Apple September Special Event Flash Video Streaming

Apple Event is now live underway, however, Apple is blocking the streams for Windows users even if they have Safari and QuickTime installed on their PC. There are of course alternatives for Windows and Linux users to watch the Apple Event.

However, the best alternative that would work on virtually any PC (Mac, Windows or Linux) is using Flash streaming. There are couple of options available to watch the Apple September Special Event through a flash video, here is an embedded video courtesy the Gizmodo live stream.


So if you have a Windows or Linux PC, this is the best way you can watch the Apple September event live Winking smile/

How To Watch Apple September Event in Windows/Linux

Apple will be live broadcasting their September Event about music, iTV and iPod Touch for the first time. However, the conference can only be viewed by users who have a Mac, , or .

Apple September Music Event

Though Apple has suggested that the protocol they are using is an industry standard, only a few companies have implemented it, so you have a very small chance of being able to watch it on , , on or Linux.

If you have a Windows or Linux based PC you will not be able to watch the videos, however, there are a few workarounds for them.

If you are a Windows user, you can download Safari for Windows from here and load this streaming video sample in it to see if you are able to watch it. If you are, then you are all set and can watch the live streaming of the Apple September 1 event on your PC.

If you are not able to do it then Mac Rumors suggests using VLC Player. To use VLC to watch the Apple event you will have to insert the stream URL as a playlist into VLC. For that Go to "View -> Playlist" and click on the "+" button and select "Advanced Open" from the options.

Once you do that, select the Network tab and add the Apple Event stream URL into the available textbox and click on "Enqueue" button. This will enable you to view the Apple September Event live on Windows or Linux. We will try and find more solutions to watch this Apple September Event in Windows and Linux and post it here.

Update: Apple is explicitly blocking the live broadcasting on even if you have both Safari and QuickTime installed. You could use the Firefox user agent switcher, however, you will still require QuickTime. Alternatively you could also use the embedded video below to watch the event live.


Apple September 1 Event Keynote Live Streaming Video/Audio

Apple will be holding an Apple Event on September 1 about music where they might possibly unveil the next generation of and iTV in addition to several other announcements. The Apple Music event is scheduled for 10AM PT/1PM ET at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts Theatre in San Francisco.


Unlike other Apple events, Apple will be broadcasting today’s event live to millions of users across the world. The event will be available live at 10PM at Users can visit to view the live broadcast and keynotes online.

The event could be about the iTV device which is the next generation Apple TV, new features in iTunes and even the new iPod Touch 4G. It is rumored that the iPod Touch 4G may have a 5MP camera and support FaceTime.

Apple suggests that the event can only be viewed using Safari on a Mac, , iPod Touch or . There is no mention of being able to view the live broadcast on or any other browsers including , , Internet Explorer or .   However, you can also follow updates on several other live blogs, learn how to follow Apple September 1 Event live updates.

Apple Live Streaming iPod/iTV September Event, Leaves Out Windows

Apple is breaking their norm of not broadcasting their events live across the world. This time around Apple’s September 1 event, where there might be an introduction of the new iTV and 4G, will be broadcast live at To know where to catch up on live feeds and updates visit this link.

Apple September Music Event

No more hunting for live feeds and updates, just head over to and you will be able to view the live streaming video of the Apple September Music event.

According to the press release, Apple will be broadcasting its September 1 event online using Apple’s industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards. Sarcastically, Apple suggests that the event can only be viewed using Safari on a Mac, , iPod Touch or . There is no mention of being able to view the live broadcast on or any other browsers including , , Internet Explorer or .

Nevertheless, you will definitely be able to watch the live broadcast on Windows too, at-least if you use Safari. The Apple September 1 music event will be broadcast live at at 10AM PDT/1PM EST.

Watch Apple Music Event Online, iPod Touch/iTV September Event Online Updates

This is the 4th big event Apple is holding this year where they either announced a new device in the form of the , or free bumpers for 4 users. And come September 1st, 2010 Apple will be holding a special music press event. The music or rock and roll event will be held   at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts Theatre in San Francisco at 10 AM Pacific time.

Apple September Music Event

Thanks to the secretive nature of Apple, it is not really clear what will be unveiled or said at this September 1 event, however, it is rumored that Apple will unveil new features in iTunes and also unleash the next-generation Apple TV dubbed iTV. Apple may also unveil the new iPod Touch 4G which is rumored that the iPod Touch 4G may have a 5MP camera and support FaceTime.

Most of the Apple events do not allow live streaming so it almost impossible to know what’s really going on without you being there. However, there are several press people who will be there for the event and update people about it live as the event unfolds.

Lucky folks from Engadget get to attend the conference live, which you can follow at Engadget Live. Mac Rumors may also cover the press conference live and you can view the updates at In addition to that our favorite site GDGT may also cover the event which you can view updates for at

Audio streams for the Apple Music press conference will be available at, you can also follow the updates on Twitter by following @macrumorslive.

More options to get updates on the Apple iPhone 4 press conference will be added once they become available, we will also try to add some video streams if they are available later on.

Apple Sends Invitation For Event on September 1, iPod, iTV?

Apple has just sent out press invites to several websites about an Apple event which will take place on September 1, 2010 at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts Theatre in San Francisco at 10 AM Pacific time.


However, there is no confirmed news on what the event would be about. However, it could be about the iTV device which is the next generation Apple TV, new features in iTunes and even the new 4G. It is rumored that the iPod Touch 4G may have a 5MP camera and support FaceTime.

There are several speculations on what the event will be about, however, there is no conclusive way to predict what surprise Steve Jobs might spring upon us this time around. Mark your dates.

