WinPatrol Cloud Brings Group Intelligence to PC Security


[Windows Only]

One of the first security apps that I install on a new PC is WinPatrol. I don’t feel safe without Scottythe Windows watchdog in my system tray. I was getting ready to install it on my new laptop, when I noticed that there’s a new version of WinPatrol being offered. Here’s a glimpse of WinPatrol Cloud (beta).


As it stands now, WinPatrol already offers you the ability to track and make changes to your Windows settings. Here’s a partial list of the features.

  • Notifies you when programs are added as autorun (launch at Windows start)
  • Notifies you when changes are made to file types (such as .EXE, .JPG or .MP3)
  • Notifies you when new toolbars or helpers are added to Internet Explorer
  • Notifies you when IE’s home page is changed by a program
  • Allows you to stop applications from being autorun
  • Allows you to delay the start of autorun applications
  • Allows you to kill normally hidden applications
  • Allows you to stop and control the running of system services
  • Allows you to view and remove cookies in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  • Gives you information on unknown programs and services (Plus version)
  • much more …

Even without the added information from the PLUS version, the free version of WinPatrol is a great way to retain and increase your control of Windows.

At first, I didn’t see any new features in the cloud version. After upgrading my WinPatrol Cloud to the PLUS version, I discovered some of the new cloud features. Each page of information on unknown processes and services now has a place to vote on what you think of it.


As you can see, it’s also offering statistics on what other users have done with this program. This tracking of user decisions on configuration changes is one of the best new features. As the author says, it will be like the Millionaire’s “Ask the Audience” feature.

millionaire scottycloud

* Note WinPatrol is always free to use. You must purchase a license key to unlock the PLUS features. There’s also a portable version (singe EXE file) available, called WinPatrolToGo.

arrow-down-double-3 Download WinPatrol Cloud (beta)

Techie Buzz Verdict

I’ve used WinPatrol for over 6 years. It’s on almost every Windows machine I use. The addition of these new collaborative cloud features is like icing on a cupcake to me. WinPatrol always gets a big thumb’s up here.


Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

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