Flickroom – The complete Adobe AIR app for Flickr

Introducing ‘Flickroom‘ (in beta at the time of writing), an Adobe AIR app that ports entire features of Flickr into an installable AIR app along with some new value added features that makes it easy to manage and organize your flickr. Flickroom provides the rich browsing experience Flickr users have long deserved.

The app makes aggressive use of Flickr API (in a nice way). You can comment on your photos, add notes to it, save photos to disk, tweet your photos without leaving Flickroom and much more. I was skeptical about the responsiveness of the app before trying it out because, heavy AIR apps usually are so unresponsive. But Flickroom is good and is responsive, even with all the Flickr features built into it. The interface is well crafted and is very intuitive that you will never get lost in there.

Here’s how it looks like when logged into a Flickr account:
(Click   on image for the enlarged version)

How to Install Flickroom

Since it’s built on the AIR platform it requires Adobe AIR run-time to be installed on your computer. If you haven’t got that installed, get it here at Adobe’s site. (If you’re using twitter clients like Twhirl and tweetdeck, you have AIR installed on your computer).

Go to the Flickroom site and install it from the download badge present there.

And now when Flickroom is installed and launched for the first time, you should authorize it to connect it to your Flickr profile. (Instructions to do this will be shown to you). Once you’re finished authorizing Flickroom with Flickr, you’re done. You’re all set to experience Flickr like never before!

Why Flickroom?

  1. Infinitely better user experience with the black background
  2. Pop-up notifications about activity on your photo stream ensuring you don’t have to constantly refresh your browser! – bringing real-time spirit to Flickr
  3. Ability to easily check out latest   uploads from your contacts
  4. Ability to comment, favourite, add notes straight from the app UI
  5. Ability to view comments, tags, EXIF data and save photos on disk
  6. Ability to tweet about your photographs on Twitter directly from the application (image URL is automatically in TinyURL format)
  7. See which of your photos are in Flickr Explore
  8. Search in photographs of current user or all Flickr users. This feature, coupled with ‘save to disk’ feature, makes this a great search tool.
  9. And you can do drag-and-drop uploading!

Suggestions to the developers

Congrats on creating Flickroom, it’s really a great piece of work. Here are some suggestions to make it even more awesome.

  • Improve typography used in the interface
  • Smooth-ening the edges of modules will make it look nicer
  • It would be great to have the “add to group” feature to be available for photos.
  • Also check whether incorporating Flickr’s official tweeting mechanism is possible. URLs are snazzy!
  • Provide options to search for images licensed under CreativeCommons

If you love Flickr and frequently spend your time there, Flickroom will make it all the more entertaining. (But remember, not everything must work perfect. It’s in Beta) (You may follow Flickroom on twitter.)

Adobe Air Applications Gallery

is quickly becoming the best way to develop cross platform applications, we have told you about several interesting Adobe Air applications including for and more.

However there are lots of Air apps released every day and it is hard to keep track of all of them, Adobe Air Apps aims to make it easy by maintaining a regularly updated gallery of Adobe Air applications.


They currently have profiled 255 Adobe Air Apps and keep adding newer ones to the gallery, if you are looking to find a Adobe Air app, this is a place you should definitely check out.

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TweetDeck Updates, Add Multiple Accounts, Cloud Storage and More

one of the best cross platform clients just updated, adding a whole lot of new features which we were waiting for a long long time now.

The most notable features in the latest version is first of all that it is really much more faster than the earlier versions, and to top that it even supports multiple twitter accounts, something we have been waiting for a long time now.


Well that is not everything to it, you can now also create your TweetDeck account to synchronize your groups and other settings which you can then pull to anywhere else you start using TweetDeck , awesomeness written all over this, and the also have a iPhone app now, that is too many things to devour in one night.

New Features in TweetDeck Include

Sync you can automatically synchronize TweetDeck between your desktop and iPhone, making it really simple to import your columns and groups so you can be up and running on iPhone in a matter of minutes no reinventing the wheel. Sync works in the background so whenever you change a group or add a new search column it’s updated and available on all your computers and your iPhone. This also means that everything can be backed up in case your computer ever crashes.

Multiple account support you can now have multiple accounts with no need to switch between them. Whether you’re on the desktop or iPhone we’ve made it simple to see all your columns, for all your accounts and tweet from any account or even cross-post tweets to numerous Twitter accounts at the same time.

Unlimited columns you’ll be happy to hear that you can now have as many columns as you’d like on TweetDeck. No more 10 columns limit, now the sky’s the limit.

Local trends rather than only being able to see what’s trending on Twitter as a whole, with local trends, you can now see what’s hot among your own friends and colleagues. You’ll be able to run local trends on any of your columns in TweetDeck.

For more information read their release post or download or upgrade Tweetdeck.

Google Reader Desktop Client

Google Reader is no doubt one of the best online RSS feed readers, however I have been using Feedly for the past few months, however the constant changes that Feedly has been pushing down users throats has made me decide to switch to a desktop client that will allow me to read and sync feeds with my Google Reader account.

If you are looking for a desktop client for Google Reader, we have found quite a few alternatives that you can use, the alternatives consist of regular softwares as well as applications.

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Monitor Twitter For Certain Keywords With Sideline

is a service that is being updated thousands of times every second, so monitoring twitter for mention of your product of service is really important, we had told you about one such service earlier called Tweetbeep, which helped you monitor twitter for mention of your product or blog posts, even if the URL was shortened using a URL shortening service.

If you want such alerts on your desktop, Yahoo has released a based application called slider which allows users to watch, search and monitor the Twitter public timeline in real-time.

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TweetDeck Integrates Facebook Support

TweetDeck one of the most popular desktop clients for , has released a new beta which integrates into the application, this will allow you to keep up with your Facebook updates from right within TweetDeck.


This is definitely a exiting update, since you can now update and check on the status of two of the most popular social networking sites from a single application.

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Watch YouTube On Your Desktop With DeskTube

I usually spend a lot of time watching videos in my spare time, though the website is not bad at all, there are several other tools that you can use to enhance your experience with YouTube.


DeskTube is a application that will let you watch YouTube videos from your Desktop. The application also provides you with a option to search for videos and view without having to go the YouTube website.

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Google Tasks On Your Desktop [Featured Download]

In the past we have told you about getting Gmail on your desktop and getting Google calendar on your desktop, however Google tasks is another interesting new service, which allows you to create tasks from your email, or use it a regular To-Do list manager.

Wouldn’t it be nice though, if you could access Gmail tasks from your desktop? Well if you said yes, we just came across a interesting application, which will allow you to access Google Tasks from your desktop.

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Adobe Air Applications Not Opening Links In Default Browser [Fix]

For quite some time I was facing a problem where applications particularly Tweetdeck (or any client) did not open the links in my default system browser () and opened the link in which was my earlier default browser.

Initially I tried to pinpoint the issue to Tweetdeck, but it seems like the issue is with Adobe Air itself.

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