Need A Second Opinion? Ask A Question On Thumb

Bought a new pair of glasses? Or need some buying advice? Whatever be the case, we have questions to ask, we love responses and we need opinions. There’s always a good way to ask your Facebook or Twitter buddies or some may even try the Google+. Frankly from time to time the updates never receive attention as it is buried down with the flooding updates from others. Here is an Android app that does a great job in getting your updates rated or opinionaided(as they like to call it). The amount of responses you get is something makes it stand out in the crowd of already popular services that offers Q&A.


Thumb, with a simplistic method, lets you ask a question about anything you wish to get a second opinion. Once you have uploaded something the app algo shows it to random users listed in a random pattern with similar updates from people using the app. Users can vote on it with a thumbs up/down, express indifference with a neutral button or those who really wish to take participation to higher level can drop in a comment too. You can also add images to your questions to make them more intriguing.


Asking a question or voting on a question on Thumb is so surprisingly easy and judging by the obvious engagement big names have it already being termed as one of the most addictive social network around questions. The average responses ranges something around 70 per question which is not just a big number, it explains how addictive Thumb is already. The user engagement even astounded the company CEO Dan Kurani when it first took off. Check out the promo video, it demonstrates quite exactly how prompt, albeit, diverse thinkers the Thumb community comprises of.

The app once again proves that the social space is far from being called saturated. If you have right mantra and the right skills to implement it, getting someone into the social game is not that hard. As in this case, the app banks on the instinctive nature of humans, where the response is more impulsive rather than judgmental. Moreover, we all have opinions and we just love to express them even before we are asked. That’s me exaggerating, although, I believe Thumb took this simple logic into consideration.

Get Thumb for Android and iOS.

Google Maps, YouTube And WhatsApp For Android Updated

Few hours after the Day 1 keynote at I/O 2012 event in San Francisco, Google has rolled out a couple of updates for its popular Google Maps and YouTube apps on Android. On the other hand, our favorite messaging service, WhatsApp for Android has received a major update. Earlier today, Google has moved the Chrome browser out of the beta status. Chrome For Android is currently the standard browser on the recently announced Nexus 7 tablet. To learn more about the new Chrome for Android, head over to this post.

Google Maps for Android:

Earlier this month, Google has showed off the offline maps support for the Google Maps on Android. This feature was already available in “Labs”, but it allowed us to download the maps for a 10-mile radius. The latest offline maps support allows us to download the maps for a larger area. This feature is useful while you are travelling in a new city and does not have access to data or Wi-Fi connection.

YouTube for Android:

Google has rolled out a new version of its popular YouTube for Android app. The latest update comes with a loads of new features. However, this update is available only for devices running on Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS. This updates bring a brand new UI along with a guide on the left side of the screen, which offers instant access to your subscribed channels.

It also allows you to preload your “Subscriptions” and “Watch Later” queue while you are on Wi-Fi and charging for smooth playback on the go. Other features include HD video playback for select devices running on Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS. Check out the complete changelog below.

Android 3.2+ devices: v.4.0:

  • New UI: Guide on the left side of the screen with instant access to channels
  • Preload videos while on WiFi and charging for smooth playback on the go
  • Turn your phone into a remote, to play YouTube videos on other devices
  • Access your watch History across devices

Earlier Android devices: v.2.4:

  • Sign-in with Google account
  • HD playback (on capable phones)
  • Multiple bug fixes

WhatsApp for Android:

One of my favorite messaging app, WhatsApp for Android has also received a major update. The latest version is numbered 2.7.9736 and it brings large font size and long vibrate setting to help with accessibility, search within conversation feature, bug fixes and much more. It also allows you to add a background in a conversation from the given set of images or from the images saved on your smartphone. The complete changelog is posted after the break.


  • Added search within conversation feature
  • Increased the “large” font size to help with accessibility
  • Add a czech translation (Thanks Rene!)
  • Add a default wallpaper
  • Add a “long” vibrate setting to help with accessibility
  • Settings screen overhaul and improvement
  • Add a “recent” tab to the share contact picker
  • Lots of bug fixes and user interface improvements

[ Download Google Maps For Android ]

[ Download YouTube for Android ]

[ Download WhatsApp for Android ]

Firefox For Android Gets A Major Update; Brings New UI, Flash Support

We already knew that Firefox for Android was expected to get a huge update. Last week, Mozilla has teased us about the upcoming update on Twitter. Now, the company went ahead and launched the latest version of its popular browser, Firefox for Android v14.0. Mozilla has been beta testing Firefox for Android for the last few months. Now, the company has finally moved this browser out of the beta status.

