View Complete Information About Your Hard Drives [Drive Space Manager]
By on May 12th, 2008

Managing multiple hard drives can be quite a nightmare, I have a 500 GB Lacie external HDD, a 40 GB portable and a 8 GB pen drive in addition to my 250 GB internal HDD on my laptop.

In total I have 2 drives on my computer and 5 external drives, viewing information for all those drives is not possible without manually clicking on the drive and checking the properties. This is where DriveSpacio is hugely useful.

DriveSpacio is a Drive Space Manager which displays you information about all your drives in one place. You can view information such as size of the drive, what kind of file system its using, amount of of free space and more.


DriveSpacio uses different charts to show you representation of your drive. It can get quite detailed information about folders and files too.

DriveSpacio Features

  • See ALL your drives info (file system, size, free, allocated, cluster size, etc) at glance.
  • Graphical representation of folders and files sizes in two flavors: pie and bar charts
  • Scan speed comparable to commercial programs
  • Installer not intrusive: options are saved in plane XML files (though, installer has an option to add entries on the explorer contextual menus; this option need to write a couple of entries on the registry. Any ways, this entries are completely remove by un-installer)
  • It’s FREE!!!


If you have multiple drives and want to view information about all of them in one place this is a definitely must have software.

Do you use any other softwares to manage your drive space? Do let me know about them I am always looking out for useful utilities.

Download: Drive Spacio 0.1.1

Via: [Shell City]

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