ZuiTube: YouTube For Kids

KidZui is one of the most popular browsers for kids, and now the people behind KidZui have come up with a video website dedicated to children. The videos on ZuiTube are all coming from YouTube but have been extensively filtered by parents and teachers.

The range of videos include movies, cartoons, humor, animals and sports. The video count has already surpassed 60,000, contained within over 6,000 different channels. Kids have the power to create channels and tag videos.

With a neat graphical representation, search suggestions and spelling corrections, the search feature of ZuiTube has been specially tailored for kids. As a video gets searched and played more and more times, it starts coming up in the search rankings. The features of ZuiTube comply with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA).

Similar to KidZui, ZuiTube is also free of any adware or potentially misleading links.

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