What is RockMelt? Do We Need a Facebook Web Browser?

What is RockMelt? Do We Need a Facebook Web Browser?

Yes, there’s a new web browser designed around the idea that you can share more, and share more quickly on Facebook and Twitter. That alone may turn some people away, depending on how much they value their privacy. However, after trying it for a short time, I can see how this browser could easily turn normal Facebook users into hyped up Uber-Facebook users.

RockMelt was founded by Eric Vishria and Tim Howes, and is backed by Netscape developer Marc Andreessen.   It was released yesterday, mostly by invitation only. You can get a copy of this browser by visiting RockMelt.com and signing up via your Facebook ID.

After signing up late last night I received my invite and downloaded it. The install went fairly quick and here’s the first thing I saw … a Facebook login.


Yes, that’s right, it seems to be required. However, that makes sense.

It took me quite awhile to figure out most of the actions I could perform. If you open the RockMeltmenu at the top right corner of the browser, and click the Helpitem, you’ll find help for a few basic tasks. Here’s the first thing you see there.


As some of you have already noticed, RockMelt is built on top of Chromium, which is the basis for Google’s Chrome web browser. Those using Chrome now won’t have a hard time getting around in the browser.

Rather than go into too many details, I’ll show you the RockMelt video preview. It’s very well done.

RockMelt video

Techie Buzz Verdict:

I tried it, I like it, and haven’t found any major bugs yet. If you are already using Google Chrome, and you’re in Facebook often, there’s no reason not to give RockMelt a try. You don’t have to make it your default browser, and it won’t do anything to your current web browsers.   My wife reports that Farmville works very well in Chrome and RockMelt.

Download: http://www.rockmelt.com/

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  • AlienSix

    Do you have any extra invites?

  • This one is bound to crash and burn.

  • reminds me of fishbowl

  • Rick C.

    Hey Clif, My girlfriend has a problem with chrome crashing while in frontierville,I will let her try this browser and let you know how it does. So far Comodo Dragon seems to work the best for her. Have you ever tried Comodo Dragon, IMHO, it seems to be as good as their firewall.

    • Yes, I tried Comodo Dragon. it’s ok, but I have no need of the extra security in it.

  • Given that the first thing that happens when you launch this “browser” is a locked gate waiting to be opened by facebook login – this browser essentially becomes a non-starter due Web Filters that are set up in quite a few offices. Including mine.

  • Kyran

    Rockmelt is just brilliant! I socialize a lot, as I am in my secondary school now, and it means I can chat to FB friends, look what’s new on Twitter, read my GMail Email, and other blogs like TechCrunch!

    However, despite all this, it would not be available in offices and schools, as it needs a FB login to have the nice features! If there could be something improved, such as a Rockmelt Login, for those that still want to access blogs, but not FB or Twitter!

    I personally think this is the starting point for browsers to be reveloutionised…

    • If you cannot use Rockmelt at School, you might want to try the “Flock” social browser. http://flock.com/

      • Unfortunately, there is no longer any support for Flock. I am trying to see if I can purchase it from Zynga, probably not though.

  • J

    I wanted to try this out, but after seeing that it is required to login to Facebook (since it’s step no. 2).. I immediately backed out. I watched the video, it looks very inviting, though.

  • I really need this browser, but I can’t seem to download it. Any suggestions? BTW, I had problems with Chrome and Mozilla. Do you know if it uses the chrome extensions and addons? If it’s still by invite only, can I get one if you have extra?

  • Robin

    It does MUCH more than just FB….human nature dictates that some people have to go ahead and CRITICIZE the one thing they don’t like about something, therefore, NICE ARTICLE TITLE, Techie Buzz

  • Robin

    hmmm, seems as though if you’re someone who LIKES this browser and provide details. your comment gets’ “HIDDEN”

  • Karen

    This browser does MUCH more that JUST facebook…it really IS my new default browser