Leaked Pics of HD5870 And Details Of HD5750, HD5770 Surface

radeon HD 5870 nak 1.jpg radeon HD 5870 nak 2.jpg

The above 2 pics are of the upcoming ATi HD5870. The card is based on 40nm fabrication process and supports Dx11. The above pics are of low quality but most of the details are clearly distinguishable. The core of the graphics card is placed at an angle of 45 degrees and it is surrounded by 8 Memory Chips.

Information about HD5770 and HD5750 was also leaked. Both HD5770 and HD5750 are equipped with 1Gb of GDDR5 memory and will have a memory bandwith of 128-bit. Both these cards will also feature UVD 2.0 and will also be able to simultaneously provide output to 3 monitor’s.

AMD, Intel to get a new competitor by 2012

AMD, Intel and VIA (which has literally no market share) are all set to face competition from a new CPU Manufacturer from Japan. In all seven companies will be forming a group so as to make a new CPU. These seven companies include the likes of Toshiba, Canon, Hitachi, NEC, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Renesas. The development of this processor is led by a Professor of Computer Science at Waseda University, Hironori Kasahara. Forbes says that the processor consumes 70% less than normal CPU’s in the market which is quite impressive.


The CPU won’t be a direct competitor for AMD/Intel and VIA though as the CPU won’t support x86 instruction set which basically means most of the software available in the market won’t run on it. The CPU instead will be used in HDTV’s, Blu-Ray Players and other electronics devices. At least this group will threaten the only ‘x86 instruction set’ rule in the market.

AMD Launches Low Power Consuming 6 Core Based Server Class Processors

Intel might have been dominating the sales chart in the Consumer Processor Market, but AMD is still highly competitive with Intel in the server market. AMD’s Istanbul Processors have been able to compete quite successfully with Intel Dunnington 7400 series of Processors, even though Intel Server Class Processor’s performed better than AMD Processors. Today AMD launched 2 new 6 Core based Server Class Processors build on the 45nm fabrication process featuring low power consumption.image

AMD previous server class processors were also build on the 45nm fabrication process but they had a max ACP of 75W, while the newly launched Opteron 2373 EE and Opteron 2377 EE   feature a ACP of only 40W. AMD processors have been able to match Intel server class processors in pure clock speed terms and have also been successful in providing   lower power consumption.

Readers should keep in mind that AMD uses ACP method to calculate the power calculation of their Processors, instead of the usual TDP method used by Intel.

AMD Set To Release Many New Inexpensive Processors

AMD is all set to fight against Intel’s Core i5 and Core i7 processors which is due to be launched this September, by releasing many new cheap dual core and quad core processors. The month of September has always been auspicious for the Computer Industry as along with Intel and AMD, even Nvidia and ATi launch new products in the market. The ongoing recession has not been able to dampen their spirit.

AMD will be releasing 10 new processors in all. Their specifications and model number are as follows -:

Athlon II X4 630 (2.8 GHz, TDP = 95 W);
Athlon II X4 620 (2.6 GHz, TDP = 95 W);
Athlon II X4 605e (2.3 GHz, TDP = 45 W);
Athlon II X4 600e (2.2 GHz, TDP = 45 W);
Athlon II X3 435 (2.9 GHz, TDP = 95 W);
Athlon II X3 425 (2.7 GHz, TDP = 95 W);
Athlon II X3 405e (2.3 GHz, TDP = 45 W);
Athlon II X3 400e (2.2 GHz, TDP = 45 W);
Athlon II X2 240e (2.8 GHz, TDP = 45 W);
Athlon II X2 235e (2.7 GHz, TDP = 45 W).

The suffix ‘e’ in few processors means that they are energy efficient model’s and will consume less power than their counterparts. All the above processors don’t seem to challenge the Intel Core i5 processors in any way. All the above processors are meant to be highly value for money and will be priced very competitively.

AMD Dx11 Graphics Card Pictures Surface

AMD had demonstrated working samples of their Dx11 “Evergreen” based Graphics Card way back in CeBIT 2009 held at Taipei this year but AMD is yet to launch them. I have earlier already blogged about AMD “Evergreen” Graphics Card and its release date. Today a member at ChipHell forums posted few pictures of the upcoming RV870 graphics card. According to the information which he got, it seems that this graphics card is all set to replace the HD4770.

