Bank of America Android App Finally Gets Check Deposit Feature

Finally!!! The largest bank in America; Bank of America has finally got a feature to remotely deposit checks to your bank using your Android device. Several other banks already had this feature for a while, but the latest update for Bank of America, which was rolled out today, now allows users to deposit checks using their mobile phones or tablets.

Bank of America Android App

While several other banks like Chase already had this feature for ages, BofA was the only bank which did not have it. Today’s update to the Bank of America app adds the following features:

– Make check deposits
– Choose the BankAmeriDeals™ you want, and earn cash back
– Receive Bank of America Alerts as push notifications
– Securely send money to others, using their mobile number or email address (requires enrollment)

I am definitely happy with this update because it was definitely becoming a pain lugging around those checks to an ATM or bank branch just to deposit. Finally, I can now deposit checks to Bank of America while I am lazing around in my house.

You can get the latest features by updating the app on your device or by download it from Google Play.

Review: TweetLine — Not Just Another Holo Themed Twitter Client For Android

With Ice Cream Sandwich, Google effectively killed the argument that Android, as an OS does not look as beautiful as iOS. The big G has also taken steps to ensure and help developers in properly implementing the Holo UI in their apps. Over the last few months, the quality of Android apps has gone up drastically. Some absolutely stunning and beautiful apps have hit the Play Store including Hike, Tasks, and Solid File Explorer among others.

Even then, there is a lack of a beautiful and fully functional Twitter client for Android with a Holo theme. The official Twitter app for Android is nothing but a piece of garbage, and does not follow the Holo theme or feature a black theme. Some new Twitter clients have popped up recently on the Play Store that show quite a potential including Boid, Carbon, Tweet Lanes, and Twidere but they are very much a work in progress. Carbon will probably trump all the other twitter clients with its beautiful UI, but the app has been in development since ages and the developer just keeps pushing the release date back.

Today, we look at another new Twitter app for Android that has a Holo theme and shows quite a lot of potential — TweetLine. The app has a name that sounds very similar to Tweet Lanes but that’s about it.

Even though TweetLine uses the Holo theme, the developer has done a remarkable job of keeping the app’s UI distinct from its competitors. While UI is a subjective, I personally prefer the look of TweetLine over all other Holo themed Twitter apps. The White theme with Black action bar looks absolutely stunning, while the ‘True Dark’ theme will be appreciated by all AMOLED packing Android handset owners.

Even though TweetLine has a Holo theme, it supports all Android devices running Eclair (Android 2.1) or higher, which should please owners of Android handsets running Gingerbread or lower.

While TweetLine is still in alpha, it has all the basic must-have features required in a Twitter client covered, which its competition lacks. Below is the full feature list of TweetLine -:

– Pull-to-refresh to refresh each column (timeline, direct messages, mentions)
– Register the last tweet you read in the timeline to always find your tweets as you had left them
– Sharing pictures with TwitPic, Yfrog, Lockerz and pic.twitter
– The colorbar which allows you to assign a color to a user, a colored bar will appear on his tweets in your timeline
– Integration of a url shortener:
– Preview images in tweets as thumbnails, and can see the image full screen by clicking on it (with zoom support)
– Configurable action on the support along a tweet
– Android 4.0 themes available : Dark, Light, Light & Dark
– Change the text size and color of tweets
– Autcompletion on friends name
– Display the renewal hour of your API requests
– Edition of your profile
– Search tweets and users

The app also has plenty of customizations options including the ability to change the color of the font in the tweet, links, the ability to split the action bar into two if your device has a large screen and much more. The Tweet Composer window of the app will automatically show the contents of your clipboard while composing a tweet, which is very handy if you want to copy-paste something. However, I really did not like the Tweet Composer’s UI and hope the developer revamps it in a future update.

Even though TweetLine is in early stages of development, the app has a lot of potential. The lack of notifications might be a bummer for many, but with Twitter locking down developers from providing API access, there is not much the developers can do. The developer of TweetLine, HappyDr0id, is also working on adding other new features such as a Tablet UI, Multi-Account support, Widgets, Notifications and much more.

As a long time Plume user and a Carbon alpha tester, I must say TweetLine has won me over. With a couple of major updates, and a tablet UI, TweetLine might just become the best Twitter client for Android.