Mozilla claims that Firefox for Android is significantly faster than the stock browser that ships on Android smartphones. The latest update brings significant performance improvements, personalized start page, faster start-up, better text readability and much more. It also supports Adobe Flash, which allows you to check out your favorite videos on the go. The most notable feature of this update is its re-designed UI and a new personalized start page. Check out the complete changelog below.


  • Faster start-up and page load times.
  • Support for Adobe Flash.
  • Significant performance advancements.
  • The user interface has been completely re-designed with a new Awesome Screen.
  • New personalized Start Page with top sites and tabs from last time.
  • Better text readability through font size inflation.
  • Tap-to-play is default for plugins.
  • Google searches now utilize HTTPS.
  • New panning/zooming architecture implemented for better touch responsiveness.
  • Updated minimum system requirements to Android 2.2+ for optimized experience.

Apart from these amazing features, the new Firefox comes with enhanced privacy options with features such as Do Not Track, Master Password, HTTP Strict Transport Security and more. The Firefox for Android also allows you to synchronize bookmarks, passwords, history and open tabs from all of your other devices.

If you have previously used the Firefox on your Android device, then I’m sure, you might have been disappointed with the poor memory management and lack of flash in the browser. However, the latest version is definitely worth a try. To download the new Firefox for Android, search “Firefox” on the Google Play Store or head over to this page.

With Waze Enjoy Social Navigation, Discounted Gas Prices, Voice Control And Lots More

Have you ever got stuck in traffic and hoped you could simply check in to a social map where someone has suggested an alternate route? Even better, if you had an early information about the roadblock, you could have avoided the route? Waze, an Android and iOS based startup, can help you get all the necessary traffic information and help you reach your destination without much frustration.


The Android and iOS based startup backed by Kleiner Perkins is aimed towards crowdsourcing traffic information. The app can be used to notify(and get notified as well) traffic information like roadblocks, police traps, jams, accidents etc. The app lets you take advantage of the data fetched by other fellow drivers(also using Waze) in your locality to outsmart traffic. Powered with voice control(initiated by a simple hand gesture) the app can be a great way to stay connected to the traffic updates and report necessary changes that you might encounter during your daily road trip.

The app has recently launched a new feature that will enable users to refuel gas at a lower price. So apart from finding (and reporting) traffic information one can now locate a gas station that’s offering lower prices. GasBuddy, already a market leader in this segment is already doing a great job. Users will have to wait for some time to find out the accuracy of Waze’s information and how it is planning to take up the challenge of competing with Gasbuddy. Waze has partnered with vendors that will offer discounts to Waze users at nearly 2000 stations currently in US. The service will gradually be rolled out globally so that the community can also report a gas station in their daily commute.

Along with other behemoths in the mapping scenario, Waze is also confirmed to be a part of Apple’s new turn-by-turn mapping services that is being implemented in the latest iOS6. This will definitely take the numbers up for the Waze users thereby producing more information for the service. However it is still unsure to how far Apple is planning to integrate the service in its maps, we will have to wait for that too.

Other notable features that has been dispensed includes search by category(for locating restaurants, ATMs, coffee shops etc), waypoints(to add a stop in your proposed route, helpful for car poolers) and text-to-speech.

To be candid, with what Waze professes to be offer, will eventually grow into a complete tool for car navigation. Now to be true, crowdsourcing, in terms of usability, offers both sides of a coin. Information generated by users help keep thing updated and grows at a steady pace as well. On the other hand, the accuracy of the information is questionable. Nonetheless, Waze has grown into a massive database, thanks to the (17million plus) community and doing great so far (else the Apple deal might not have happened). If things goes this way, Waze has all the mettle to change the face of turn-by-turn navigation by so-called social (storytelling) reporting of traffic.

