Interested In Writing For Techie Buzz?

Out here at Techie Buzz we dish out content day after day, we include a lot of , , and lots of other content, however we still have a scope to grow and improve.

Techie Buzz is not just a one man show, and there are several authors who contribute their knowledge and expertise to make it a place where you can know your Technology head on.

That has been my motto from day 1 that I started this blog.

However I do feel that certain areas still need to be covered and want to explore those areas, even though I think I can contribute in those areas, I don’t really think that I can find time to do it.

So am looking for few more writers that can fill up that void, if you have the skills and expertise to do that you are more than welcome to join us on the Techie Buzz team, and this will be a paid gig, so you get a chance to showcase your skills and get paid for it too :-).

Here are some areas that I am looking to expand in and require authors for;

  • Linux (Ubuntu and other flavors) related articles and tips and tricks.
  • Apple/Mac related content.
  • Detailed How-to articles.
  • DIY (do it yourself) sort of articles.
  • Mobile related content (iPhone/Symbian etc), this is for Mobile Buzz.
  • Gadgets/Hardware related content, this is for Gadgets Buzz.
  • Hot, Awesome, Funky and Unique List Posts, this is for Damn Good Lists.
  • Newbie tutorials, excellent step by step tutorials, this is for KISS Geeks.

What do you get when you write for Techie Buzz?

  • A robust and hassle free environment to write content, no editorial interference from my end.
  • You get paid to write.
  • Some of your content might land up on Google News.
  • Backlinks to   your own blog from every post you write.
  • Will look good on your resume :-)
  • And last but not the least, attention and love from our readers, which to me matters the most.

Are you interested in writing for us? How do you get in touch with us? Just drop a email to keith [@] Please make sure to include the following details, all are not required but it helps.

  • Why do you want to write for Techie Buzz?
  • What area(s) you can cover from the above list?
  • Have you written elsewhere or own a blog? If so please provide samples.
  • How often can you contribute?
  • Anything else you might want to include is welcome.

Once I get your email, I will get in touch with you and personally discuss things and we can take it forward from there. Looking forward to having YOU on the Techie Buzz team.

User Recommendation Marathon #2

It’s been more than 3 years since this blog was started and we have been writing lots of articles out here, many of them answer user questions, which we try to answer to the best of our ability, either through a blog post or directly responding through email.

More than a year ago we also held a user recommendation marathon where we wrote several user recommended posts based on your suggestions, and we are back with the second edition of the user recommendation series.


Once again we want to take a backseat and let our readers tell us what they want us to write about, so go ahead and tell us, BTW here is some background about this series.

What is User Recommendation Marathon?

User Recommendation Marathon is a series where we will write posts based on what readers want us to write about, we take their suggestions, ideas and questions and convert them into posts and publish it on the blog.

This is a no holds barred recommendation series, however we may skip certain things that may not be appropriate to publish on the blog.

How Can You Be Part of the User Recommendation Marathon?

User Recommendation Marathon is all about you as a reader, you choose what we should write about and tell us about it, by either using the contact us form or dropping us a email at tips [at]

Your recommendation could be anything, a question, a suggestion or something else you want us to write about. You just tell us about it and we will do the hard work and write about it.

However while contacting please make sure to tell us it is a user recommendation as we get lots of emails everyday, if you choose to use the contact us form, please make sure to select User Recommendation from the drop down list of reasons for contacting us.

I am a Blogger. How Can I take part in User Recommendation Marathon?

If you are a blogger and want to recommend something to our readers, you can do it with by writing a guest post for us, we will publish the guest post and include links to your blog.

You can send us more than one guest post if you want, no holds barred, however we may edit it to fit our guidelines.

If you want to send us a blog post for the user recommendation, you can directly email it to us at tips [at], please add that it is a user recommendation guest post.

We will run the user recommendation series for a month and write at-least one post a day based on user recommendations, however we expect that to be more than one a day, so go ahead what are you waiting for, tell us what you want us to write about right away.

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Techie Buzz Approved For Google News

Wow, this is a really proud moment for me, it’s been 3 years running this blog, churning out articles day after day, providing information and interesting softwares, and more.

However we all look to going higher in whatever we do, and for that we strive harder every day, it has been the same with me for the blog.