RV870 pic 01

The cooler on the above graphics card definitely looks big and it seems that this card is going to run very hot. The Card also comes with a 6 pin molex power connector.

RV870 pic 03

From the above picture it is clear that the card is using a Dual Slot Cooling design. The rear panel of the card also features 2 DVI ports, one Display Port and one HDMI port.

AMD Dx11 Graphics Card Shipment Date Announced

AMD has announced that it will start shipping Dx11 based graphics card by the end of Q3, 2009. AMD has now decided that they will soft launch their Dx11 Based “Evergreen” Graphics card on September 10th. AMD had already shown demonstrated their Dx11 based graphics card during the Computex held this year. More information about AMD’s “Evergreen” graphics card can be found in an earlier post which I had made. Here is the link to that post.

AMD Launches Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Processor

AMD Phenom II processors turned the fortune of the company around. The Phenom II processors launched by AMD were based on the 45nm fabrication processor which allowed AMD to stuff the processor with more L3 cache and increase clock speed and thus improve the overall performance of the processor. AMD Phenom II processors proved to be a very good competitor for Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad Series of processor. AMD Phenom II processors were able to defeat their similarly priced Intel counterparts easily, but Phenom II did not get AMD the performance crown back. Intel now is all set to launch their Lynfield line-up of processors in September this year which will surely put AMD in the backseat with their performance.

AMD currently does not have any answer to Intel’s upcoming Core i5 processor, but AMD is trying to make as much money as possible before Intel launches their new line-up of processors. So AMD is trying to extract as much processing power possible from their current 45nm processors by making them run at increased clock speeds. AMD Phenom II X4 being one of them. Here are the specifications of AMD Phenom II X4 Processor –


As you can see the processor runs at 3.4Ghz and has as unlocked multiplier so as to facitiliate easy overclocking. AMD Phenom II X4 965BE currently is “best” processor AMD can offer and even then the processor has a measly price tag of 245$. You can read the whole review of this processor over at Xbitlabs.com

CPU Shipments Increase in Q2, 2009

It seems that the effect of recession is finally fading away. CPU shipments have increased in Q2 of 2009. Intel reported a 12% increase in shipments compared to Q1 while AMD reported 1.8% increase in its Processor Shipments. In Q2, the demand for CPU grew by 10% but surprisingly there was no increase in the demand for computers. Intel held the maximum market share – 79% while AMD came a distant 2nd at 21%. AMD reportedly lost around 1.5%intel-vs-amd-q3-earnings-q4-predictions-2 of the market share this quarter. The overall shipments of CPU declined by over 15% compared to Q2, 2008. It was reported that even VIA, the 3rd CPU manufacturer, was also able to gain a bit of market share. 

It is interesting to note that Intel Atom processors accounted for 8% of Intel total sales, which means that out of every 4 CPU’s sold by Intel, at least one CPU was an Atom based. It seems that Intel were right when they predicted in Q1, 2009 that the Computer Industry has reached its bottom. 

AMD 785G

With the back to school season approaching soon, Computer manufactures have started launching new products so as to lure buyers. AMD also in a bid to lure buyers launched a new Intergrated chipset targeted towards the masses, 785G which features DirectX10.1 and AM3 socket bassed processor compatibility.

AMD 785G chipset rel 02

The 785G chipset features an inbuilt HD4200 graphics core based on the RV-620 core and supports UVD 2.0 along with HDMI 1.3. AMD 785G Chipset can work with both AM3 and AM2+ socket based processors along with DDR2 or DDR3 RAM.

TSMC Says 40nm Yields Have Improved

The Chairman of TSMC, Morris Chang today in a news conference said that the yield from 40nm manufacturing process has now increased considerable to 60% which will thus help the company in delivering goods in high quantity to its clients. A 60% yield means that out of every 100 chips produced by TSMC, only 60 of them are free from any manufacturing defects. Earlier TSMC had said that they were unable to provide AMD with the required amount of chips and it was due to this, that there was a shortage of HD4770 which was based on the 40nm fabrication process. Earlier TSMC was only able to get a yield of about 30-40% from the 40nm manufacturing process. With the passage of time the yield from the 40nm manufacturing process will keep on increasing so this is definitely a good news for the consumers.

With nVidia and ATi, both going to launch their 40nm based graphics card sooner than later, this news could not have come at a better time.