Batch Convert Excel (XLS) Files to CSV

CSV (comma separated values) is a very popular format to share tabular data with users. CSV files can be viewed with Microsoft Excel or any text editor for that matter making it easier to view and edit.

On the other hand excel files cannot be viewed without having Microsoft Office or a compatible viewer installed on your PC. Of course there are several Microsoft Excel alternatives available for use, but wouldn’t it be easier to just send across something that can be viewed without much efforts.


xls2csv Converter is a application that will allow you to convert a batch of Excel (XLS) files to CSV files. The converted CSV files can then be viewed by anyone using a simple text editor.

The software promises what it does but there are a few limitations which we would like to be removed in future versions.

  1. You cannot select individual files for conversions and have to select a full directory. Theoretically you can convert a single file, but you need to place it into a particular directory and then select it.
  2. It only converts data from the first sheet right now. This feature is promised in future editions and we would definitely like to see it in action.

Overall a very useful software that should form a part of your essential software list.

Download xls2csv

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