Yahoo Mail Adds Applications Support

Yahoo Mail has been adding a lot of features these days, after all it has to compete with which has really revolutionized the way we look at emails. Not to be left behind, Yahoo has launched applications support in Yahoo mail.

We had covered the beta launch of Yahoo Mail Applications, however Yahoo has now made those applications are free and available to general US population, with plans to roll the features out to other countries soon.

At present there are a few interesting applications available for use, some of them include;

WordPress Application – Blogging


The Application for Yahoo Mail will allow you to quickly post content to your blog from within Yahoo mail, pretty neat if you quickly want to write a post when you come across a interesting email.

You can also quickly drag a email to the WordPress application in the sidebar to create a new post from it. The app does not have an option to select a category for the posts.

Flickr Application Photo Search and Sharing


Yahoo Mail adds a easy way to search and share photos from both public galleries as well as your own account.

Picnik Application Editing Photos


Ever wanted to quickly edit an image before sending it out as a email, with the Picnik application to you edit images in your Yahoo Mail account or upload an image to edit it.

Xoopit Application Discover, Organize and Share Photos in Yahoo Mail


Over a period of time you may have received 100s of pictures from friends and family, sifting through emails to find those pictures can be very time consuming, Xoopit comes to the rescue by pulling all the images and videos from your account and making in accessible from a single place.

PayPal Send Money Easily From Yahoo Mail


PayPal is the most easiest way to send and receive money online, if you have a PayPal account you can easily send and request money from within Yahoo Mail.

ShareIt Share Large Files With Ease


ShareIt is a application by ZumoDrive which allows you to easily upload and share large files, videos, photos and documents with ease.

There are several other interesting applications like Organizer from OtherInbox, which will allow you to orgainze your emails, Photobucket to upload and share photos, Yahoo! Greetings for sending out greeting cards among others.

Some of the applications are really useful and will come in pretty handy to users, you can add applications to your Yahoo Mail account, but visiting this page.

What do you think of the new applications in Yahoo Mail? Do you think it adds value to Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo! Supercharges Email With New Applications [Official Yahoo Mail Blog]

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  • olesya

    I downloaded new application in yahoo mail that promised me to speed up the uploading of my photos in my email. It stopped working completely !!!!!! Now i can not upload anything even slow! How to remove this new terrible application?

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