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in-powered-ad-thumbAre you looking to buy a new smart device or that ultrabook you saw last day on a TV commercial? You are most likely to look out for reviews from industry experts or ask for opinion from people you trust unless you are too obsessed to buy something specific. Study reveals buyer’s are more influenced by word of mouth than just by brilliantly crafted ads.

Netshelter is trying to put the fact in use with inPowered Stories which have expert reviews embedded within product ads to convince buyers. The reviews are selected based on their reputation, performance and social influence. inPowered Stories, along with normal ads, will also show titles and excerpts from thoughtful stories that shed light on the products. Brands willing to use the inPowered Stories will only have to pay if any article is read and not just for impressions.


Looking for those advertorials? You can find a demo on these pages.

The influencer network is comprised with some of most trusted names in the tech industry. Brad Linder(, Suzanne Kantra(, Scott Webster(, Paul Strauss(, Judie Stanford(, Rob Jackson( are only a few of the 4500+ famed reviewers included in this network.

Google and Facebook have already provided us with ads based on our personal data, friend recommendations and behavioral data. However, that needed us to use an account with them for the best results. There were no way to collect personal data otherwise(apart from random browser, OS data etc). With inPowered Stories employing the word of mouth advertising with editorials, that is proved to have impact in general, brands can do better without needing to collect personal data. The idea provides a good balance between user privacy and business interests.

The idea of ads with opinion is nothing new, whereas, it’s one of the most primitive methods. Your favorite movie star featuring in a TV commercial endorsing a brand used to do the trick on the targeted mass. Nowadays, people are more intelligent buyers who, although are still impressed with that kind of ads, are less likely to choose a product only because of people(who are rarely considered an expert about the product) endorsing it. Netshelter with inPowered Stories is only the intelligent variant of the concept.

So far, the chosen influencers are independent and trusted ones for their unbiased reviews with valuable insights. However, this has a high potential for bloggers to earn revenue, there is a high chance of biased evangelism and more specially if this idea is turned into an open platform for reviewers. Until then, it’s a brilliant medium for brands and buyers.

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