World Time Viewer

We may work in one country but we may have clients in several others, or for that matter even family and friends who stay in different countries.

Sometimes we tend to communicate with them, but the timezones are different, so if it is early afternoon at your location it may be past midnight in the other’s location.

Calculating time differences is quite a hassle, so why not use a simple World time tool to keep an eye on the time in several countries, without having to perform any time conversion.


Moo0 WorldTime is a handy tool that displays the time from several different locations, once you have installed the application you can choose the different timezones that want to see.


To view the time in different locations of the world, just right click on the WorldTime system tray icon.

Download Moo0 WorldTime

2 thoughts on “World Time Viewer”

  1. It always fascinates me to see the different times all throughout the world when I walk into businesses that deal with international transactions.

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