Windows Whois Lookup Client

Whois lookup is a domain service that allows users to find detailed information about a website, including the registrant, owner address, creation date, expiration date and so on.

Linux users can lookup Whois information directly from the command prompt by using the command whois domain name, however Windows users would require to use a online service to lookup information for websites.

However a new called WinWhois is a client for the whois directory service, it searches for pertinent information about domain names and their registrants (technical contacts, expiration date, etc).


You can download and install WinWhois to your computer, or even use it as a .

Download WinWhois

3 thoughts on “Windows Whois Lookup Client”

  1. Thank you for this very useful article. I am going to download this software right after I finished this comment :)

    Thank you for sharing, it will surely come handy.

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