Amazing Alex is a Fun Physics Game for Android and iOS [Game Review]

amazing alex

Rovio, the team behind Angry Birds, has come up with another interesting game — Amazing Alex for both the major mobile platforms, Android and iOS. It is a physics based puzzle game that features several fun filled challenges.

Rovio is known for creating very simple yet addictive games and Amazing Alex is no different. If you’re among those people who love playing games such as Cut the Rope, Where’s My Water, Apparatus, Sprinkle and other physics/puzzle games then you’re surely going to love Amazing Alex as well.

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The basic idea of the game is to create a complex machine by arranging items from a given collection such as balloons, scissors, cardboards, toy cars, etc. to perform an utterly simple task like putting a football in a basket or popping balloons with a scissor.

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The items are limited and they can be arranged or rotated anywhere in the space in order to achieve the level’s goal.

People who’re familiar with a very old game, The Incredible Machine (TIM) will find the gameplay of Amazing Alex strikingly similar. Both the games have a similar goal of creating a Rube Goldberg machine with the only difference being that TIM was more complex.

the incredible machine
The Incredible Machine game (Photo credits).

where-is-alexInterestingly, Amazing Alex doesn’t justify its name — there is no character as Alex present in the gameplay, unlike what I had expected since there are several angry-faced birds present in Angry Birds. Anyway, this physics-based game is fun to play.

Amazing Alex comes in three different versions — Free, Full and HD. The free version has only 16 levels and the gameplay in very limited which won’t last longer than twenty minutes. On the other hand, the full and HD version feature 100 different and more challenging levels.

The free version is.. obviously free while the full and HD version of Amazing Alex come with a price tag of $0.99 and $2.99 respectively.

Grab Amazing Alex for Android — Free, Full ($0.99), HD ($2.99) and for iOS ($0.99).

Rovio Launches Amazing Alex For Android And iOS; Brings Angry Birds To Samsung Smart TVs

After the success of highly popular Angry Birds game, Finnish game maker Rovio finally launched the much awaited Amazing Alex. Back in May, Rovio acquired the popular iOS game, Casey’s Contraptions from creator Noel Llopis. The recently launched Amazing Alex is nothing but the rebranded version of the Casey’s Contraptions. The Amazing Alex is currently available only for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Rovio has also promised to launch this game for Windows Phone, Mac and PC in the coming weeks.

Petri Järvilehto, EVP of Games, Rovio, said:
“We’re so excited for our fans to meet Amazing Alex. We’ve taken out time polishing a fantastic game and believe we’re created something fun and accessible for all ages. We’ve had a lot of fun with the game, and we can’t wait to see what our fans come up with!”

Amazing Alex is a basically a physics puzzle game that stars a smiling blond boy named Alex, who creates amazing chain reactions to get the job done with the maximum amount of fun. Amazing Alex has a set of 35 interactive objects. You can set up these objects to bounce, pop, bash and crash into each other and create a Rube Goldberg device.

This game consists of 100 challenging levels across four fun-filled locations. Android users can download the free, premium and HD version for $0, $0.99 and $2.99 respectively. On the other hand, iPhone and iPad owners can download the premium version for $0.99 and $2.99 respectively. Check out the official launch trailer below.

Angry Birds for Samsung Smart TVs:

Apart from the launch of Amazing Alex, we have good news for the Angry Birds fans and Samsung Smart TV owners. Samsung recently announced that it will bring the extremely popular Angry Birds game to its line of Smart TVs. This game will take advantage of Samsung’s Smart TV SDK that supports gesture controls and voice interaction. The latest version of Angry Birds is compatible only with Samsung’s ES7000, ES8000 and ES9000 Smart TVs. The owners of these televisions can download Angry Birds from Samsung TV app store. This game is expected to launch by the end of this month.

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