Amazon Appstore is More Profitable than Android Market (Google Play)

Apple’s iOS is still the top smartphone platform in terms of apps, with over 550,000 apps, while Google’s Android comes a close second with around 400,000 apps in the Android Market.

However, when it comes to generating revenue, iOS is still miles ahead of the Google Play Store. According to Flurry’s research, a top iOS app generates more than 4 times as much revenue than a top Android app on the Play Store.

Surprisingly for us, and humiliatingly for Google, Amazon’s Appstore is much better than the Google Play store in terms of generating revenue from apps. It generates 89% of the revenue generated by iOS apps, and more than thrice the revenue generated by Android apps on the Google Play Store.

Appstore Revenue Comparison

Amazon seems to be having much more success than Google with Android. It has the most popular Android tablet, the most profitable Android App Store. Now you know another reason why Google wants to jump into the tablet fray with its own budget Nexus tablet – it can’t let Amazon milk its Android cow, while it stands on the sidelines.

In the mean time, despite losing the market share war, Apple’s iOS remains the best platform for developers, and hence, users.

Google Rebrands Android Market as Google Play

Google has rebranded the Android Market as Google Play. Android Market started out offering apps and games, but had since expanded to a lot of other stuff like ebooks, music and videos as well. Apparently, Google finds the term “Android Market” too narrow, and hopes to change that with “Google Play”.

With Google Play, Google is trying to create a unified marketplace for all content, including apps, games, music, movies, books, etc.

Google Play

While the core Android Market offering has been a huge success, Google’s music and ebook offerings haven’t seen much traction yet. Now, by bundling everything in a single service, Google is trying to leverage the momentum and popularity of Android Market to boost usage of its other offerings.

Google Play will compete primarily with iTunes, and will be a major part of Google’s content strategy. It will work with all Android devices and can also be accessed directly through the web. Users can purchase movies, music or ebooks without the need for an Android device, and their purchased content will be stored in the cloud.

Movies and Music don’t seem to be available currently in some countries like India, probably due to content license restrictions. Hopefully, Google will do a global rollout soon.

Check out Google Play at Google Play Store

Google’s Bouncer Service Aims At Reducing Malware In The Android Market

In the last few months, numerous companies, which sell anti-malware and anti-virus apps, have published reports stating that the Malware on Android phones are on the rise. According to them, many apps that are added to the Android Market daily are infected with Malware. These reports made it look like Android is getting less secure with every passing day.

Today, Google has revealed its new service, codenamed Bouncer, which automatically scans the Android Market for apps, which are potentially malware or are, infected, and silently removes them. The service is already active since quite “a while now”, and according to Google this led to a 40% decrease in the number of potentially malicious app in the Android Market. The Bouncer service will perform a set of analysis on new applications, scan them for any potential thread, and if found removes them immediately. The service also analyses the developer accounts for any suspicious activity. Google also highlighted some of the core security features present in Android, which make the OS less prone to malware infection.

Hopefully, this move from Google will lead to a reduction in the number of malicious apps in the Android Market.

Windows Phone Marketplace Passes 50,000 Apps

According to a new report by AllAboutWindowsPhone, the very underrated Windows Phone platform has hit a new milestone – the Windows Phone Marketplace has now processed more than 50,000 app submissions. That’s much lower than the Apple iOS App Store, which has more than 500,000 apps and even Google’s Android which offers almost as many apps as iOS, but it’s a very important milestone which showcases the amount of developer interest in the Windows Phone platform despite it being very late to the market.

While Windows Phone reached this milestone in 14 months, Apple did it in 12 months, while Android took around 19 months.

In the last month, around 265 new apps have been added to the Windows Phone Marketplace every day. Going forward, we expect Windows Phone to add new apps at an increasing rate, as it becomes one of the top three smartphone platforms after Android and iOS.

Note: The total number of apps currently available in the Windows Phone Marketplace is less than 50,000. It’s slightly less than 48,000, according to statistics by WP7AppList. The discrepancy is because some apps have been removed by either Microsoft or by the publisher. However, Microsoft should offer more than 50,000 apps by the next two weeks, going by the current rate at which apps are being submitted to the Marketplace.

Windows Phone 50000 Apps

Google Celebrates 10 Billion App Downloads From Android Market In Style; Premium Apps Available For Only 10 Cents

A couple of hours ago I noticed that Swiftkey X, a popular third party replacement keyboard for Android, was available for a mere 10 cents on the Android Market. Even though I am a loyal Smart Keyboard Pro user, I got Swiftkey since it was selling for so cheap. At first I thought that it was an error from either Swiftkey’s side or Google’s side. Moments later I noticed Endomondo Pro and SoundHound Pro also being sold for 10 cents.


At first I thought Google screwed up big time with the Android Market’s pricing system. Thankfully, that’s not the case! Google will be selling some of the premium apps available in the Android Market for a mere 10 cents, so as to celebrate 10 billion app downloads from Android Market in style! It looks like the list of premium apps will change daily for the next days.

As of now Paper Camera, Great Little War Game, Sound Hound, Minecraft, Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro, Color and Draw for Kids, Asphalt 6, Sketchbook Mobile, and Fieldrunners HD are available for download on the Android Market for only 10 cents!

