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Android, RIM Gain Market Share, Apple Stable, Motorola Drops [Mobile Market Share]

comScore has released a new report on Mobile market share for quarter ending January 2010. There is not much surprise there, but has taken a huge leap in the market share gaining 4.3% to have a market share of 7.1% in January 2010, RIM too gained 1.7% to remain the market leader with 43% share.

OEM Market Share January 2010

Motorola saw a disappointing quarter losing 1.2% share in the handset market, however, they were still market leaders with 22.9%, followed by LG with 21.7%, Samsung with 21.1% and Nokia with 9.1%. RIM, the manufactures of Blackberry saw the only modest increase in devices with a 1.4% increase over October.

Smartphone Market Share January 2010

In the Smartphone market, which consisted of 42.7 million users, RIM was the market leader with 43% market share, followed by Apple with 25.1% and Microsoft with 15.7%. Microsoft lost around 4% market share, which was promptly picked up by Google with their Android OS gaining over 4.3% market share.

Text messages were still the top reason for which the mobile devices were used, followed by browsing, gaming, apps and social networking. All of the phone activities saw an increase during this quarter.

From the data available it is becoming clearer now that Android will definitely make a huge dent into the mobile market in 2010. Windows Phone 7 which is slated to release later this year might pull back some users for Microsoft, however, it is more than certain that they will be the biggest loser in the next few quarters.

Apple has also not made any significant leaps, which suggests that users are starting to prefer Blackberry over Apple, and also shifting to other devices which are powered by Android and Nokia.

The data was released by comScore MobiLens service, which tracked over 234 million American mobile subscribers.

Polarbit Claims a Million Cellphone Downloads

Polarbit is a company with the most popular android games like ToonWarz, Raging Thunder, Wave Blazer, Armageddon Squadron and Iron Sight, under its banner. The company has claimed that the games from Polarbot have been downloaded over a million times now only on the Android platform. Games from Polarbit are available on different platforms like Android, Symbian and the iPhone.

In a reaction to the download outburst, the company has responded with a post on its website which says,

Polarbit are now one of an exclusive few, possibly the only, developers to have seen more than one million downloads on each of the big three mobile platforms Symbian, Android and iPhone. This goes to show Polarbits strength as multiplatform developers, and their dedication to support as wide a range of platforms as possible.

Not satisfied by resting on their laurels however, Polarbit will continue to expand platform support in their middleware platform Fuse to ensure they reach as many gamers as possible, and are looking forward to breaking the million download mark on many further platforms in the future.

Polarbit has been developing games for different platforms and aims to do this for many more platforms to come. Its success on the Android platform drives the rising popularity of Android games and the rising usage of paid content on Android phones.

One thing to note here is that all games from Polarbit are paid but they have lite versions of many of them which are available for free.

The official note on this can be seen at the company website.

[Via: techhours ]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Will Get Android 2.2 Update

Sony Ericsson has yet to launch its line of Android phones, but expectations are already sky high. Xperia X10 is slated to come out soon, while Xperia X10 Mini and Xperia X10 Mini Pro should hit the market by the end of this year.


Sony Ericsson has been working on its dazzling user interface, dubbed UX (Rachael), for more than a couple of years. As a result of the long developement cycle, Xperia X10 would initially ship with Android 1.6 – which is fairly outdated. Thankfully, Sony Ericsson is not planning on leaving buyers of their brand new smart phones stranded with an outdated operating system. Speaking to CNet Asia, a Sony Ericsson spokesperson confirmed that SE will be upgrading all of its Android devices to the newer version. He teased that the upgrade "will be an Eclair variant, so it could be 2.1 or even 2.2″.

This news should be music to the ears of Sony Ericsson fans and anyone looking to buy an Xperia X10 device. At the moment, very little is known about Android 2.2. In fact, SE is possibly the first device manufacturer to even confirm its existence. The update timeframe is also ambiguous, and Sony Ericsson may take four to eight months to deliver the update. However, one thing is sure – exciting times lie ahead for Sony Ericsson and Android fans.

