Wise Disk Cleaner – Cleanup your Hard Disk

Wise Disk Cleaner is a free utility to clean up your hard disk by removing junk files such as cookies, temporary files and rarely used files. This tool also includes a disk defragment tool which is very helpful.

1. Download Wise Disk Cleaner and install it..

2. Start the application after installing it. Choose your language.

3. You can select the scan location from the Scan Locationdropdown. The scan location is selected for all the partitions by default.


4. Start the scan for locating the junk files that needs to be removed. Use the Play (Scan) button to the top left corner of the application window (refer screenshot below).

5. After the files are located press the Delete junk files button (refer application window image above).

Configure the Scan Junk File Wizard

1. You can also start the Wizard by pressing the Wizard button just to the right of the Play button (refer application window image above).


2. Press next to select the file types you are willing to remove i.e what you you consider as junk.

3. After selecting the junk file types proceed to the next step to select the scanning location. Press Next.

4. Now in the options window you can decide on certain other features to make the scanning and deleting of the junk files better. The screenshot below shows the options I use myself.


5. The very next step showcases an important feature of this free utility. You can assign any folder to the list the contents of which will be considered as junk files and will be erased when the junk file deletion happens.


6. In the next and final step you can make this tool delete the previously assigned junk files automatically and exit after the deletion is over. You can also choose to delete the files permanently or temporarily (move to Recycle Bin). Press Next and then Finish to save the changes.


If you are still not sure about how to use it, you can choose to read the manual first. The manual can be found here.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

This free tool is an obvious choice for users who forget to delete temporary files. With its basic user interface, it’s quite easy to use for users of any skill level. The app is light on its memory usage and small in size. It is compatible with all Windows platforms. If added, portability would definitely make it better. I strongly recommend this freeware tool.

Techie-Buzz Rating : 4/5(Excellent)

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