Replace Outlook Express with Incredimail

Replace Outlook Express with Incredimail

incredimail-iconYesterday, I told you why you should upgrade Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail. My main concern is that Outlook Express is old, and that it’s no longer supported by Microsoft. People will continue to have problems with OE, and it’s never going to improve. Almost any new email client would be better right now. So, if you don’t like Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird, you might like Incredimail.

What’s so great about Incredimail?

Many people might tell you that Incredimail was designed for teen-aged girls. However, it’s flexible and even the more conservative email users can enjoy it. Once you look past the eye-candy filled interface, you might agree.

Here’s what the website says about this free email client:

  • Send beautiful email backgrounds
  • Add 1000’s of fun emoticons to your emails
  • Enjoy animated email notifiers
  • See exciting 3D effects in your emails
  • Add funny animations to your emails
  • Add cool sounds to your email messages

Install and Setup

Once you’ve downloaded Incredimail and start the install, there’s one screen that I’ll warn you about. As you can see below, Incredimail offers to change your default search engine and install a search toolbar. I haven’t found anything bad about these additions, and it’s up to you if you want them. You can remove them by clicking the Custom Installationbutton, and unchecking the filled check-boxes.


Setting up your existing email accounts is easy. If you are already using Outlook Express, You can import your correct email account configuration. When I installed it, this happened automatically and Incredimail was ready to use immediately.

Here’s a quick preview of what the Incredimail client looks like while it’s running.


There are tons of ways to customize the emails that you send. Here’s one I sent to my wife.


If you’d like to learn more about Incredimail, check out this video.

arrow-down-double-3 Download Incredimail (WinXP, Vista, 7)

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  • Daniel


    Here’s my 2 cents on Incredimail and Windows Live:
    1. Incredimail doesn’t support IMAP (and probably never will).
    2. Windows Live isn’t much faster to load than Thunderbird and the contacts + calendar feature can not sync with your iPod Touch.
    With Thunderbird, there are addons with which you can sync to your Google Calendar and Contacts and then sync with the later to your iPod Touch etc.
    Thunderbird is much more feature rich (with addons) than any of the above.
    -(i’ve read of many unhappy users with Incredimail).

    • Thanks Daniel – I wasn’t aware that Incredimail didn’t support IMAP. I tested it briefly and it accessed my Hotmail account with no issues that I could identify. I do recall getting an error, but it didn’t seem important at the time.

      The great thing about these, WLM, TBird, Incredimail and many others, is that they are all free. Those people using POP3 access, who don’t care about syncing, may like Incredimail. If they don’t, they can try another one.

      Thanks again for your comment and your opinion.

  • johnpro2

    I was initially quite impressed,even excited about Incredimail.
    The ease of of set up compared to the old outlook/outlook express & some others is so simple.

    The variety of back grounds and so many other add ons made for a fun experience ….I esp liked the butler announcing that You have email Sir.
    It would be fully compatible Excellent when both sender & receiver are both using incredimail email client I suggest.
    when I checked to see how it would come out for the recipient by using Thunderbird and accessing hotmail in the normal way via my web browser, the smile quickly vanished.
    Why ..well it does not come out the same way as I sent the email ….looks very tacky with the in your face ad for further animated products and not ‘fitting together’ like the original email I sent.
    I cannot send emails to various folk/companies with ads to purchase kid type animations.
    Could be good if it were ad free and fully compatible with other email clients & web browser, but I will not be using it as my default email client at this stage.


    • Excellent points John. I should have considered those when writing the article. In fact, the ads are the main reason I don’t use this product.

  • johnpro2

    I am still using this product in spite of some of the ad & presentation shortfalls ..on reflection Hotmail and Gmail have so many ads there is little difference really.

    Some back grounds seem to come out fine on the recipients end ..a bit variable and some experimentation may be require.So far I find it novel & fun ..I’ll keep it until I get bored ..or whatever.

    Caution:The install program resurrects that old chestnut, the change of home page and search engine.

  • despite owning a W7 PC I still use XP + OE & my wife mainly uses Incredimail as unlike the above, Live Mail does not cater for multiple separated email account identities.
    However we have far fewer problem with OE than with Incredimail. It is pretty but has too many bugs to be used as a serious mail utility.
    It tries to take over your browser & search engine & uninstalls in name only, leaving it’s stored folder & registry entries behind. There’s also a constant release of newer versions & those leftovers won’t allow you to revert back to an earlier preferred release.
    One particularly annoying bug is that many emails it sends arrive in other email clients minus the vertical scroll bar… you see the headers but can’t see the email’s content below unless you switch your view to plain Text.
    No thanks, I’ll stick with XP & OE & ignore W7’s Live Mail.