wraps on the hottest topic of the Internet right now.

Readers might not have forgotten what happened to Google Nexus One? Before the Nexus One event, Google miserably failed to keep the Nexus One under wraps and nearly all the information about the device got leaked. Thus, the event from Google turned out to be nothing more than a boringand official announcement of the Nexus One from Google.

Here we try to look at the obvious questions about the iSlate/iTablet and see what we can infer from the rumors.

What would be its dimensions? What would it look like?

Rumors and leaked pictures of the iPad/iTablet suggest that the device will be quite thin and portable. The device will have a screen size of 10 inches with the touch panels being supplied by Innolux. The leaked pictures of the device show a sleek looking device made of Aluminum, which is trademark Apple style now.


The above picture was posted on TechCrunch, by Curtnis, who said he got hold of the pictures from his friend who works for Apple. Earlier today, we posted a leaked commercial of the iTablet as well.

What would be its specifications? What Would It Run?

Earlier the rumors suggested that the Apple iPad/iTablet will be using the popular Intel Atom processor. Soon another rumor popped up that the iPad/iTablet will be using processors manufactured by P A Semi. Apple had acquired P A Semi 2 years ago. Then again a leaked image stated that the Apple iPad/iTablet will be using a 2.26Ghz low voltage Intel Core 2 Duo Processor.


Whatever the rumors suggest, I can conclude that Apple won’t be using the Intel atom processor in their iTablet device. The Intel Atom processor is too weak for multi-tasking. Apple definitely won’t be equipping their iTablet with underpowered hardware.

Like the hardware, what the iTablet will run on is also not known. Rumors either a lighter version of OS X or a new version of the iPhone OS (v4.0). We had earlier posted some leaked screenshots of the iPhone OS v4.0 here.

What will be its primary target? What will it be priced at?

The size of the iTablet along with its features, gives me a feeling that the device will be primarily targeted towards entertainment. Browsing the web, watching pictures, movies is what the iTablet is supposedly going to excel at. Also since its a so called tabletdevice, taking notes on the go must not be too troublesome either.

The iTablet like all other Apple devices, will of course come at a premium. Rumors suggest that the iTablet can be priced at a range of 600-1000$. My estimation is that the device will be priced within a range of 800$ to 1200$.

Less than 24 hours are left for the Apple event to begin. It will be interesting to see whether Apple launches a iPad/iTablet kind of device or not. They might just launch a new iPhone 4G and announce the new OS 4.0 for iPhone. You never know!

Apple Tablet Leaked Screenshot and Videos

The Apple event is drawing closer and with it, the rumors surrounding the possible launch of the “iPad”. Apple is supposedly going to launch a touch screen based tablet device at the event, which is being held tomorrow in San Francisco. The touchscreen based tablet device was earlier known as the “iSlate”, but is now being referred to as the “iPad”.


Now fueling the rumors of the iPad, before the event are some leaked pictures of the iPad/iSlate/iWhatever. TechCrunch somehow have managed to get their hands on a couple of nice pictures of the upcoming device. Dustim Curtnis , the UI designer, uploaded these pictures on his posterous. He received these pictures from his friend who is working at Apple. From the picture, it seems that the iPad is more of an entertainment device. The size of the device gives me a feeling that the primary use of the device shall be browsing the web and watching movies. The device is also believed to be running the iPhone OS 4.0, and not Snow Leopard. We had earlier posted some leaked screenshots of the iPhone OS 4.0 as well.

A 36 second commercial of the iPad has also been leaked on Youtube. The video can be a fake one though. The commercial states that the iPad has supposedly been under development since the last 10 years. It also states the iPad will bring a “Revolution in personal computing”.

Here is the video of the commercial –

Watch Apple Event Live Online on January 27th

The Apple event is going to be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. The event is scheduled to start from 10:00AM PT (-8 UTC). Like always, many of the popular blogs will be covering the event live.


Readers can get the live coverage of the Apple event from the following sites -:

Techie Buzz will also be covering the event live, so visit us to keep tabs on all the latest happenings from the Apple Event. The expectations are, as usual, high from an Apple Event. Rumors suggest Apple launching a new touchscreen tablet based device and/or OS 4.0 for iPhone. It is also believed that Apple may also launch OS X 10.7. Read our earlier post to know all you want to know about the Apple Event.

We will update this post, once links streaming the Apple event live becomes available. Until then, readers can check out our Apple iSlate related posts to know more about the device.