Android Source Will Make it to the Linux Kernel

Google Android is a fork of Linux. The last time Google made an attempt to get its Android code into the Linux kernel, it failed.
But, this time in a recent reply to ZDNet, Google’s Chris DiBona has said,

I would be comfortable saying that we’ll likely merge into the mainline in the next couple of years,DiBona said in an e-mail response to this ZDNet blogger’s questions about the controversy. Android is no more [a fork] than Red Hat Enterprise Linux or any other distribution vendor. All kernels are in some way a fork for some amount of time, the trick is keeping that delta small. We’re trying to do a better job of keeping a small delta.

Chris DiBona is the open source and public sector engineering manager at Google. The last time, Google Android code was not included into the Linux kernel, as Google failed to provide the necessary changes and subsystem code required by kernel.org.

But adding to this, he has also said that the Android code is a lot different from the Linux code and it will take time before the actual mobile system is integrated into the kernel. One thing that DiBona hopes to see is the code going into Linux kernel version 2.8.

Vodafone distributes Mariposa Bot, Conficker and Lineage in HTC Magic

Viruses and malware are not new to mobile devices, however, in a somewhat startling revelation, Panda Research blog discovered that Vodafone is distributing the Mariposa bot, Conficker and Lineage password stealing malware with HTC Magic phones.


The vulnerability was found in HTC Magic phone running the OS which was supplied by Vodafone Germany (based on the screenshots and German language used on the computer of the Panda AV employee). The alert was triggered by Panda Cloud AV, when the phone was plugged into the PC via USB.

Malicious code was found in the Autorun files, which automatically runs when a USB drive is connected to a PC. The malware in question was identified as Mariposa bot client, which is run by an unknown guy named "tnls". If users are infected with the virus it will automatically start contacting servers and sending data to them.

Also Read: Prevent Autorun.inf From Running on Inserting a USB Drive

In addition to the above bot, the researcher also found traces of Conficker virus along with a password stealing malware called Lineage. There were no reports about the phone being affected by the above, but PCs without appropriate protection would definitely be vulnerable to these viruses.

It is really startling to see that both Vodafone and HTC allowed these phones to be sold without extensive testing and checks. It is not known as too how many phones are affected, however, it is a safe bet to connect your phone to your PC (with AV running), and running a quick scan on the contents of the phone.

We have contacted Vodafone and HTC for a statement, will update this post when more information becomes available.

Image Credit: Novarider.com

Apple Sues HTC Over iPhone Patents, Google Backs HTC

AppleIn a recent Press Release, Apple announced that they have sued HTC for infringement of 20 different patents related to the hardware, architecture and interface of iPhone. Some of these patents date as far back as 1995 while some are as recent as February 2nd of this year. As Engadget reports in its complete breakdown of patents, some of them are too specific while some of them are surprisingly broad and Apple suing someone based on them is interesting.

In suing HTC for patent infringement, Apple is actually declaring war on Android based phones since HTC is one of the biggest manufacturers of such devices. With speculations of tens of more Android based phones jumping in the market soon and Android increasing its market share gradually, Apple has decided to try to stop Android from taking over the iPhone. This, however, has not scared Google away. Rather, Google says they will back HTC over the issue and stand behind them.

As it clearly seems, this is more of an iPhone vs Android battle rather than Apple taking out an equipment manufacturer. If Apple can prove their point, the courts have the power to stop HTC from selling further units which would be a HUGE blow to Android and Google. Apple has filed suits both with US District Courts as well as ITC (International Trade Commission) and either of the regulatory authorities can make it or break it for HTC.

Android Theme For Google Chrome

The robot is one of the most charming things I have seen in a long time. Now, you can get that little robot as a companion for the browser, by using the unofficial Android theme for Google Chrome.


Overall the theme looks pretty decent, however, the green color use for the toolbar hits on the eye, and it also misses transparency. The grey on top definitely could do with some updates.

