Nokia 5530 v40 Firmware Update Rolling Out Now

Hot on the heels of the firmware update for the Nokia 5800, the Finnish giant has also released a firmware update for its smaller sibling, the 5530.

The new firmware (v40) brings a new swipe to unlock lock screen, along with a new version of the browser. The new version of the browser is same as the one found in Symbian Anna powered phones, which brings with it some major performance improvements.

Other notable improvements include louder music playback volume, and overall speed and stability improvements. The overall free RAM after a fresh bootup has also increased considerably.

Nokia 5530 owners can update their handset either via OTA (Over-The-Air) or by using Nokia Software Updater/Ovi Suite. Since the 5530 features UDP (User Data ¬†Preservation), users don’t need to make a backup of their data before proceeding with the firmware update.

Since Nokia is rolling out the firmware update in stages, users need to be patient before the update is available in their region of the world.

Kudos to Nokia for still releasing firmware updates for nearly 2 year old handsets, which improve their performance and add new features.

Nokia 5530 owners can find more information about the firmware update here.

Nokia 5800 v60 Firmware Update Rolling Out Now

Nokia has started rolling out a new firmware update for their first ever S60v5 powered handset, the Nokia 5800. Considering the handset was launched more than two years ago, its commendable of Nokia to keep on releasing firmware updates for the phone.

The new firmware update (v60) is a pretty major one, and brings a host of new and some much-needed changes. First and foremost, the browser has been updated to the same version as the one found in Symbian Anna based phones. The new browser is much more fast and stable compared to the previous version, which frankly was totally unusable. The overall performance of the system and stability has also improved. The lock screen has also been updated, and users now need to Swipe the screen to unlock the phone.

Nokia 5800 owners who have already installed the firmware update reported a faster Gallery app as well. The firmware update also includes Nokia Maps (v3.06 Build 637), along with Qt 4.07(3). The Nokia Store bundled in this firmware carries the version number 1.16.  Other notable changes in the new firmware include more free RAM, and increased volume while playing back music. The update does remove emoticons support from the messaging app though.

The new firmware update is already available for download via OTA, and weighs in at 7.2MB. Alternatively, users can also use Nokia Software Updater or Nokia Suite to update the phone’s firmware. If the firmware update is not already available in your region, please be patient as Nokia is gradually rolling out the update.