Search The Web From Within Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and More With Kallout

How many times have you been through situations where you are writing a important essay / document and want to quickly include a reference link for your research, or, you just received a meeting request from a client and want to quickly check the location of the meeting using a map?

These are some of the situations where you may have to open up a browser and either search for the definition or simply open your favorite map site and then search for the location included in the email.

kallout-logo Kallout is a very handy utility that will save you several trips between the browser and the application you are using, by providing you with a easy way to search for any highlighted keywords, or locations using popular search resources.

Kallout works with all Microsoft Office products, and can also be used while surfing web pages or while reading PDF files.


The search results are opened in a inline windows, so you can continue working with the current application while you comfortably search the web.

How to Use Kallout?

After you have downloaded and installed Kallout, it will create a icon in the system tray. Once Kallout has started up fully you can open any of the compatible application and double click or select any word or phrase.

kallout-notepad-screenshot kallout-results

On selection you will see a small Kallout icon, clicking on that will give you several options using which you can easily search for the phrase or words, without having to open a browser or leave your current application.

Once you have selected the option, a new inline window will open up, showing you the search results, videos or images.

Why is Kallout useful?

Well imagine you that you have to create a research for your college project and you are stuck with a word, with the help of Kallout you can easily read wikipedia articles related to that keyword, or simply run a Google search to find more results.

You can also view Flickr images and YouTube videos related to those keywords without having to open up a new browser window, or for that matter switch from the application you are working in.

Kallout also provides you with a large choice for searching your keywords, including regular web searches, reference searches, shopping searches, news searches, video searches, images searches and map searches.

Kallout is compatible with the following applications

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Notepad
  • WordPad
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Adobe PDF


Kallout is a really handy utility and we recommend it to all our readers. Kallout is also a freeware so you do not have to pay anything to get all these wonderful capabilities.

Watch this interactive video to see how Kallout can be useful for you.

Do let us know the ways in which you use Kallout, we would definitely like to know some tricks from our readers.

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