Nevertheless, if you are a Android fan, head over to this page to install the Robot theme, which is inspired by Android. For more themes for Chrome head over to our Google Chrome Theme section.

Android 2.1 Update Coming to All US Android Phones

It has been a while since 2.1 has been made available on certain phones, including the . However, not every Android phone out there has the 2.1 update yet. Earlier this week Motorola CLIQ was supposed to get an Android 2.1 update too, but everything is going out too slowly right now.


Now, according to a news update from Android and Me, it looks like all the mobile phone which run on Android in the US will be getting a Android 2.1 update pretty soon.

However, some phone’s will require to to a complete new install of Android 2.1 as opposed to an update, and there is still no news whether or not this update will be Over the Air (OTA) or through a PC Software update.

The Android 2.1 update is scheduled to be rolled out in Q2 2010, so users can expect an update before the end of March. However, certain features which are available in Nexus One will not be available to all phones, including a feature called "Live Wallpaper". Nevertheless, this is definitely good news, since Android has definitely grown into a better platform and many of the phones are still using Android 1.5 or 1.6.

We will keep you updated as and when Android 2.1 updates become available for different phones.

HTC Announces The HTC Legend And HTC Desire

The HTC press conference just got over, and the company definitely lived up to its tagline of Quietly Brilliant. The company has launched 2 new Android based handsets namely HTC Desire and HTC Legend. The HTC Legend is the successor of the highly popular HTC Hero.

The phone is made up of a single block of aluminum. The phone runs on Android 2.1, and uses an updated version of Sense UI. The phone has a 3.2 inch AMOLED Capacitive touch screen, along with an optical trackpad. The phone also features a Qualcomm MSM7227 600Mhz Processor. The phone has 384MB of RAM and 512Mb of ROM. The usual Wi-Fi, GPS and a 5mp camera, are all present.

According to Drew “Legend is one continuous smooth surface. It’s machined out of single block of aluminum. You could say it’s carved. The body is the frame, the frame is the body. Legend is extremely solid.”


The HTC Desire (formerly Bravo) is similar to Google Nexus One. It features a 3.7 inch AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen of HVGA resolution, along with an optical trackpad. The HTC Legend has 576Mb of RAM, and 512Mb of ROM. Like the Legend, the HTC Desire also runs on Android 2.1 and uses the latest version of Sense UI. The web browser has pinch to zoom, and text reflow to fix the given text on the screen. HTC Desire will be the first phone on the market with Flash 10.1 support out of the box. HTC Desire, like HTC Legend has a 5mp camera with a LED Flash along with the usual Wi-Fi, and GPS. The Legend also features a Digital Compass.

Both, the HTC Legend and HTC Desire will be available in April 2010.

Samsung i8520 ‘Halo’ Android Phone with Projector Spotted

At MWC, it is all about who can grab the most eyeballs and Samsung has certainly kicked off in a fine fashion. Earlier today, we shared with you official pictures of Samsung Wave S8500. However, Wave is not the only surprise Samsung has in store for us. A look at the spec sheet also revealed details about a yet to be announced Android Phone – Samsung i8520.


Samsung i8250 will feature a 3.7-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel autofocus camera (with a secondary VGA camera), 720p / 30fps video encoding/decoding, A-GPS, Bluetooth v2.1 and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. Although, we don’t know much about the processor powering the phone, we do know that it will be running Android 2.1 which has been modded to provide a TouchWiz like user interface.


Samsung i8250 is packed with multimedia features and will support H.264, H.263, MPEG4 and DivX/Xvid video formats along with MP3, OGG, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, WMA, WAV, MID and AC3 audio formats. On top of this, Samsung has also included a DLP Pico Projector and a ‘Specialized Projector UI’. Pricing as well as launch date is not known at this point of time.

Adobe Air Launches AIR and Flash Player On Mobile


Adobe Systems Incorporated, announced the launch of Adobe AIR and Flash player 10.1 on the mobile platform, at the Mobile World Congress 2010.

