Score Prizes During the Olympics 2012 with Viggle

The London Olympics 2012 go into full swing tonight. People from nations all around the globe will tune in to cheer their favorite athletes. With that in mind, what better time could their be to introduce you to an app that pays you to watch your favorite shows. Today, I want to introduce you to Viggle, a “loyalty program for television that gives people real rewards for checking into the television shows they are watching”.

Points for Watching Olympics 2012

Review in Detail

Viggle is available in both IOS and Android flavors. This FREE app allows you to “check in” while you are watching TV. Pictured above, you can see a screenshot of how the app looks on an iPad. When you are watching TV, simply tap the “Check In” button and it will listen in on what you are watching. After a few seconds it will match the sounds it picks up to its database and will show you on the screen what it thinks you are watching. Once you confirm that is what you are watching, it will give you all kinds of links about the show, as well as information on other ways you can accumulate points.

On the “What’s On” tab of the app, it will tell you special points promotions where you can earn significantly more points for watching. As an example, I checked into a Travel Channel show that I just happened to be watching today and after a bit of time, Viggle awarded me 29 points for watching that show. If you look at the picture above, you will notice that you earn significantly more points for watching the “Featured Shows”.

Starting tonight, you can earn the chance to get 100,000 points when you “invite friends, check in and play along with Viggle LIVE during prime time Olympic coverage”. Viggle has a social aspect to it. It allows you to share what you are watching on Facebook and Twitter. You can also invite friends and earn points when they sign up using your invite link. They also have to actually check into a show for you to get credit. If you do that during this Olympic coverage, you’ll get 1,000 points per person plus other great opportunities.

Review Summary

The Good: If you are an avid TV watcher, you can earn rewards for checking in with this app. You can earn everything from a $10 off an order coupon to a Royal Caribbean cruise! The app is extremely simple to install and integrates with Facebook for authentication.

The Bad: If you’re phone or tablet isn’t on the cutting edge, the app is pretty flaky. On my pitiful little LG Optimus T, it even gave me a warning that the app would run slow. Frankly, it didn’t work at all. However, on my iPad 2, it worked like a charm. Also, the rewards are far from reach and seem a little expensive to earn. For instance, a $25 Starbucks gift card is 9000 points. Considering I only got 29 points for my check in today it will be quite a while before I reach even the smaller of the prizes. However, if you’re a big TV watcher and are willing to tap into the “Featured Shows”, you can earn points a lot quicker.

Because the app requires so much horsepower and the fact that it is hard to earn big rewards, I am going to give this app 3 stars. I think there is a lot of potential in this app and it is kind of fun. If you would like to learn more, see their website at

[Review] UberMusic For Android – One Sexy Looking Music Player

The developer behind Launcher Pro Fedrico Carnales has released another quality app on the Android Market, UberMusic. The application was in an open beta testing phase for quite some time, before it was released on the Android Market, last weekend.

As its name implies, UberMusic is one uber cool music player for Android. The main question is does UberMusic stand a chance against the current best music player for Android PowerAMP? Well read my short review of the app to find out!



I have absolutely no doubt in saying that UberMusic for Android is the best looking music player available for the platform. The app looks gorgeous, and has a very polished feel to it. The best feature of the app is the dynamic background of the Now Playing screen. The background of the now playing screen automatically changes to display the image of the artist or the album of the song. The app pulls the required album art from Pretty cool, eh?

UberMusic also has other basic features like Last.FM scrobbling, and headset controls. Sadly, the app lacks some very important features like a lock screen widget, an equalizer, and the ability to resume or stop music playback when a headset is connected or disconnected. Compared to PowerAMP, UberMusic lacks a lot of advanced options including buffer tweaks, and lyrics support.

Fedrico has said that he is working on an equalizer and a lock screen widget, and hopefully, the next update of the app will include these two features.


Music quality is another area where UberMusic disappoints. It was just nowhere near PowerAMP’s level. While PowerAMP uses the ffmpeg decoder to playback music, UberMusic uses the native Android decoder. Due to this, the sound output of UberMusic is not as good as PowerAMP.

Where UberMusic trumps PowerAMP is its support for skins. These skins completely change the look and feel of the app, unlike the ones for PowerAMP, which just change the UI color. Right now, there are not much themes available, but whatever are, are of top-notch quality. The Metro’ skin imitates the WP7 music player, and looks visually stunning.

In the end, I recommend UberMusic to anyone who just wants a visually stunning music player, with basic features. For the hardcore audiophiles out there, stick with PowerAMP.

UberMusic can be downloaded from the Android Market for $3.49.

Control Your Canon DSLR Using Your Android Handset/Tablet

Chainfire one of the most talented developers around over at XDA developer forums has released a new app dubbed DSLR Controller. As the name suggests, the app allows users to control their DSLR directly from their Android handset and/or tablet.

Below is a video of the DSLR Controller app in action :

Here is the full list of features which the app packs :

– Live View
– Auto Focus (tap Live View)
– Manual focus adjustments in Auto Focus mode
– Histogram
– Zoom control
– Grid display
– Bulb capture
– Continuous capture
– Extensive modification of settings
— Shutter speed
— Aperture
— Exposure Compensation and Bracket
— Flash Compensation
— ISO speed
— Auto-Focus Mode
— Focus and Zoom area (tap-and-hold Live View)
— Picture Style
— Drive Mode
— White Balance
— Color Temperature
— Auto-Lighting Optimizer
— Metering Mode

How is this even possible, you ask? Well, this app makes use of the USB O-T-G feature found on the latest Android Honeycomb based Tablets. At the moment, there is only one Android phone which supports USB O-T-G and that is the beastly Samsung Galaxy S II. There is another catch, only Canon’s EOS series of DSLR are supported. However, with time, I am sure the app will be compatible with DSLRs of various brands. For the former problem, I expect the next version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) to have USB host capabilities.

The app is already available in the Android Market for download, for a whopping €5.99. Since the app is a very early phase of testing, users should keep in mind some bugs and crashes are to be expected.

Google Unveils The New Android Market For Smartphones; Adds Support For Movies And Books

Google recently unveiled a new version of the Android Market which allows you to purchase books as well as rent movies on the go. The new version of Android Market will be available only on the phones running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher. The new revamped Android Market make it easier, faster and more fun to discover great apps, movies and books. Google have also introduced new collections of great content like staff picks and Editors’ Choice apps.

Android smartphone users in the US, will be able to rent thousands of movies, right from the Android Market. The new Videos app allows you to rent movies from the Android Market starting at $1.99. The rented movie will be linked to your Google account, so that you can view it in multiple devices such as computer, phone or tablet. You can even download movies to your smartphone and watch it even if you don’t have an internet connection. This is feature is quite useful while you are travelling and don’t have an active internet connection.

new android market

In the US, you can also purchase books from the Android Market. The books will also be linked to your Google account, so that you can read it on multiple devices. The new Android Market client comes with an improved UI and it allows you to quickly download or purchase your favorite apps. The home screen showcases a new promotional page that highlights top content from the Android Market.

It also lets you to check out what other people are downloading in the Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free, and Trending lists. Google will roll out the new Android Market in the coming weeks to Android 2.2 and higher smartphones. Check out the demo video below.

Download PAC-MAN For Android – Free

Great deal for Android users. Amazon App Store offers a free download for the Pac-Man Android app. The offer is valid for today only and will cost $4.99 thereafter.
Pac Man Android App
In order to promote the Amazon’s Android AppStore, Amazon will be giving away free Android apps every day. So get, set and go (everyday!)

P.S. You can install an app called Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier that checks the Amazon App Store each day to find which app is available for free.