Find Out Who Is Using Your WiFi Connection

Many users do not secure their WiFi connection, in turn leaving it open for free public access, there are several reasons why you may want to secure your wireless connection, however if you don’t, do you want to know who is logged on to your network?

Well you can easily do that by visiting your router admin page, but not many users are that tech savvy to do that.


Zamzom wireless network tool is a handy that will allow you to find out who is using your WiFi connection, however the tool is pretty basic, but if you see too many unauthorized users, you can always visit your router admin panel to boot the users out of there.

Download Zamzom Wireless Network Tool [via Addictive Tips]

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Keith, Thanks for the tool I was looking for something like this to check if other were sneaking into my WiFi network,and congrats on getting approved for Google News.

  • Keith, I used to subscribe the Wifi internet connection before, but due to my unethical neighbor who always hijacked my Wifi line, hence I decided to switch it to the DSL broadband again…

  • SandyV

    Keith, this is one of the best things that you can do. I do hope your software could help me find out who is using my wifi. I don’t know why it’s running very slow, I’ve paid for a good connection. Before complaining to the company that provides the service, I’d like to make sure my connections are really secure and there are no phishers. I’d like to keep in touch after this. I probably need Zamzon to help me find out who is abusing my ignorance in the digital world. Thank you and wishing you and your work well. SandyV