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Samsung GT-i8700 running Windows Phone 7 Leaked

We already know that Microsoft is going to officially launch Windows Phone 7 on October 11. There have been scores of Windows Phone 7 related leaks in the past month. Some of them have been very revealing, like the LG GW910 and the LG E900 while some leaks like the HTC Schubert and the Sony Ericsson Julie haven’t been disclosed many details.

Today, images of yet another Windows Phone 7 smartphone – the Samsung GT-i8700 surfaced on the internet. It seems to have a stylish design and a camera with an LED flash. It also has 8 GB internal storage. Except that, no other details are out yet.

Samsung GT-i8700

Samsung GT-i8700

iOS and Android are growing at a rapid pace, both adding close to 200,000 devices a day. Many Android tablets are about to launch soon, further strengthening its position in the market.

The response to Windows Phone 7 has been quite decent, with the Windows 7 SDK seeing more than 300,000 downloads by developers. There are rumors of atleast 10 Windows Phone 7 smartphones in development currently.

via Gizmodo

Amtalee: The hardest Android Puzzle

Have you ever come across a puzzle that looked so easy, you thought ” This is a piece of cake!” and then, it was only time before the puzzle started grinning back at you?

Amtalee is one such puzzle available on smartphones. It is available exclusively to Android users and is true awesomeness in the world of Android puzzles.

To start with, Amtalee has an amazingly easy first level that gets you a basic idea of what to do in the mind-baffling session that follows. In just six levels, the gameplay gets sixty times dirtier.  You can get a basic idea of this from these screen captures.


The gameplay, particularly the rules, are simple. You have a block and a hole as seen and your job is to put it in the hole. You can roll the block any way you want but cannot slide it. The block has to rest on the maze completely at all times and any number of moves is allowed. That adds some ease and addiction to the game.

The graphics is smooth; the music is extremely soothing for such a brainteaser game and helps you concentrate in the game.

I have been playing Amtalee in all of my free time and have wasted a considerable amount of time on it. I recommend it to all my enemies and to all who revel in their intellectual superiority. After all, why should I suffer alone?

Get download and further info here.

HTC Desire And Wildfire Spotted In White And Silver Color Respectively

The HTC Desire has been out in the retail market for around 8 long months. The HTC Desire sports a 3.7-inch S-LCD or AMOLED screen and runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The phone packs in 576MB of RAM and a 5MP camera at the back. HTC Desire Wildfire The Desire also got its Android 2.2 update a few weeks ago. The phone has been available in various regions of the world in silver, brown and black color. Now it looks like HTC is going to launch the Desire in white color as well.

The smaller brother of the Desire the HTC Wildfire will also be getting the color’ treatment from the company. The Wildfire is available in black, brown and white color until now and HTC will soon release a silver color version of the device.

However, it is unknown on when HTC intends to launch these new colors of the handsets in the market. Hopefully, the white color Desire and the silver color Wildfire will hit the shelves by the time holiday season arrives.


Use Google Instant on Android Phones

At the press conference today, Google promised that would be available on Mobile devices starting this fall, however, it looks like you can start using it right away at-least on based phones.


To use Google Instant on your Android based cellphone, type in the URL http://jmt20.google.com/m?sky=psy in your Android browser. You might have to refresh the page a few times before you can start using the Google Instant Search. For easier access, you can set this URL as your home page too.

I tried this out on an and it did not work, so guess other phone users will have to wait till fall.

h/t Android Guys

Samsung to Launch Galaxy Tab in India in October

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, a 7 inch Android tablet by Samsung was recently unveiled at IFA 2010, Berlin. It boasts of some great hardware specifications like a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and 16 GB internal storage.

It comes with a 7 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and has a 3.2 MP camera as well as a secondary VGA camera. It also offers 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity among other features.

The price of the Galaxy Tab is rumored to be quite high, at about $1000. It will be launched in the US at $200-300 with contract.

