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Airtel Launches TweetSMS To Tweet From Mobile

Over the last few years, Twitter has seen phenomenal growth in traffic in India after the stars like Gulpanag, Shashi Tharoor, Barkha Dutt and more started twittering prolifically. Airtel now wishes to cash on the same. Airtel has launched a new service called “TweetSMS” for its subscribers to receive twitter updates directly on to their mobile phones.

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Earlier when Twitter was launched, it was meant to be updated only via SMS. Only later on did they decide to have an update option on the web platform. Yet till mid of 2008, twitter provided SMS update option, which they had to withdraw for huge amount of traffic they received.

So Twitter is now Teaming up with various operators in different countries for SMS updates. In India, Twitter has teamed up exclusively with Airtel for Free SMS updates for unknown period for time.

To signup for tweetSMS, An Airtel subscriber simply has to SMS Signup to 53000 and then follow the instructions that comes via SMS to complete the registration process and start tweeting. This application allows you to stay in touch with your twitter friends and also update your status without needing any internet connection on your phone. However note that the cost would be Rs 1/SMS sent.

This is definitely a smart move by both Airtel and Twitter, as SMS is widely used by Indians than surfing on their mobile phones. Large part of Airtel subscribers come from youth which might get attracted to this offer. India coming only 2/3rd in twitter usage, Twitter could no longer ignore India for providing more facilities and strong market possibility.


iPhone 3G S Coming To India With Ridiculous Price Tag

Proving false the conspiracy theory of already much delayed iPhone 3G S launch in India, it’s all set to launch. Yes you heard it right, Apple is about to launch iPhone 3G S in India this September. Hopefully now, Airtel and Vodafone won’t be the cause of more delay.

It’s annoying that Apple neglected the fastest growing mobile market in the world. But nevertheless, iPhone3G S is being launched on 19th of September.


Though it comes with a bit ridiculous price tag. The 16gb iphone 3G S might cost 36k and the 32 gb model might be 40k. More than that, the old iPhone 16GB might be discontinued. So will iPhone 3G S will burn your pocket with its high price? Would you buy it?

HTC Magic launched in India

HTC-androidHTC magic will soon be available in India. Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC has launched India’s first smartphone that will run on Google’s open source Android operating system.

HTC Magic, popularly called G2 or the second generation Google phone, has Bharti Airtel as its exclusive carrier. The phone is priced at Rs 30,000 approximately. Vodafone might also try its hand in the race. If it happens then the phone will come locked to Bharti Airtel and Vodafone network.

G2 or HTC Magic is the successor to the first Google Phone, G1. The device is a sleeker version of G1 sans keyboard. Even though there aren’t many applications available for android phones as of now, but the market seems to mature fast. But at the price tag of Rs 30,000 i doubt many people would buy it.