There is a really good news I want to share with everyone, we recently put in a application for the first time to be included as a source of news in Google News, and I am more than proud to tell you that we have been approved.

This is really a celebratory moment, hard work definitely pays off, and I would like to take this chance to thank all the wonderful authors other than me who write for Techie Buzz, all our loyal readers who have borne with ups and downs and stuck with us, given us feedback and helped us improve day after day.

I credit this to all of you, you have really been the backbone of this site, and I hope that you will stick by with us for a long long time.

However with the larger audience we will get, we will have to get better and do much more than we did, improve quality and give everyone the best, we definitely have been improving everyday and you as a reader have had the first hand experience of it.

You won’t be seeing our articles in Google News right away, the entire process may take a few weeks, we will definitely let you know whenever things are finalized.

And last but not the least I want to thank Martin from who helped me out by providing the initial help.

Hope all of you will enjoy this news and help us grow better everyday.

What Do You Want To Win Next In The Birthday Bash?

Phew we turned 3 last night and it was really awesome, we are already looking at turning 4 soon and having another awesome , however that’s too early to talk about as we sill have lots more awesome prizes to give away for our 3rd birthday bash.

Hope our readers have enjoyed the birthday bash this far, that said, we think it’s time to delegate authority to users in deciding what prizes should be given away next.

So her is a small poll to help us decide what prize we need to offer next, you can view all the prizes on offer at our Birthday Bash announcement post.

Let us know, we look forward to getting your views.

Income Report For Techie Buzz In May 2009

After lots of questions with regards to this and a poll where most users wanted to know about the income, here is income report for Techie Buzz in May 2009, I don’t feel comfortable doing this and it may probably be the last time I do it.

However here are the details though, Techie Buzz made $3782.60 $3861.5 in the month of may, here are the break downs for it.

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Introducing 3 New Sponsors For Birthday Bash

We have finally closed the sponsorship window for our 3rd , the sponsors have been really good to us, however to keep everything in check we have had to stop accepting new sponsors, however we will definitely be doing more giveaways in the future, if you would be interested in a future partnership drop us a line using the contact us form.

Now getting to announcing the new sponsors, we have some really exciting prizes that are being added to the list, the new sponsors are AMD, FoneArena and Balesio.

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xPlorer2 Professional License Winners

It’s time to pull down the curtains on the 2nd competition of our where we are giving away prizes worth $4500, the competition was for winning 5 licenses of xPlorer2 professional, the productive tool for managing your files and documents.

There were 15 participants in all for the competition, quite a few of them are in the running for the bonus cash prize worth $150 which will be given away at the end of all the competitions.

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Syncplicity 50GB Account Winners

We have now closed participation for the Syncplicity competition and it is now time to choose our first winners, the winners will each receive 1 50GB premium account from Syncplicity worth $99 each, this will ensure that they have ample space to and sync their files.

There were 19 participants in the competition based on the comments we have, we created a spreadsheet with their names in order with their participation time, the row numbers indicate the numbers that we used to draw random lots.


Here are the participants lists for the competition. You can find the entire list in our account by visiting this link.


Note: We did see a number of people tweeting and blogging about the competition, however as per the rules you have to leave a comment on the competition page so that we can include you as a participant.


Random lots were drawn using, the winners of the 50GB accounts of Syncplicity are as follows.


  1. Anuj Seth
  2. Joel
  3. Shadez
  4. Prashant Venkatasubban
  5. Pallab

We will contact the winners through email to let them know how they can claim their prizes.

Once again thanks to our sponsors Syncplicity for sponsoring the competition.

Techie Buzz Birthday Bash, Competitions And Prizes Worth Over $5000

If you have been wondering about the dearth of posts for the past one week or so, we have a very valid reason for it. We were working hard in the background to come up with our 3rd Birthday Bash, which we will be celebrating on the 6th of June 2009.

At Techie Buzz, we have always been bringing the latest news, software reviews, interesting software discoveries, and more for almost 3 years now, and before we turn 3 on June 6th 2009, we wanted to give back our readers some really good gifts for supporting us all through our journey.

To mark the completion of 3 years of Techie Buzz, we have a exciting announcement about the Techie Buzz Birthday Bash, where we will be having competitions and giving away prizes to participants.

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