Get Rid of Unwanted Services With Vista Services Optimizer

When you boot your PC, there are several things that startup automatically, these startup items include programs that you have chosen to startup automatically when your PC boots up and several services, which you may or may not even know about.

In the past we had told you about several startup managers which allowed users to control what should run on PC startup, however many of those tools do not have a option to control the startup services.

Vista Services Optimizer is a free and perfect tweaking utility that can improve your Windows Vista Performance and security with a simple mouse click, by tweaking Windows services in an automatic and a very safe way according to the way you use your computer and which software are installed on your system.


Vista Services Optimizer also enables you to tweak Windows Vista services manually for advanced users who need more control over Windows services in an easy and safe way.

Vista Services Optimizer provides you with detailed information about certain services and enables you to query some services information using Google or Yahoo search engine to help you identify some of Windows services function.

Definitely useful for controlling the startup services in .

Download Vista Services Optimizer

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