Flipboard For Android Now Available; Adds Google+ and YouTube Integration

After a leaked APK file, and a pretty short public beta of nearly, Flipboard has now officially landed on the Google Play Store. Along with the first release of the Android version, Flipboard also updated its iOS version to add Google + and YouTube integration. The Android version also features G+ and YouTube integration, along with a slightly updated UI elements for that ‘Holo’-ish feel.

Flipboard for Android was originally going to be exclusively available to Galaxy S III owners. However, the APK of the app was pulled from the handset and uploaded for other Android owners to enjoy even before Galaxy S III hit the retail stores.

According to Flipboard’s CEO, the demand for the Android version of the app has been “astonishing”. Flipboard for Android will work across all Android handsets and tablets with up to 7-inch screen size. The application has not been optimized to work on tablets bigger than that.

The application is already live in the Google Play store

Light Flow and Plume For Android Receive Updates; Makes Them Infinitely More Beautiful

Back in 2011, it looked like LED notification light on Android phones are on the verge of extinction with nearly every handset maker giving it the boot. Thankfully, Google re-introduced the Notification LED in a very beautiful way on the Galaxy Nexus, and since then every high-end Android phone comes with one, including the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III.

If you have already owned an Android handset in the past with a notification LED, chances are you must have heard about Light Flow. Light Flow is a must have application if your phone has a notification LED. The application allows users to customize the notification LED according to a specific contact or application making the LED insanely useful. The only problem with Light Flow was its ugly UI. The app is the perfect example of why Android apps are criticized for their UI. Thankfully, last night Light Flow received a major update to v3.0 which brings a totally new and overhauled UI.

The application now follows the Ice Cream Sandwich Holo design principles, and looks infinitely more beautiful than the previous version. If your phone has a LED notification light and you have not tried Light Flow, go ahead and try it now!

Apart from Light Flow, another popular Twitter client for Android – Plume – received a major update. Plume got an UI update nearly a month-and-half ago, but even then the application lacked that wow feel. The UI still felt clunky, and nothing to die for.

However, the new update replaces the old icons with new Ice Cream Sandwich based icons and tweaks the UI slightly, giving Plume’s UI the much-needed wow effect. The new update also contains a lot of new features including Facebook support, ability to share profiles via NFC and more.

Head over to Google Play to download the new update for Plume.

Angry Birds Seasons, Draw Something and Flipboard For Android Updated; Temple Run Brave and Zombies, Run Now Available On Google Play

Over the last few days, quite a  few Android apps and games received pretty major updates and a couple of popular apps landed on Google Play market as well.

Angry Birds Seasons

Rovio has released an update for Angry Birds Seasons that adds 15 brand-new Piglantis levels. Unlike your usual Angry Birds game, this new Piglantis level takes things below the water thus adding a new sense of physics, just like Angry Birds Space. The update is already live in the Google Play market and can be downloaded for free from here.

Draw Something

Draw Something has got its first major update, ever since it was acquired by Zynga. The game’s UI gets elements have been refreshed, along with adding support for “Special Words” and the ability to play the game with your friends from over 13 different languages.

Hopefully, this new update wil help Draw Something gain some of its popularity back, which it started losing after it was acquired by Zynga. If you still have not tried Draw Something, go ahead and try it now.

Flipboard For Android

While Flipboard is still in beta for Android, the developers behind the app have been updating it regularly to fix all the issues being reported by thousands of users. The new update is the first one since the app went into open beta, and fixes some memory leak issues as reported by users and brings some performance improvements along with it.

Below are some of the notable games that released in Google Play Market over the last few days -:

Temple Run: Brave

Bored of playing Temple Run? Well, Imagni and Disney have released a new version of the game, Temple Run Brave. While the basic premise of Temple Run Brave remains the same, the game has graphically stunning graphics now along with some new additions to its gameplay like the ability to shoot a bow or hitting targets to gain additional points.

Unlike the original Temple Run that was released for free, Temple Run: Brave will set you back by $0.99 on the Play Store.

Zombies, Run!

Looking to loose a couple of inches around your stomach but feeling too lazy to get up from your chair and start jogging? Zombie, Run might just be the perfect app for you then. The application was released on iOS nearly 4-5 months ago, and was an instant success. Plug in your earphones and start Zombies, Run! before you start you jogging session. The application will then take you on an audio adventure where you not only save yourself from the Zombies but also burn that fat around your stomach in the process.