Download TweetLine For Android for free from the Google Play Store.

Review: Pictarine For Android

These days, almost everyone uses multiple social networking sites to stay connected with their friends and families by sharing text or photo updates. Facebook and Twitter allow you to share the latest pics with your friends and followers, while Instagram bring the functionality of adding amazing filters before sharing it with the world. Sadly, we have to keep a track on various apps to find out the latest pics shared on these social networks. To solve this problem, you’ll just need to head over to the Google Play and download the Pictarine app.

Pictarine for Android is an amazing app which brings all the pics shared by your friends on various social networking sites under one roof. This app not only allows you to connect popular social networks and services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google (Picasa), Flickr and Photobucket, but you can also connect to less popular photo sharing services like the Shutterfly, Windows Live, Dropbox, 500px and Tumblr. The size of the app is just 1.8 MB and and the current version is numbered 1.0.6. You can easily install the Pictarine app on devices with Android 2.2 or higher version of OS.

To get started with the app, you will need to sign up with your existing Facebook or Google account. The sign up process will not take more than 30 seconds. After signing up, you can connect various social networking services mentioned earlier. As you can see in the above screenshot, I have connected my Twitter, Google, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Currently, this app does not allows you to upload the photos from your device. However, you can easily like or comment on the photos shared by your friends.

On the left side, you will find 4 options – Photo Feed, Surprise Me, My Photos and Playlists. All of the photos shared by your friends on these services will be displayed under the “Photo Feed” section. As the name suggest, “Surprise Me” section will throw 12 random images from the connected services on your screen. You can easily refresh these images just by sliding the screen in the upward or downward directions.

My Photos” section allows you to view the images currently stored on your device as well as on the connected accounts. You can even select individual photos and create your own playlist. This feature helps you to organize your favorite photos and view them at a later date or share it with your friends. The playlist can be a mixture of your own photos as well as the ones shared by your friends. You can find all of your playlists in the dedicated “Playlists” section.

The user interface of the app is quite simple and it works as advertised. Instead of wasting your valuable time on visiting multiple social networks and apps, Pictarine will help you to easily discover, like, comment and share pics across various apps and devices. Sometimes you might feel a bit of lag while the images are loading. However, there is a lot of room for improvement. Overall, I personally liked this app and would definitively recommend it to our readers. You can also access Pictarine web app from their official website.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

[ Download Pictarine from Google Play ]

Parse Can Help You Build Instagram in Just 30 minutes

Instagram is one of the most successful startup stories you’ll ever hear about. It took over a year to build such a great product in terms of popularity, usability and money it earned. Quite acceptable. However, as Mike Krieger (co-founder Instagram) likes to put it, “Instagram is an app that only took 8 weeks to build and ship, but was a product of over a year of work.”. But if you use Parse, a backend service for smartphone apps, Instagram could have been built in just 30 minutes. Now here’s an awkward statement for any founder.


Anypic is a latest open-source alternative released by Parse that replicates Instagram. You can download the source and put together your own version of Instagram. Parse claims that developers have already started tweaking Anypic to create intriguing photo apps. Cool, right?

Just like me, you must be wondering why would someone roll out a replica of a burgeoning service. Well it was not meant that way. The developers of Parse had other intentions in mind while building this app. Anypic commends how flexible and robust Parse(which also serves backend for Anypic) is. The 30-minutes-to-fame is actually complementing the fact that developing smartphone apps with Parse supporting the backend is as easy as pie.

As mentioned at the beginning, Instagram couldn’t have been built with Parse as the latter came along only while Instagram was already a hit. Parse is already serving backend for more than 25,000 apps which includes enterprise apps as well as apps from non-affiliated developers. On a closing note, Anypic is a great product-showcase app that reinforces the ability of Parse.

Swiftkey 3 And Light Flow Updates Add Jelly Bean Compatibility; Play Music Gets New UI!

Over the last 24 hours, quite a few Android apps have been updated to fix compatibility issues with Jelly Bean. First and foremost, the all popular Swiftkey 3 received an updated that fixes some of the issues the keyboard has been having under Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In addition to some bug fixes, the update fixes the broken prediction system in Jelly Bean and the predictions not working in certain cases.

