Command Line Calculator Is A Pretty Neat Calculator Replacement

The default windows calculator is pretty simple and can be used for basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.

Though there are several free calculator replacement available for Windows, we just came across another interesting one called Command Line Calculator. The app does provide users with a interface to type in the commands, however it lacks a UI that is available with regular calculators for inputting numbers etc, making it look more like a command prompt.

Command Line Calculator is pretty easy to use, just type in the calculation you need an answer for and hit the enter key, you answer should be printed, this app also allows you to save your calculations so that you can use them again.


The calculator handles both simple and advanced calculations pretty well, in addition to this it supports expression calculations, plotting graphs, ability to set and use variables, user defined functions, date difference calculation among other things.

Command Line Calculator Features

  • Expression calculation, unlimited length
  • Plotting graphs
  • Variables can be used
  • User can define own functions
  • Saving and opening previous calculations
  • Temporary file and history list
  • Date calculation
  • Following numbers are supported: decimal, hex, octal and binary
  • Bitwise operations are supported
  • 60 in build functions available

Download Command Line Calculator

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