VLMC: Free Video Editing Software from VLC Coming Soon [Leaked Pics]

The Creators of the famous cross-platform VLC media player, are going to release a new video editing program named VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC).


On the VLMC home page it states:

VLMC will be available very soon in a pre-release version for Linux, Windows and Mac, stay tuned !

The official announcement of VLMC will take place at the VideoLAN dev’days 2009 in December.
Once the pre-release of VLMC is out, there will be full instructions on how to install it, and we will have all the details. Until then, you can fetch the current working tree using Git:

git clone git://github.com/VLMC/vlmc.git

What we know upto this point:

VLMC will be a free video editing software program, which will offer features that allow you to make professional quality movies. It will be as user-friendly and simple, as the original VLC media player.

Here is a video preview of VLMC:

Stay tuned for more updates on VLMC.