Get Grooving on Fandalism, The Musician Social Network

Planning to get your latest performance rated by like minded individual. Fandalism, a new startup, aims to get musicians on board to create a social experience around them. Launched in January and currently out of the invite-only mode, Fandalism lets musicians interact in a way they like most, by playing their hearts out.


Create a profile by choosing the genres you prefer, your location, musicians who influence you and instruments you can play. Get started with the network by sharing your compositions or performances. You can share YouTube videos or SoundCloud audio apart from lyrics and photos to show what you are capable of.

Like every social network out there, Fandalism also has a voting feature which is coined as “props”. So if you like a song/video from a user, you can quick vote it with props. The songs/performances that are “hot” have a tiny flame icon on it to clarify its hotness on the musician social network. You can follow users and search for great musicians based on location so you can work with them on your next composition.


Remember Philip Kaplan? The guy who founded the far-famed blog FuckedCompany and the ad network Adbrite has single-handedly built the next best thing for musicians around the globe. Based on the popularity with no conventional promotions, the necessity among the community is quite obvious.

As to monetizing the app, there is hardly any clue so far. However, reports suggest it would probably go for the sponsored ad model for music related companies. No seed funding is reported till date. Bootstrapped by one man and the huge number of musicians amassed, Fandalism can definitely make pots of money in coming days.

Unlike many other social startups with music as the core niche, Fandalism is more of a solo act. It serves great as a front page representing your musical entity. So whether you are planning to look for gigs or searching for perfect pianist for your band or just curious about the new kids in the business, Fandalism is a great place to hang out.

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