Watch iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Event Online And Live Blogging on April 8th

The iPhone OS 4.0 Apple event is going to be held at the Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino. The event is scheduled to start from 10:00AM PT (-8 UTC) on April 8th 2010. Though we don’t have an invitation for the event, we will be covering the event live here at Techie Buzz.

iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Event

Readers can get the live coverage of the Apple event from the following sites:

  • Engadget Live
  • GDGT Live
  • Boy Genius Report

Techie Buzz will also be covering the event live, so visit us to keep tabs on all the latest happenings from the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Event. The expectations are, as usual, high from an Apple Event. We would definitely like to see a newer version of the iPhone OS being launched with multi-tasking support.

In addition to that, Apple might also release a newer version of the , which could either be the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, however, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

We will update this post with videos and live streaming links for the iPhone OS 4.0 event as soon as they become available.

UpdateHere is a live streaming link of the event.

Apple iPad Hands-on Videos

For those of you who were not able to make it to the Apple Event, here are some hands-on videos of the , the Apple Tablet which will start selling at $499 and has some fabulous specs and design. The iPad also provides users with a good gaming experience and will support the iPhone Apps.

iPad Hands-on Video By TechCrunch

iPad Hands-on Video by Engadget

iPad Hands-on Video by Gizmodo

From the looks of it the iPad looks pretty decent, however, I would have loved to see an interactive home screen rather than just the icons. And yes, this does not support multi-tasking too, which is again a bit disappointing, along with the fact that it does not have a camera. What is your take on the Apple iPad.

Video Credits: TechCrunch, Engadget, Gizmodo

Apple iPad – How It Stands As A Gaming Device

The Apple iPad bridges the gap between the iPod Touch/iPhone and Apples’ Macbook lineup. The iPad has a 9.7′ inch multi-touch LED display. Apple has itself manufactured the processor of the iPad. The processor of the iPad runs at 1Ghz and is known as the A4. Along with the use of this processor and some software tweaks, Apple has managed to make the iPad a great little gaming device. To make most of the current games compatible with the iPad, Apple has used two notable software tweaks here. Scotts said to make the application and games compatible with the iPad, they approached the do it with pixel for pixel accuracy in a black box, or we can pixel-double and run them in full-screen.


Since the iPad also features an in built accelerometer, gaming on it is an absolute pleasure. Gaming on the iPod Touch/iPhone was already a pleasure. The iPad has taken the pleasure of gaming to the next level. The iPad in fact feels like a bigger version of the iPod Touch/iPhone. During the event, EA demonstrated Need For Shift on the iPad and the graphics looked pretty slick. The game did run a bit sluggish though. Since the game was developed in only under 2 weeks, it could not be properly optimized for the iPad.

The use of the inbuilt Accelerometer, along with the large 9.7inch multi-touch screen is definitely going to make way for games with awesome game play. The Need For Speed demo depicted this, when users need to double tap on the mirror on the screen to look back.Apple also released a new version of the SDK which includes new tools for the iPad. Developers will soon make use of these tools, to make some addictive games for the iPad.

Aside from being a great device for reading eBooks, and browsing the web on the go the Apple iPad is also a great gaming device.

iPad Details and Specifications – All You Want To Know About the Apple Tablet

So the bigApple event is finally over! The rumors were spot on, with Apple launching the iPad. The Apple iPad is a touch screen tablet based device, as the rumors suggested. The device is only 0.5 inches thick, and has a 9.7 inch multi-touch IPS panel LED screen.The resolution of the screen is 1024*768 at 132 pixels per inch. Rumors suggested that Apple will be naming the device either iSlate/iTablet or the iPad, and in the end iPadwon.

The iPad uses a 1Ghz A4 Processor, which has been made by Apple itself. The iPad has all the usual sensors found in most of the devices today like the Compass, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer etcetera. The iPad also has Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, along with Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n). There is also going to be a WiFi + 3G model of the iPad. The iPad also has built-in speakers along with microphone and 3.5mm audio jack. It will also have TV-Out along with support for multiple languages. apple-tablet-keynote_190

The iPad will only be having a 30 pin connector to sync it via USB to a Mac computer. The device will not have USB ports, SD Card reader or an inbuilt camera. The iPad can be synced using iTunes, just like iPod Touch/iPhone. The battery life of the iPad is quite impressive at 10hours, with the standby time being a whooping 30days. The iPad will be available in storage capacities of 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb. The price of the base model of the iPad is 499$, while the 32Gb model costs 599$. Users need to shell out another 130$ for the 3G Wi-Fi model.

The iPad runs on a new OS which is more of an advanced version of the iPhone OS. The UI of the OS is quite different from that of the iPhone OS or Snow Leopard. All the existing and future applications on the app store will work like a charm on the iPad. Apple also released a new SDK today with special tools for the iPad. Steve Jobs also announced a new version of the iWork, developed specifically for the iPad. The new version of the iWork was under development for more than a year.


Apple also launched a new store called the iBook Store. The iBook store along with the iBook application, makes for a perfect ebook reader. The Amazon Kindle has got some tough competition in the form of the iPad now. Looking at the specifications, features and pricing of the iPad, the device bridges the gap between Apple iPod Touch/iPhone and Macbook Pro line-up. The lack of USB ports here is a serious deal breaker. Apple this time though has priced the iPad at a very competitive price.

Overall, if the iPad does not have niggling issues most first generation of Apple products have, the iPad will be a terrific entertainment device. The Wi-Fi models of the iPad will start shipping from late March, while the 3G models will ship from the month of April.

Here is a link to the official website of the iPad.