Wallshow – Rotate Your Desktop Backgrounds

Windows 7 has an in-built feature to rotate its desktop backgrounds. This is really a feel good feature that prevents your desktop from getting dull, showing a single wallpaper all the time. But, this is not present in WIndows XP or Vista. So, do we have a chance to have the same feature on XP or Vista ? I say yes.

Wallshow is a free application that rotates your desktop background automatically. You can configure the tool to change the desktop wallpaper when a new application starts or periodically in an user-defined timed pattern.


Download Wallshow and install it. Start the tool after installation. You can now add images as wallpaper list. The tool will then set each one of the entries as your desktop background one after another. (also read – Automatically Change Wallpapers At Specified Intervals)


The wallpaper swapping order, interval and positioning of the wallpapers on your desktop can be further tweaked using the Wallshow settings.


Techie Buzz Verdict :

This is a nice tool that makes your desktop more interesting as you do not have to see a single wallpaper all the time. There is nothing much to configure in this tool, only some basic steps which make the tool pretty easy to use. It supports almost all the image types like, BMP, GIF, JPEG, DIB and PNG. It also has the option to enable Active Desktop properties and its valid for all Windows operating systems.

Techie Buzz Rating : 4/5 (Good)

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