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Google Acquires reCaptcha

In a surprising news from Google, the have officially announced the acquisition of reCaptcha, a company that creates captcha images from books.


The difference between a regular captcha and reCaptcha is that reCaptcha displays two words from books to the users, to successfully submit a form a user has to enter both these words.

Google is more interested in the scanning technology used by reCaptcha and will be using it for large scale text scanning for Google Books and Google News Archive.

In this way, reCAPTCHA’s unique technology improves the process that converts scanned images into plain text, known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This technology also powers large scale text scanning projects like Google Books and Google News Archive Search. Having the text version of documents is important because plain text can be searched, easily rendered on mobile devices and displayed to visually impaired users. So we’ll be applying the technology within Google not only to increase fraud and spam protection for Google products but also to improve our books and newspaper scanning process.

Definitely makes huge sense considering that Google has been making huge changes to their books index. What are your thoughts about this?

Teaching computers to read: Google acquires reCAPTCHA [Official Google Blog]

Facebook Acquires FreindFeed, Reactions Around The Web

The biggest news of the day today has been the acquisition of FriendFeed a social aggregation service by social networking giants , this deal took many users and tech pundits by surprise, so what’s in for you?


We haven’t really analyzed much aspects of it yet and will come up with some detailed analysis in near future, in the meantime, take a look at some reactions from the major blogs in the tech world.

To catch up the rest of the stories on the Facebook and FriendFeed saga, head to Techmeme here, you will find tons of related stories, we will come up with more detailed analysis shortly.  

Yahoo Acquires Xoopit, Should Gmail Users Run?

In a surprising news PC World reports that has acquired Xoopit the popular that brought social photo management to .

Sometime back Yahoo had integrated Xoopit into their application gallery, allowing users to find all their photo and video attachments in a simple interface.


However the more interesting question that arises now is what is Xoopit or Yahoo going to do about the add-on for Gmail?

Remember that Xoopit requires users to share their username and passwords for Gmail in order to work. Would Xoopit feel comfortable with sharing that information with Yahoo, would Yahoo use the user information to poach Gmail users?

Another question is that will Yahoo continue to allow users of Gmail to make use of a product they own for free?

Lot’s of question arises out of this acquisition and many are surprised that Gmail did not make a move on them.

However we definitely think that Xoopit will stop support for Gmail users, or completely pull off the product.

What do you think? Are you using Xoopit in Gmail? Will you stop using it? What will your reaction be if Xoopit stops support for Gmail users? Let us know about it.