Below is the full change-log of the update -:

UI fixes including missing secondary characters
Jelly Bean compatibility
Predictions not appearing in popups
Bug fixes

Light Flow for Android also got an update that fixes the issues the application was having under Jelly Bean, along with some bug-fixes and issues with Motorola’s ICS calendar.

What’s in this version:

– Jelly bean fix
– Fix for several crashes which playing notification sounds
– Fix for motorola ICS calendar
– Fix initialization settings so notifications are enabled correctly

Lastly, Google also rolled out a new version of Play Music on the Play Store. This new version brings with it a new widget, an updated UI for easier navigation, Now Playing queue and more. Below is the full change-log of the update -:

* Now Playing queue that allows for queuing and reordering of currenty playing music.
* New UI for navigation with transport controls on the action bar.
* New large album art view on Recent.
* Playlist art is now constructed from album art of songs in the playlist.
* Now Playing widget has album art and support for thumbs up.
* Harder, better, faster, stronger.

So go ahead and grab the update from the Play Store!

Evernote For Android Update Brings New Tablet Layout; Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Hits Play Store

Today, the Evernote team has released an updated for its Android app that brings with it a re-designed UI for tablets, a new note view and other enhancements.

The new tablet interface homescreen is similar to the one as seen on phone’s but optimized for the bigger screen. There is also a new list view for tablet users, new swipe interactions, save the location data related to a note whenever possible, and the ability to create sublists. The whole change-log can be found at Evernote’s official blog. The update is already live in the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

A couple of weeks ago, Square Enix released Final Fantasy II on the Google Play Store for a whopping $16. Today, they have finally released Lara Croft and The Guardian Of The Light on the Play Store. The game was initially supposed to be available for Android device last year in November, but got delayed by 8 months for some strange reason.

As of now, the game is available exclusively only to three Xperia handsets from Sony, the Xperia Ion, Xperia S and the Xperia Play and at a discounted price of $1.29 instead of its full price of $2.99.


Official London 2012 Olympics Apps

London 2012 Olympics Clock
London 2012 Olympics Clock (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

The Countdown has begun and the Olympics are right around the corner. Here is a list of Olympics apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Apps for Watching the Olympics

BBC Olympics App – The BBC app is a FREE comprehensive app with everything you could ever want to know about the London 2012 Olympics. It is available in iOS and Android flavors however, it appears for now only the iOS app is the only one that will let you watch streaming video. A screenshot can be seen below.

BBC Olympics App
BBC Olympics App

NBC “Live Extra” App – This app will give you live access to the Olympics however, there are some stipulations. To quote their website, “Access is free for subscribers to a cable, satellite or telco TV service package that includes CNBC and MSNBC.”

NBC Live Extra
NBC Live Extra

 Official London 2012 Olympic Mobile Apps

The London 2012 Olympics have come out with a few mobile apps of their own. See below for screenshots, descriptions and download links.

Official London 2012 Join In App – If you plan on being in London to watch the games, then this is the app for you. In their own words this app is a “mobile guide to help you plan, enjoy and share your Games experience”. This is a FREE app.

 London 2012 Join In app
London 2012 Join In app

The London 2012 Results App – This app is probably the one you’ll find most useful if you’re watching the games from the comfort of your own home. They describe the app by saying,”The Official London 2012 Results app provides all the latest news, schedules and results, allowing users to keep up-to-date with the latest action live across all Olympic sports and Paralympic sports.” It is a free app and so far the only one to include the Windows Phone family.

 London 2012 Results app
London 2012 Results app

Official London 2012 mobile game – Just for fun, London 2012 has launched an official mobile game that features 9 Olympic events. It comes in iOS and Android flavors and has a free and premium version. Visit their Facebook page to  learn more about it.

Official Mobile Game
Official Mobile Game

Keep checking back with Techie Buzz as we continue to update you on the latest mobile apps surrounding the Olympics!

Facebook For Android Updated; Twitter For Nokia S40 Launched

Facebook has recently released a new update for its official Android app. The latest update allows you to take photos using the front-facing camera and share it with your Facebook friends. Apart from that, it comes with the new messaging features which lets you switch between conversations, share bigger photos and see friends who are online. This update is available only for devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and up. It bumps the Facebook for Android to version 1.9.7. Check out the complete changelog below.