Adobe AIR will be initially launched for Android and Blackberry devices. AIR provides developers with a feature-rich environment for delivering rich applications outside the mobile browser and across multiple operating systems via mobile marketplaces and app stores. Developers can make use of features like multi touch, gesture inputs, accelerometer, geolocation and screen orientation etc.

Flash Player 10.1 Beta, the Open Screen Project enabling uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and high definition (HD) videos across screens including new tablet devices, smartphones, netbooks, smartbooks, desktops and other consumer electronics.  Mobile platforms that will support the full Flash Player include Android, the BlackBerry platform, Symbian OS, Palm  webOS and Windows Mobile.

The most amazing thing for the developers is that developers can test and deliver applications to multiple devices and operating systemsusing a single tool chain and API set across platforms with Flash Platform tooling and the Adobe Creative Suite ®. And using Adobe ® Flash ® Professional CS5 with the Adobe Packager for iPhone,developers can reuse their iPhone application code to create the same application for Android platform.

This is a huge and obvious step by Adobe after Apple made it clear that none of its device would integrate the buggy software. Now, let us see how other’ devices perform with Adobe’s buggy software.

Check out the video demoing Adobe AIR and Flash Player in action:

Opera Mini Coming to an iPhone Near You – Will Be Demoed in Mobile World Congress

Opera-Mini-iPhoneIn an interesting move, Opera Software has announced that it will be demoing Opera Mini for iPhone at Mobile World Congress 2010.

Last year, Jon von Tetzchner (then CEO of Opera) had revealed that the development of Opera Mini for iPhone had been halted due to the App Store’s prohibitive license. So, what has changed? We don’t really know. In fact, Opera is yet to submit Opera Mini to the App Store for approval. The decision to demo Opera Mini for iPhone before even submitting it for approval could well be a ploy to mount pressure on Apple. Speaking to Reuters, Mr. Tetzchner said, We hope that Apple will not deny their users a choice in Web browsing experience.

Opera Mini is a powerful tabbed browser with unique features like visual speed dial, which provides quick access to your favorite websites. However, its main selling point is speed. Opera compresses pages before sending them to your device. This speeds up browsing and reduces bandwidth usage. In fact, Opera claims to be six times faster than iPhone’s Safari browser. Although, Opera Mini is the most popular mobile browser in the world, it will have its work cut out when it comes to winning over iPhone users. Opera Mini was originally targeted at feature phones and this still shows through in its inability to render AJAX driven websites.

Opera Software will also be exhibiting Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 for Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile, Opera Mobile 10 beta for Android and Opera’s cross-platform Widgets Manager beta. Mobile World Congress begins on February 15 and is already turning out to be an event to watch out for. Stay tuned to Techie Buzz for the latest MWC coverage.

Apple Asks Developer to Remove "Android" From App Description or Face Removal

The App Store and controversy go hand in hand. There have been several apps which have been rejected from the App Store for the most weirdest reason and several weird one’s which have been approved, and have left people scratching their heads as to how they got in.

It looks like Apple is upping the App Store ante a bit and going all after their main challenger, Google, by asking a developer to remove the word "" from the app description.

Flash of Genius Android Mention

The app in question is Flash in Genius, who were a finalist in the Google Android Developer’s Challenge and had mentioned about it in their app description as seen in the screenshot above. However, the folks at Apple were less than happy about this and sent a email to them which you can read below.

Dear Flash of Genius, LLC,

Thank you for submitting Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab 2.2 to the App Store.  During our review of your application, we found that your application contains inappropriate or irrelevant platform information in the Application Description and/or Release Notes sections.

Providing future platform compatibility plans or other general platform references are not relevant in the context of the iPhone App Store.  While your application has not been rejected, it would be appropriate  to remove Finalist in Google’s Android Developer’s Challenge!  from the Application Description [Emphasis added].

