Windows Vista Explorer For Windows XP [ViSplore]

Quite frankly we are very much disappointed with the default Windows Explorer in XP and use xPlorer2 Lite one of the several Explorer alternatives we had told you about earlier, but the explorer in is definitely much better than the one available in Windows XP and we have been loving to use it.

Quite sometime back we had told you about some useful tools that would allow you to change the Windows XP Explorer to work like the one in Windows Vista, but if you are not comfortable with installing multiple tools, we came across a tool that will allow you to experience Windows Vista explorer in XP.

ViSplore is a Glass Browser for XP, that brings the full features of Windows Vista explorer to XP. The software adds breadcrumb navigation, Vista like exploring and a QuickFind feature to quickly find desired files.


Definitely a worthwhile tool to download if you using Windows XP. Though don’t just stop at getting Vista explorer for XP, you can find more interesting things by reading our earlier guides to add several features from Windows Vista to XP.

Download ViSplore [via AskVG]

2 thoughts on “Windows Vista Explorer For Windows XP [ViSplore]”

  1. I need some help with this! ok when I set it as default file manager andopen up a file I can’t see the theme like the aero glass well not even the X button! all I can see are the files comtained in the folder I opened! please help me with this!

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