What’s in this version:

  • Facebook for Android 1.9.7 requires Android 2.2 and up
  • A front-facing camera makes it easier to take photos
  • New messaging features let you switch between conversations, include friends of friends, share bigger photos, and see who’s available
  • Various bug fixes
  • Made a security improvement
  • Faster app login and navigation

[ Download Facebook for Android ]

Twitter for Nokia S40:

The official Twitter app is already available for Nokia smartphones running on Symbian and Windows Phone 7.5 OS. However, the owners of Nokia feature phone running on Symbian Series 40 had to visit the Twitter mobile site to update their status and access their timeline. Now, Twitter has finally launched the official app for Series 40 feature phones.

The new Twitter for Nokia S40 app brings most of the features that are currently available on Twitter’s smartphone app. It allows you to post your own tweets and follow others tweets. Apart from that, there are @Connect and #Discover features which lets you see your mentions and browse the most interesting Tweets from around the world.

[ Download Twitter for Nokia S40 ]

Twitter For Android And iPhone Updated; Brings Expanded View, Custom Push Notifications

Twitter has just started rolling out a much needed update for the official Twitter app for Android and iPhone. The latest update comes with expanded tweets, push notification for tweets, improvements to search auto-complete, performance improvements, tappable avatars and much more. This update bumps the Twitter for Android to v3.3 and Twitter for iPhone to v4.3.

Earlier, receiving tweets from your favorite users was possible only via SMS. However, the new push notification feature allows you to get notifications from people whom you follow whenever they send a new tweet or re-tweet. You can easily turn on push notifications for tweets for any user via the action button on their profile. This update also brings the expanded tweets feature which allows you to view the image preview or play videos without leaving the app.

The latest version of Twitter app also brings major improvements in search autocomplete which lets you see more suggestions when you are searching for people. Apart from that, you can now visit any user profile just by tapping the avatar. Check out the complete changelog after the break.


Twitter for Android v3.3

  • Expanded Tweets: when you view Tweet details containing links to partner sites, you can now see content previews, view images, play videos and more
  • Push notifications for Tweets: choose to receive notifications from people you follow anytime they tweet or retweet
  • Improvements to search autocomplete for users
  • Tappable avatars that take you directly to user profiles
  • Many other tweaks, polish, and bug and crasher fixes

Twitter for iPhone v4.3

  • Expanded Tweets: when you view Tweet details containing links to partner websites, you can now see content previews, view images, play videos and more
  • Enhanced experience around selected events with the best Tweets and photos from those involved
  • Push notifications for Tweets: choose to receive notifications from people you follow anytime they tweet or retweet
  • Ambient notifications: enables you to see brief non-interruptive notifications in the status bar while you are using the app
  • Improvements to search autocomplete for users
  • Discover: now indicates when new stories are available for you to view
  • Tappable avatars that take you directly to user profiles
  • Performance improvements
  • Support for password entry in app when experiencing authentication issues
  • Hungarian language support
  • Updated with new Twitter bird
  • Many other tweaks, polish, and bug and crasher fixes

[ Download Twitter for Android ]

[ Download Twitter for iPhone ]

Google Analytics for Android

is definitely one of the best analytics service around and with the introduction of Realtime Analytics it definitely adds more value to web tracking. However, one of the problems I have usually faced is the lack of an official app for , Google’s own mobile operating system.

Google Analytics for Android

However, it looks like the wait is finally over, since Google has officially launched the Google Analytics app for Android which provides you with an option to view realtime analytics, daily unique visitors, daily goal conversions and critical alerts that affect your website.

While the app itself comes with only few charts, it allows you to add more charts including visitor and session charts, page tracking , event tracking, goals, AdWords tracking and more.

If you are someone who relies on analytics or wants to keep an eye on the go, the official Google Analytics app for Android is something you should definitely use.

I have been amazed with the app and the ease of use, however, I would still like a lot more in it. Nevertheless, the app is still useful and I am rating it a high 4/5. You can give the app a try by visiting the Google Play store at this URL.