Acunote Launches Real-Time Online Project Management And Scrum Software

If you are team of 10 members or an enterprise consisting of 3000 individuals, Acunote is the latest entrant in the online project management and scrum software category that can provide you with a simple(akin to Gmail) yet robust tool for the tasks at hand. Founded by a YCombinator alum (from Winter 2011 class) the new startup aims to make project management a real-time job with better capabilities.


Start with a project and tasks can assigned to people which can then be bundled into sprints that pertain to specific group of people responsible for a role in the project. As in real scenario, during the period any project is under process tasks are often needed to be re-assigned(to a team or member) or rescheduled. The drag and drop assignment of task is a healer, while any change that is made to any section of the project is precisely reflected in real time across the network. Now if you have tasks that are meant to be performed for successful project completion but hasn’t yet been scheduled goes into the backlog section to be taken care of when a member/group/time is available.


Code view and commenting on pieces of codes being worked upon (or completed) provides an all-in-one interface for the coding team. Integration of other useful tools like Google Apps, source control systems (Subversion, Github, Perforce), bugtrackers (JIRA, Trac, FogBugz, Bugzilla, Mantis) helps make Acunote a complete solution for the coding folks.


Every task has a status which clearly depict whether it is in progress or completed or has not been acted upon. Aided by the task progress data, brilliant burndown and analytics charts as well as ETA predictions are shown with which the managerial team can easily make decisions for future. Wiki for tasks, timeline(log of events) and access control, keyboard shortcuts are also some key features to take advantage of this online tool.


Plans start from $49/month for small teams while bigger teams can opt for $99/month or $149/month with added advantages. While all the accounts are free for 30days with all the features, the company only accepts credit cards(Paypal payment not supported) for all sorts of payment. Acunote also has a free plan in place for small teams with 1-5 members. Although officially launched a little late, the company has been in action for quite some time already has an impressive clientele to brag about.


Compared to those obstreperous project management tools Acunote offers a wieldy interface that any Gmail user can familiarize with. Acunote provides flexibility for numerous iterative and incremental methodologies implemented for software development. So if you have a project at hand and need a hassle-free mechanism to manage it, Acunote is a great choice.

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