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Quite sometime back we had introduced you to a online service that would help you watermark your images for free, this included adding a custom copyright to any images that you may own and want to upload on the Internet.

Adding watermark is definitely something you should do when you upload images on the web, since many people may try and gain ownership of the image without your knowledge, using a web service to watermark images could get tedious at times when you have lots of images to be watermarked, since you have to upload each and every image and then download the watermarked copy to your desktop.

Watermarking Lite is a freeware desktop software that will allow you to add watermarks or copyrights to your images by providing a wizard that can watermark bulk images in a single job.


It supports watermarking JPG, GIF, PNG and TIF formats and also integrates into the right click context menu, so that you can watermark images without having to open them.

Watermarking Lite allows you to choose between 9 different positions for adding the watermark on the image.

Download Watermarking Lite

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  • a worth tool for every blogger :D

  • Thanks for the information. This ll surely help creating water-marks pretty easily and we don’t have to resort to photo editing softwares.

  • There are some WordPress Plugins that can make watermarks. For example, check out Marekki’s Watermark Plugin for WordPress. I haven’t used them, but they may automate the process.

  • This is very useful for me…… was looking for an application like this..

  • Really useful tool so thank you for this.

  • I wish I had found this before several of my images were “borrowed”. Although they are clearly mine and I hosted them, it is not that easy in practice to prove the point. Watermarking would have saved a lot of hassle.

  • i was thinking of such a good tool, thanks – but i have one more thought is it possible to add watermark to every snapshot we take with snagit automatically?

  • So is this freeware or I’ll have to pay for it? It’s great software though, but I have a feeling that it’s not free or just on trial.

  • Watermarking images is so important when doing business on the internet. Way too many cheapskates out there trying to get work for free…

  • ET

    Cool tool. THanks so much !

  • I recommend using Visual Watermark, it’s fast, powerful and simple