The rumored Indian pricing and availability details of the Galaxy Tab are also out now. NDTV has reported that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Tab in India in October at a price range of about Rs. 30000 to Rs. 40000. The time frame seems right and the price also seems legit. Though, I doubt the Galaxy Tab will find many takers at this high price, especially when the iPad is priced at $499, and is available in India for less than Rs. 30000.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Toshiba AC100 Android Smartbook Launched

Toshiba had announced its Android smartbook way back in June and it was quite eagerly awaited by Android fans. Today, Toshiba has launched the AC100 Android Smartbook in the UK.

Toshiba AC100 Android Smartbook

The Toshiba AC100 runs Android 2.1 and has a 10.1 inch TFT display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. It has a heavily customized UI by Toshiba tailored for netbook usage. It is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2 platform (1 GHz Tegra 250 SoC) and has 512 MB DDR2 RAM. It has an 8 GB internal SSD and comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR connectivity. A 3G version of the AC100 is also in the works. Besides these, it has a 1.3 MP webcam and an HDMI out.

The Toshiba AC100 is priced at GBP 290 ($449). With Windows 7 netbooks sporting much better hardware configurations like the Samsung N150 and the Asus EEE PC 1001P starting at $299, I doubt the Toshiba AC100 is going to be a hit, especially at this price.

India’s $35 Tablet Will Arrive in January 2011, Will Be Manufactured By HCL

The much-hyped $35 tablet announced by the Indian government is on track, and is expected to arrive before January 10, 2011. LiveMint is reporting that the contract for manufacturing the low-end tablet has been awarded to HCL Technologies Ltd, which will be manufacturing 100,000 units.


Back in July, India’s HRD (Human Resource Development) minister had created a flutter by promising to deliver an Android tablet to students for just $35. Initially, in spite of the hands on demo provided by Mr Kapil Sibbal, many pundits maintained that the tablet was priced too aggressively to become a reality. Nevertheless, this announcement should help the device in shedding its vaporware status.

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IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Rajasthan has been tasked with carrying out intensive laboratory and field tests across the country. The government is hoping to make the affordable portable computing device available to university level students from the second half of next year.


Dimensions: 8.9×7-inch
Weight: 1.5kg
Connectivity: Wi-fi, USB
Operating System: Android

(via AndroidOS.in)

New Froyo Build For Nexus One Leaks

The HTC-manufactured-Google-branded Nexus One was the first Android handset to hit the retail market with Android 2.1 on board. It was also the first device to get the Android 2.2 (Froyo) OTA update. With the Froyo update, the Nexus One got a very big performance boost.Google Nexus One The Linkpack and the Quadrant scores of the device nearly tripled after the Froyo update. Now it looks like Google is working on another Froyo build for the Nexus One which has leaked onto the Internet.

Users who flashed this new leaked FRG33 build Froyo ROM on their Nexus One are reporting improvements in the performance of the device as well as Wi-Fi transfer speed. This leaked build also updates the radio of the phone. Hopefully, this will solve the 3G reception issues which initially plagued the handset.

Hopefully, Google will roll out the FRG33 build of Android 2.2 (Froyo) for the Nexus One sooner than later.

Samsung Unveils the Galaxy Player 50: Android Based PMP

Samsung plans to take on Apple with the Galaxy line of devices. Like the Samsung Galaxy S competes with the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy Tab goes up against the iPad, the newly unveiled Galaxy Player 50 goes head to head with the iPod Touch.

The Galaxy Player 50 was unveiled along with the highly anticipated Galaxy Tab at IFA 2010, Berlin.

Samsung Galaxy Player 50

The Samsung Galaxy Player is a PMP with specifications similar to the Galaxy S. It comes with Android 2.1 with the TouchWiz UI and has a 3.2 inch touchscreen display with WVGA resolution, much lower than the Galaxy S. The display is a simple TFT capacitive touchscreen, not a SuperAMOLED one.

It comes with a 2 MP camera and supports MPEG4, H.264, WMV and DivX, XviD video playback. There is a built in FM radio and 8/16 GB internal storage. It also supports microSD cards up to 32 GB. It supports Android Market and comes with Wi-Fi and GPS onboard.

It will be priced at €229 for the 8 GB version and €299 for the 16 GB version.

