Acer Introduces A Snapdragon Based Android Phone

Acer has recently announced their new handset named as Acer Liquid. This smartphone combines the Snapdragon processor with Google Android operating system. Acer Liquid is a very powerful smartphone that comes with 1GHz Snapdragon Processor.

According to Acer,

“The new device is the world’s first Android 1.6 high definition smartphone, combining cutting-edge technologies, software innovation and an ultra-fluid user interface to create an all-new mobile experience. It is the ideal solution for users demanding the best from their devices, and in particular outstanding multimedia, web browsing, social media integration and video streaming. It also brings smartphone product design forward with its unique and modern style.

Acer Liquid

“Acer chose Android over other varieties of Linux because it has the best connectivity of any Linux OS built-in. The device will run both Android and Microsoft Windows and users will be able to switch between the two simply by clicking to switch OS. Android will give people access to the Web on start up, with just an 18 second boot-up time. The OS shuts down in 3 seconds.”

Features of Acer Liquid

  • 1GHz Snapdragon Processor
  • Google Android 1.6 Operating System (Codename – Donut)
  • 5 Mega-pixel Camera
  • Auto-focus
  • Geo-tagging
  • Acer Homebrew UI
  • HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS
  • 3.5″ WVGA Capacitive Display
  • Micro-SD Card Slot
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth and USB Connectivity
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Integration of Facebook, Twitter and Flickr in the address book

Acer Liquid will be available in three attractive colours i.e, red, white and black. The pricing and release dates are still unknown.

HTC Dragon To Come With 1GHz Processor


Most of the Android devices in the market come with less than or equal to standard a 528 MHz processor. For an Operating System like Android, it is definitely not enough. HTC Dragon is rumored to come with 1GHz processor. Yes you heard it right a 1 Giga Hertz! Almost equal to the Netbooks you carry.

Reignzone (and a few others) from XDA Developers got a hold of an experimental HTC build and the rest is history:

So, what I’ve got here is a little build we’re referring to as the Pet Dragon. It’s highly experimental at the moment…and from what I have noticed after reviewing the build.prop files from this system dumpof the device I spoke of earlier today…HTC Dragon. (dubbed Zoom 2″) —> the screen resolution is 800×480…which as you can tell is quite an impressive resolution. Judging from the release keys, it’s also a capacitive touch screen device. Now, having said all this…it IS NOT the HTC Leo, HTC Desire, or Passion. Because this device is in fact operating on the 2.0″ firmware along with the HTC Sense user interface applied for style. So, it’s like an Eclair Hero. Lol.

Unzip the packaged files, and enjoy.
But again, bare with me…it’s still very bare bonesand needs a lot of work…but this device is going to be a GAME CHANGER! Perhaps more so than the HTC Leo!

Here are few screen shots   from the developers using HTC dragon software on their existing hardware:


Even though the version listed is 1.5, the developers insists that it is 2.0. Few more screen shots of the Software:

image image image

Check out more about HTC Dragon.


Microsoft To Launch Marketplace For WinMo 6.5 Tomorrow

Apple was the first one to launch an App Store for iPhone, and it was an instant success. Today iPhone’s App Store boasts of more than 75,000 applications and games, and a huge developer base. Realizing the potential of aWindowsMobileLogo Marketplace for Applications, Google and Palm also launched an App Store for their phones.

Though their app store could not match iPhone’s App Store success due to the lack of a huge developer base, but nevertheless they were quite successful. Microsoft has also launched an Application Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.5 based phones. Currently the WinMo marketplace only has 40 applications, but the official launch is still a day away. Few users have been able to access the WinMo marketplace on their phone from today itself. Users can access the WinMo Marketplace using their Windows Live ID and pay for applications and games using their Credit Card.

Out of the 40 applications available in the marketplace right now, few of the popular ones are Facebook, Street Fighter II and Pac-Man. Reports also suggest that EA has signed a contract with Microsoft and they will be releasing some games for the store including Sims 2 for WinMo Phones.

Have you been able to access the WinMo marketplace? If yes, do share your views about it.

T-Mobile Announced Samsung Behold-2: An Android Phone

image T-Mobile announced the upcoming availability of the   Samsung Behold 2, an Android powered Smartphone.   Samsung Behold 2 comes with an AMOLED touch screen display and will be launched this holiday season.There is a   good chance possibility that you could buy Samsung Behold 2 this Halloween.

Behold 2 is a successor to   Samsung Behold, which has 3.2 Mega Pixel camera along with AMOLED touch screen display, that released last year. Behold 2 comes with 5 Mega Pixel auto-focus camera.

As mentioned earlier, this phone runs on the Google powered Android OS and comes with the Internet search giant’s services such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Talk as well as thousands of applications and the games from Android Market.

Additional features include a 5.0-megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, Bluetooth 2.1, MP3 player, HSDPA,   Wi-Fi and up to 16GB of external memory from microSD cards. Along with that, users can take advantage of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, where users can customize three home screens with widgets and applications.

“T-Mobile continues to expand our line-up of Android-powered phones in time for the holiday season with the addition of the Samsung Behold 2,” said Travis Warren, T-Mobile’s director of product marketing. “The premium screen and quality camera coupled with Samsung’s innovative cube menu makes the Behold 2 a multimedia powerhouse.”

Lately, T-Mobile seems to be concentrating more on Android based phones with the T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and upcoming Motorola Cliq. Samsung Behold 2 being an add-on to it. Surely, the AMOLED screen is one of the plus points for the phone and not too long ago   Samsung had announced that, they would concentrate on AMOLED touch screen phones. AMOLED which stands for active-matrix organic light emitting diode, provides better image quality and consumes lesser power, saving your phones battery life.