Please log into iTunes Connect to make appropriate changes to the Application Description now to avoid an interruption in the availability of Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab 2.2 on the iPhone App Store.


iPhone Developer Program

According to the email, Apple has threatened the developer to remove the Android mention or face the removal of the app from the App store. Agreed that Apple makes good business for developers, but this incident definitely says much about them and how they treat competition.

This makes me wonder if Apple allows their own employees to use a Nokia or Android based phone in their work environment? Or will they send employees a sack notice because they use one?

More at Download Squad, Cult of Mac and Silicon Valley Insider.

Firefox for Android: Screenshot, sneak peek into a Pre-Alpha

Mozilla has started taking Firefox for mobile seriously and wants to server the fastest growing and the most potential platforms first. It started with Maemo and now it is Android.
Firefox for Maemo saw its final version 1.0 release a few days back and now, Firefox for Android pre-alpha screenshots have been released to prove that work is in fast progress for the Android platform. We have already covered the news of the possible release and the ongoing development. Firefox for Mobile is currently available for Nokia 900 and other Maemo powered devices. It is also available for Windows Mobile. But, the plan of including it in Android will offer a powerful and feature rich browser to the vast and tech-savvy Android users base.

Firefox for mobile sports add-ons – the power of Firefox, a touch interface, tabbed browsing, security and an enhanced overall performance. This makes it a browser of choice for many platforms. The presence of add-ons brings the best features form the desktop version to this mobile version as well.

A Mozilla developer Vladimir Vukićević has reported on his blog, saying,

mouse events sort of work, toplevel windows sort of work, keyboard doesn’t work yet but shouldn’t be hard to hook up. This is running in an emulator at the moment for ease of debugging, but it’s working just fine on physical hardware as well.

Guessing from the development speed, we can safely expect Fennec to come on Android by the end of this year.
[ Via: Androidcentral ]

Indian Telecom Weekly Roundup 3

We yet haven’t heard about the next 3G auction date. As a matter of fact, in a public poll many voters suggested that the government should drop the 3G auction and concentrate on bringing in the 4G technology in India, so by the next 2-3 years we could actually use 4G connection and we could cope up with the latest technology. And to think of it, by that time I am sure everyone would also be flaunting a 4G mobile device with them.

While we talk about 3G and 4G, Airtel has launched an interesting GPRS plan for prepaid customers. With a recharge of 98 INR you will now be able to get 2GB free data usage plan and with multiple recharge you can extend the limit in multiples of 2. To counter attack BSNL launched five new plans with an unlimited download plan. The coming week, I expect Vodafone, Aircel and others to join the flame. It’s always better to have options.

As if caller tune was enough irritating on wireless connections, Airtel wants to cash on its 2.9 million fixed line connections with similar service. Airtel has launched a new service called Family Namewhere you can set your Family Name as caller tune for Rs.15 one time download and Rs.30 monthly subscription. Thousands of standard’ family names are available and more would be added soon.

Last week, we saw some astonishing figures and statics. Indian operators collectively signing up 19.1 million new subscribers for wireless services in December 2009. This is the highest figure so far for new subscribers in a month. India’s mobile subscriber base now touches 525.15 million. So by March 10 we could definitely cross the predicted 529 million subscribers. With this we have achieved the overall tele-density of 47.89. Take a look at the Net addition of wireless connection in the month of December 2010 in percentage.


Dec 2010 wireless addition statics

Apart from that, we saw the launch of three new handsets last week. RIM introduced Blackberry BOLD 9700 in the Indian market with the price tag of 31,990 INR. It will be available on Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, Idea Cellular, Loop Mobile, MTNL, Reliance, Tata and Vodafone. Acer introduced it’s first Android based phone: Acer Liquid. This touch screen handset is priced at 24,990 INR. Nokia, launched Nokia 5233 a cheaper version of it touch screen Nokia 5230, just without 3G. Nokia 5233 will be available for 7500 INR which is almost 1000 INR cheaper than Nokia 5230.

That’s all for this week. See you Next week and Enjoy the weekend.