Huawei Ideos: The Cheapest Android Smartphone Yet at $150

Huawei IdeosAmong all the heavyweight launches at IFA 2010, Berlin, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, there was an announcement by Huawei that it is planning to launch a new Android smartphone soon. It’s the Huawei Ideos which will run Android 2.2 Froyo. It’s an entry level Android smartphone which will be priced at around $150 (Rs. 7000) or lower, which makes it the cheapest Android smartphone to date. With most Android phones still not running Froyo and some new phones still launching with Android 1.6, an ultra cheap, budget Android smartphone running Froyo on release is definitely impressive.

“The popularity of the smartphone is one of the key tools to bringing people into the ‘Golden Age of Mobile Broadband,’ which is linked to Google’s mobile Internet strategy. We are proud to have already achieved our goal from early 2010 of developing a US$150 smartphone with an excellent user experience. The IDEOS is an affordable option, designed to lower barriers to entry to allow easy mobile Internet access.”, said Kevin Tao, CEO, Huawei.

The Huawei Ideos comes with a 2.8 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It is powered by a 528 MHz processor and has a 3.15 MP camera with autofocus. It will also offer the standard connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP. It also has a GPS transceiver with A-GPS.

That’s quite a lot of features in a very low price. With the Ideos, Android is finally encroaching on Symbian’s home territory of low cost smartphones. And it certainly looks like it’s going to win.

Huawei Ideos

Angry Birds Beta for Android Released – Download it NOW!


After dominating the Apple App Store charts and amassing millions of downloads, Angry Birds has finally arrived on Android. The beta build of the Lite version has just been released, and should become available in all Android Markets by the end of the day.


Angry Birds is a puzzle game from Rovio, which has sold more than 6.5 million copies and might be made into a movie. Like most brilliant games, the objective of Angry Birds is simple – in each level you are supplied with some angry birds that have had their eggs stolen by evil pigs. There are five different kinds of birds, each with its own traits. You have to launch the birds at an appropriate angle using a catapult to eliminate the pigs.


Techie Buzz Verdict

Angry-Birds-ReccomendedAngry Birds is an incredibly addictive game. It simply grabs you by the collar and pulls you in. Once you get hooked, you will find yourself wasting hours trying to destroy the evil little pigs and their castles. While dumb luck might get you through a few levels, you will need to employ solid logic and planning to master the game.

Angry Bird Lite for Android is currently in beta. I experienced occasional crashes while launching the game. However, in general the game worked well. There were no unexpected frame rate drops or other hitches during the gameplay. Go ahead and download it from the market right now. This game is a winner.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4.5/5 (Excellent)

Is Android Free? Microsoft Does Not Think So

Everyone is of the opinion that Google Android operating system is free. They do not charge a licensing fee and anyone is free to use it. So it is free right?

Well, Microsoft says not quite. According to Microsoft, Android has many hidden costs and if all these costs are combined Android cost more than Windows Phone 7. Incidentally Microsoft is charging $15 for each Windows Phone 7 license. Microsoft argues that their $15 license is a better deal for OEMs.

These are the reasons why Android is costlier than Windows Mobile 7 according to Microsoft are:

  1. OEMs are not using the stock Android build. All Android OEMs are bearing costs beyond free.
  2. Lawsuits over disputed Android IP have been costly for Android OEMs.
  3. The Android landscape is fragmented with all sorts of hardware. OEMs have to spend resources into developing drivers for these hardware.
  4. The update architecture of Android means that OEMs having to sink engineering resources into each and every Android update.
  5. Android OEMs need to pay for licenses for many must-have features that are standard in Windows Phone 7. For example audio/video codecs.
  6. Quality Assurance on Android devices are more expensive than Windows Phone 7 because Windows Phone 7 has automated testing.
  7. Creating equivalents of Zune, XBox LIVE etc. on Android devices will be costly.

There are some good points there. But I think some are flawed. For example, I do not agree with the first point. Yes many OEMs do not use the stock Android and that costs resources. But it is the OEMs which choses to customize it; Android (or should I say Google) is not forcing them to do it. It is called freedom – something which Microsoft will never understand.

What do you think? Do you think Windows Mobile 7 is cheaper than Android?


