Windows Live Writer Backup

Windows Live Writer is definitely a great tool for blogging, and I seldom visit the website to write and edit post, doing everything from the comfort of my desktop (except for a few things for which I am writing a WLW plugin, which many bloggers may love).

However like we always insist on important information, Windows Live Writer is no exception and you must regularly make backups of the drafts, dictionary and other important settings.

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Windows Live Writer Backup (WLWBackup) is a Freeware tool that will allow you to easily and restore your settings, blog templates, link glossary, draft posts, published posts and plugins.


Once you have selected the backup options, click on the backup button and select a location to save the backup file. You can easily restore Windows Live Writer data from a earlier backup by clicking on the restore button and selecting the file you had earlier backed up.


Definitely useful, if you use WLW as your main tool for blogging and have added custom words to the dictionary, or have added several websites to it. You will need to download and install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, before you can use this utility.

Download WLWBackup [via Life Rocks]

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