All You Want to Know About The Apple Event

The Apple Event is scheduled to be held in the next few days. We have been following the event for quite sometime now. There have been several rumors and confirmed news. We take a look at all the happenings and all the possibilities which can come out of the most anticipated event of the year.

When: January 27th, 2010.

Where: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco.

Can I go? No, it is Invitation only.

Major Announcements at the Apple Event

Though there are several rumors doing the rounds of the Internet, there is also some confirmed news as to what can be expected at the Apple Event, these include:

iPhone OS 4.0


There is confirmed news that the OS 4.0 is going to be unveiled at this event. New features include the addition of multi-tasking and better touch support. However, don’t expect Apple to announce a new version of the iPhone at this event, it could come out at MacWorld expo later.

Apple Tablet aka iTablet


There has been tons of rumors around the Apple Tablet. The tablet was earlier rumored to be named as the iSlate, but is now almost confirmed as the iTablet. The iTablet will use the iPhone OS as the base, however, there is not much detail available about the device yet, not even with Valleywag who had announced a $100,000 contest to get more information about the device.

However, the iTablet is definitely rumored to be priced around $1000 and may be go on sale in March-April 2010. Please note, the above image is not a representation of the actual iTablet.

iLife 2010


Among other things, Fox News has also reported the introduction of iLife 2010. iLife is a software suite for Mac users consisting of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Garageband and iWeb. There is confirmed news that iLife 2010 will make a debut at the Apple Event.

What’s More

iPod fans got a bunch of updates at the last event, including an iPod with a camera. However, it is disappointing that the iPod touch with the camera is not being talked about. Hopefully, we should see a iPod Touch with a camera as the surprise announcement at the event.

We will keep you updated about the latest events and will be covering the event as live as we can. Stay tuned in the next few days to get more news and updates on the Apple Event.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 to Get Multitasking – Screenshot Leaked

Earlier, we reported that Apple is going to host a major event on January 27. Initially, we had speculated that Apple will be announcing the highly anticipated Apple Tablet during this event. However, it appears that the Tablet is not all that Apple has in mind. Apple may also utilize this event to unveil the next generation iPhone OS.


Very little is known about the upcoming Operating System (OS) update. However, BoyGeniusReport has managed to get a rough idea about the planned improvements. According to their source, the highlights of iPhone OS v4 will be:

  • Multitasking: iPhone has the largest application market, which features some truly mind-blowing apps. However, the lack of multitasking in iPhone has been a major annoyance for both users and developers. The news that iPhone v4 will support multiple ways to run apps in the background is enough to get excited about the next gen iPhone.
  • Multi-Touch: The OS update will also introduce system wide support for multi-touch gestures.
  • Enhanced Intuitiveness: iPhone is already extremely intuitive and is quite possibly the most well designed mobile OS. IPhone OS v4 will take this to the next level by introducing further user interface (UI) refinements.
  • Upgradability: The OS update will be available for iPhone 3G and 3GS.
  • Syncing: The new version will introduce some new form of syncing for contacts and calendar applications.

BGR’s source also seems to suggest that the rumored Apple Tablet (iSlate) is going to be called iTablet after all. The iPhone OS is expected to be the base for Apple Tablet. Hence, it makes sense for Apple to announce both simultaneously.

As we inch closer to January 27, the rumors will start coming thicker and faster. It will be interesting to note which ones come true and which ones don’t. Keep following TechieBuzz to stay updated on all iPhone related news.

Apple Not To Use Intel Atom Processors In “iSlate”?

It seems that Apple has ditched the popular Intel Atom processor for their upcoming but still unannounced iSlatetouchscreen tablet device. The folks over at pocket-lint.com had a conversation with the Apple’s design manufactureapple-logo partners, and they have indicated that Apple won’t be using an Intel Atom processor to power the iSlate.

Apple instead seems to have used a processor made by a firm which they had acquired 2 years ago, named P A Semi. The report from pocket-lint.com says that Apple will not be using the Intel Atom processors, which contradicts the leaked specs of the iSlate , we had reported to our readers a few days ago. The leaked specifications of the iSlatestated that the device will be using an Intel Core 2 Duo low voltage processor. The leaked specification do look over the top to me as fitting all the above said stuff in such a small form factor seems impossible right now, with the available technology. The iSlatewill hopefully be announced on 26th January at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts as we had reported earlier. Even though Apple has not mentioned anything about a touchscreen tablet device, the whole of the internet is currently abuzz with Apple’s iSlatedevice. Whether these are just plain rumors or whether these rumors are true to a certain extent, can only be found out at the upcoming BigApple event. These rumors have definitely helped Apple though, as the value of there shares are soaring right now.