Motorola Launches the Defy – Rugged Android Smartphone

Motorola’s Android bet has paid off handsomely in the last few months. The successful launch of the Motorola Droid and subsequently the Droid X and the Droid 2 has made Motorola’s mobile division profitable again.

Today, Motorola officially launched the Milestone 2 and also unveiled the new Motorola Defy.

Motorola Defy

The Motorola Defy is a new Android smartphone which offers a rugged and tough build. It is impact, dust and water resistant and comes with the famous Gorilla Glass display, like the iPhone 4.

It has very impressive hardware specifications too. It has a 3.7 inch capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. It is powered by an OMAP processor clocked at 800 MHz with 512 MB RAM and runs Android 2.1 Eclair with the MotoBLUR interface. It will probably get the Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade soon.

It also has a 5 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. It comes with GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It has a 2 GB internal ROM and supports up to 32 GB microSD cards.

Motorola Defy

Motorola Milestone 2 Officially Announced

It was just yesterday that a leaked video of the Motorola Milestone 2 made it on the Internet. Today Motorola has officially announced the Milestone 2. The Motorola Milestone 2 is the GSM version of the recently releasedMotorola Milestone 2 Motorola Droid 2. The Motorola Milestone 2 is similar to the Droid 2 except for one change. The Motorola Milestone 2 will be capable of recording videos in 720p HD resolution which the Droid 2 does not.

MILESTONE 2 offers more power, more speed, with an improved keyboard, so users can send, access and share information even quicker than before to manage their work and personal life,said Alain Mutricy, senior vice president, portfolio and device product management, Motorola Mobility. This introduction not only reaffirms our commitment to innovate on Android but offers consumers the leading edge features they crave including fast web browsing, messaging, application downloads and multimedia.

The Motorola Milestone 2 will feature a 1 GHz OMAP processor, 512MB of RAM and pack in 8GB of internal memory as well. The Milestone 2 will replace its predecessor the original Milestone. The Milestone will run on Android OS 2.2 and on top of it the latest version of the MOTOBLUR will be present.

Hopefully, Motorola will enable 720p HD recording on the Droid 2 via a Software update soon. The device will be launched in Europe by Q4 of this year. However, Motorola did not announce the pricing of the device.

Here is the link to the full press release.

Archos Unveils 5 New Android Tablets

Archos was one of the first manufacturers to release an Android tablet. Its first attempt wasn’t very impressive, but Archos isn’t backing down. It has announced 5 new Android PMP tablets with different specifications and price ranges. Here are the complete specifications of the 5 Android tablets by Archos.

Archos 28

This is the cheapest of the lot. It has a 2.8 inch resistive touchscreen display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. It has an 800 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and comes with 4 GB internal memory. It is priced at $99.99 and runs Android 2.2 Froyo.

Archos 28

Archos 32

This is the next tablet in the list. It has a 3.2 inch resistive touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. It has 8 GB internal memory and comes with a camera which can record 720p video. It is priced at $149.99 and runs Android 2.2 Froyo too.

Archos 32

Archos 43

The Archos 43 has a 4.3 inch resistive touchscreen display like the other two, but it has a 1 GHz ARM Cortex processor powering it. It will ship with Froyo too and comes with 720p video recording and an acclerometer. It comes with 8 GB internal memory and costs $199.99.

Archos 43

Archos 70

This is the standard sized 7 inch Android tablet you have been waiting for. It has a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen display and comes with a front facing VGA camera for video calls. It has USB connectivity and comes with HDMI out. It comes in two versions- 8 GB and 16 GB, priced at $274.99 for the 8 GB model and $349.99 for the 250 GB model.

Archos 70

Archos 101

This is the best Android tablet Archos has to offer; it has the same form factor as the iPad. It has a 10.1 inch capacitive touchscreen display. It has a 1 GHz processor and HDMI out. It also offers USB and Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a front facing video camera. The 8 GB version is priced at $299.99 and the 16 GB version is priced at $349.99. Like all the other Android tablets, it runs Android 2.2 Froyo.

Archos 101

Archos – List of Android Tablets