Al-Jazeera Hacked by Syrian Hacker Group Al-Rashedon

Al-Rashedon, a Syrian hacker group has hacked a slew of Al-Jaeera websites for their reporting of the unrest in Syria. The hack affected Al-Jazeera’s English and Arabic websites, and left them defaced with this image on Tuesday.


The group posted a message to Al-Jazeera as seen in the image, saying,

In response to your stand against Syria (Government and the People) And your support to terrorist groups in addition to spreading lies and made up news.. We have hacked your website and this is our retaliation.

The Syrian hacker group accuses Al-Jazeera of spreading fabricated news and supporting armed terrorist groups. Although Syria has another known hacker group called the Syrian Electronic Army, there was no word from them on this hack. Al-Jazeera has not commented on the hack officially either.

Qatar based Al-Jazeera takes a lot of heat from dictatorial governments like Egypt, Syria and the Saudi kingdom for its aggressive coverage of the instability in the region. Al-Jazeera also saw an exodus of journalists over biased reporting of the situation in Syria. A few months ago, the official Twitter account of Al-Jazeera was hacked by Assad loyalists. The political scenario in the Middle East is quite tense and disturbing, and perhaps, Al Jazeera is being dominated by the Government to reflect its own foreign policy. However, this is a clear indication of what can happen in a modern day political war, where everything is driven by computer technology and is equally vulnerable.