12 Of The Top Movies In Android Market To Be Available for $0.99; All Gameloft’s iOS Game Go On Sale!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the best time of the year for consumers to shop around in the United States. All big retailers like Walmart and Best Buy along with online shopping sites like Amazon have huge sales on electronic items, and other household stuffs.

Google has also jumped in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bandwagon by offering 12 movies in the Top Movies category in the Android Market for only $0.99 for the next two weeks! The big-G wants to make sure that you spent some quality time with your family this weekend by watching some of the movies from the Android Market.

Gameloft, one of the most popular gaming titles publisher for Android and iOS, has also put its game on sales. iOS users can get 20 of Gameloft’s most popular games for only 0.99$ each. The company is touting this to be its biggest sale ever.

Sadly, the offer for Android users is not as tempting enough. The company will be offering one random game for the Android platform for only 0.99$ every day until next week.

Readers should keep in mind that all these deals are only for the people living in the United States and Canada. If you live in any other region of the world, you are out of luck!

Download The Latest Google Music and Android Market APK

Early in the morning today, Google rolled out its much awaited Music store for Android users in the United States. The Music store from Google has some nice features, instead of just being another music store from a giant, lilke the ability to share music with your Google+ friends, Free song of the day and Music Hub for Indie artists.

The Google Music store will be available to all Android 2.2+ handset owners living in the United States. Android users need to make sure they have the latest version of the Android Market (v3.3.11), otherwise they need to wait until the market update hits their phone.

Users also need to update the Google Music app from the Android Market, before they can fully enjoy the Music store from the big G. The new version of the Google Music brings an Ice Cream Sandwich like UI (Read: MUCH better), and integration with the Android Market.

Readers can either wait for the update to show up on their handset, or they can alternatively download the latest version of the Android Market and Google Music APK from here and here, respectively.

New Android Market Version Leaks; Includes Auto-Update and Minor UI Tweaks!

A new version of Android Market has made its way on the Internet. The new Market (v3.3.11) contains lots of minor but noticeable changes.

First and foremost, apps now automatically auto-update mode. Previously, users had to specify which all apps will auto-update themselves.In this new version, auto-update is enabled by default for all apps. While many users will appreciate this change, some users might not like it. Thankfully, users can specify the update to happen over Wi-Fi only.

Other minor changes include a smaller font, new app drawer icon, voice search capability in search menu, and minor UI tweaks. Like the previous Honeycomb market, users also have the option to create a shortcut of the recently installed app on their homescreen.

Google will automiatically push this new build of Android Market to your phone after a few weeks or so. For the impatient, here is the download link of the APK.

If after installing the new APK, you get continuous FC’s, then clear the Market data once. To do so, go to Settings->Application->Market, and press the ‘Clear Data’ button.

Thanks to AndroidPolice for the link!

Google TV Gets a Major Update; Now Supports Android Market

Google has just announced via the GoogleTV’s official blog that they will soon be rolling out a major update for its Google TV platform.  With this update, the big G is hoping to revive this dead platform.

Google has focused on four main areas in this update, which are as follow-:

1) Keep it Simple – The whole interface of the Google TV has been redesigned, and is now much simpler. The home screen is now customizable, and users also get an ‘App drawer’ similar to their Android handsets.

2) Make it easy to find something – Google has vastly improved the search feature of with this update, and has made it easier for users to find content from Live TV, Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO and more services. There is also a dedicated “TV & Movies” app, which lets users browse through 80,000 movies and TV episodes from across a bunch of services.

3) Make YouTube better on TV – The software update will tightly integrated YouTube with Google TV, and make it easy for users to find their desired content on YouTube.

4) Bring more apps to TV – Lastly, the software update will bring a bunch of apps for Google TV through the Android Market. Developers can now port their Android apps to TV, or create new ones. Right now, more than 50 developers have released apps specifically for Google TV.

The software update will be coming to Sony devices from early next week. Logitech devices like the Revue will get the update soon after.

Block Breaker 3 Hits The Android Market; Google Goggles and Go Launcher Ex Updated!

Gameloft, one of the most popular gaming publishers for Android, has released a new game in the Market, Block Breaker 3. The game is unlike any the usual pin-ball game. Users can get power-ups, trigger switches, and blast through gateways to score more points. The game also has 8 different modes to suit the style of various gamers.


Like any other game from Gameloft, the game has stunning graphics. The game also supports a wide-variety of Android handsets and tablets. Block Breaker 3 can be downloaded for $1 from the Android Market.

In other Android related news, Google has recently released an updated version of its Goggles app on the Android Market. The new version of Goggles automatically scans photos clicked by you, and provides information about it. Due to privacy concerns, this feature is disabled by default. Goggles users can enable this feature from the Settings menu of the app.

The Go Developers team has also released an updated version of Go Launcher Ex on the Market. The update fixes some bugs, and brings 8 new effects for the app drawer. There is also an option to change the launcher’s orientation to landscape mode permanently.

I have been using Go Launcher Ex for a couple of weeks now, and will highly recommend it over the other two popular launchers for Android, Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher Ex. It’s been ages since Launcher Pro last got an update, and I am not even talking about the highly talked about and promised re-write of LP from the developer.

The only area where Go Launcher Ex cannot compete with ADW Launcher Ex/Launcher Pro is themes. However, as Go Launcher Ex gains popularity, I am pretty sure existing themes/icons for ADW Launcher and LP will be ported to it. Go Launcher Ex can be downloaded from the Android Market for free.