Vista Utilities: Vista Welcome Center On Steroids

The default welcome center in Windows Vista is useful, since it provides you a easy access to several applications from a single place, but like always Microsoft default products are good but not the best. Vista Utilities on the other hand is a perfect solution to access several useful features, services and applications from Windows Vista in a single place.


Though Vista Utilities does not provide any major functionality in itself it is definitely a must have utility, since it saves you quite a lot of time by presenting most of the useful features, services and applications in a well categorized format which include: System utilities, Security utilities, Performance utilities, Disk utilities, File utilities, Network utilities, Games and Media, General folder and the miscellaneous clubbed under Other utilities.


Vista Utilities requires .Net Framework 3.5 to run, you can download the framework from here.

Download Vista Utilities [via Life Rocks]

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