Windows 7 Date/Time Format In Windows XP & Vista

has several new things built into it, one of it is that it displays both the date as well as the time in the system tray.

Windows XP and do not have this feature built into them, but if you want to display the date and time in the system tray, AskVG has discovered a tiny portable utility called TClock will help you with it.

Once you have downloaded the files, unzip it and double click on the tclock executable.


TClock will replace the default clock in the system taskbar and display a new format, you can customize the display by customizing the date format.

Download TClock

3 thoughts on “Windows 7 Date/Time Format In Windows XP & Vista”

  1. XP Does have this built in? Just drag the taskbar to be double the height and the date then shows. I’ve had it setup like that for years without any third-party software.

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