Get Windows 8 User Interface And Themes In Windows 7 With Windows 8 UX Pack

The most interesting and highlighted feature of Windows 8 is its Metro user interface and the re-invented start menu. Windows 8, as you might know, has a refreshing multi pane start screen whose focus is to group applications and features into Metro style stacks. Rather than seeing the same old dull desktop, users can customize their start screen with the applications and features they love using. It is more of a tablet friendly interface on the top, while cloud computing features are buried within.

Fact is that Windows 8 developer preview was released for developers, so that they can develop and test their Metro style applications. As of this date, Windows 8 developer preview is not meant for general use and neither it is as stable as Windows 7 is.

If you don’t want to install Windows 8 but want to have a sneak peek on it’s UI features, try the Windows 8 UX pack for Windows7. The Windows 8 UX pack lets you preview Windows 8 visual styles, themes, wallpapers, fonts, colors and the Metro start screen, right within your existing Windows 7 installation. The visual elements will completely resemble the visual styles of Windows 8, it never hurts to give your desktop a refreshing feel once in a while.


This UX pack lets you choose either Windows 8 Aero glass or Windows 8 lite theme, the user tiles and wallpapers are automatically configured when you login. You can however, choose a different wallpaper or logon screen wallpaper but for best results, I would suggest you go with all the default options.

Here is how your Windows 7 system will look, once the Windows 8 UX pack is installed on your system:


This should not be confused with the system’s desktop, it is merely a launchpad where you can pin application shortcuts , folders or files. Similar to Windows 8 developer preview, the desktop can be accessed with the keyboard shortcut Win + E or by clicking the Desktopicon from the Windows 8 Start screen. Oops, I meant Windows 7 actually.

Here are a couple of more screenshots of my system running Windows 8 UX pack on Windows 7






The best thing regarding Windows 8 UX pack is that the program will never modify your system files and the old styles will return, the moment you uninstall it. Give this a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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