ZapShares Protects P2P Users From Copyright Infringement

ZapShares is a very interesting software based on a very simple idea. Whenever you download content through a Peer-toPeer (P2P) client like uTorrent or LimeWire, the software automatically also starts uploading the content hence distrubuting to other users without the content owner’s permission. This makes you liable for copyright infringement.

If you have ZapShares installed, it simply puts all the downloaded content into a secure vault hence making it impossible to upload/distribute to other users and saving you from potential legal problems. Well, a big assumption in this case is that you have the right to download the content in the first place because if you don’t, you are getting involved in copyright infringement right there.


In addition to this, ZapShares also protects you against several types of malware that creep into your system via these P2P files. It scans your system for these threats and clean them. ZapShares also makes sure that you or any other user of your computer do not accidentally start sharing content on a P2P network. Over all its a great and very useful software but will it really protect you from the copyright infringement lawsuits? I am not too sure!

[Via iLoveFreeSoftware]

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