The bad part? The app costs a whopping $8. Here is the link to the app if you are still interested in buying it.

Evernote Food For Android Released; SoundHound Tops 80M Users and Gets A Major Update

Last week, Evernote released its popular iOS app, Evernote Hello, for Android. Today, the company has released another popular of its popular iOS app, Evernote Food, for Android. With Evernote Food, a user can save and share each and every meal that he makes, or enjoys at a restaurant.

The app even allows users to click multiple snaps for a particular experience, thus making it perfect for budding chefs. Below is a video that perfectly explains the use of Evernote Food -:

In other Android app related news, SoundHound for Android got a major update to version 5.0. The new update brings with it a cleaner, and easier-to-use interface and even faster music recognition service. Below is the full change-log of the update -:

  • SoundHound’s famously fast music recognition now even faster
  • Big, beautiful album art and hi-res artist photos throughout the app
  • New home screen featuring top artists and tracks
  • Cleaner, easier to use interface
  • Even more LiveLyrics scrolling in time with music
The update is already live in Google Play, and can be downloaded for free from here. A similar update is also out for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners. Along with a new version, SoundHound’s vice president of products, James Home, also announced that the company now has more than 80 million users worldwide -:
James Hom, SoundHound vice president of Products: “SoundHound is 80 million users strong. Version 5.0 delivers an abundance of rich content and a beautiful and engaging user experience, showing why SoundHound is the most utilized mobile music search, discovery and sharing service in the world. We thinkour fans are going to love this update.”

Angry Birds Space, Instagram, Google Maps, Endomondo and Dropbox For Android Receive Updates!

Rovio has released an update for Angry Birds Space that adds 10 new delectable levels filled with “popcorn, cookies, and candy apples”. In these 10 new levels, the birds can bounce off jelly trampolines, and “pop corn to create delicious mayhem”.

Apart from Angry Birds Space, Instagram for Android has also received an update. The new update improves the search functionality of the app and contains some bug fixes as well. Below is the full change-log of the update -:

  • Improved search functionality
  • Support for location data taken from Gallery images when geotag is selected
  • Fix for HTC Sensation 4G freezing using tilt shift
  • Improved support and bugfixes for devices using the Instagram advanced camera
  • Addresses tilt shift issues on lower resolution images

Dropbox for Android also got an update that adds custom-tailored video streaming for Ice Cream Sandwich users, and support for Korean language.

Endomono for Android also received an update today that adds some new features and enhances certain aspects of the UI. Below is the change-log of the update -:

  • Interval training has had some beautification
  • Add a profile picture from the phone using e.g. the camera
  • An about screen added in the settings that shows the app’s version number and what’s new
  • Numerous bugfixes (incl. GPS sleep bug)

Last but not the least, Google has also rolled out a minor update for Google Maps that fixes some of the Latitude related bugs with the app.

ASUS Unveils Its Latest Transformation – Enters A Partnership With BlueStacks Software

Before Computex started, Asus had released a video teasing the next “transformation”. It looked like the Taiwanese company was going to release another new Transformer tablet, or maybe announce the retail availability of the Transformer Infinity Pad. Rumors also suggested that the company might announce a Transformer tablet that dual boot between Windows and Android.


“ASUS is delighted to bring a vibrant selection of apps that were previously inaccessible on Windows PCs. Our partnership with BlueStacks is a valuable addition to the @vibe family,” noted Vira Chang, the Head of eBusiness Services at ASUS. “The integration of BlueStacks and @Vibe is central to ASUS’s consumer cloud strategy. Additionally, we are encouraged by the increased revenue potential that BlueStacks represents.”

The company finally unveiled its next “transformation” at Computex, which is a partnership between Asus and BlueStacks software. Thanks to this partnership, BlueStacks will ship its software on Asus-branded Zenbooks, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Eee PCs, Desktops and any other segment which opens up in the future, under the [email protected] brand.

For the unknown, the BlueStacks software will allow users to run Android apps on their PC. For the first 6 months, the software will be completely free to use, but after that users need to shell out some money so that they can use any number of Android apps on their Asus-branded PC.